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Friday, June 05, 2020

Clarification Regarding Defunding Police

What you are saying (or at least what I am hearing/reading), is defund and dismantle all police forces. They are superfluous, unnecessary and dangerous. 

What I think (hope), you mean is:

Let’s see if SOME roles and responsibilities currently performed by armed police can be performed by unarmed social workers and/or crisis counselors in order to reduce unnecessary confrontations and violent encounters. 

Let’s see if we can adopt SOME aspects of multi-tiered foreign police force structure where only part of the uniformed force is armed, but all uniformed personnel are given protected status (meaning any attack on an officer carries mandatory draconian sentencing requirements). 

Let’s ensure that the selection of ALL police personnel is geared to weed out authority junkies, racists and abusers.  Perhaps a minimum age requirement, military experience for armed officers, and an associates degree in criminal justice or similar related discipline. 

Let’s ensure that continuous training is provided to ensure the same high level of proficiency with firearms as with deescalation and negotiation techniques.  

Let’s try to scale back the militarization of all but the most elite police SWAT and hostage rescue teams.  There is no need for typical community policing to require assault weapons and other tools of war.  A man with a hammer tends to see every problem as a nail. 

Thinking out loud here, but I truly hope this is what you mean... because it isn’t really what most of you are saying.

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