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Sunday, October 07, 2018

Much Ado About Headgear

I've seen more than a few FB posts about the latest 'Trump scandal'.  No, not that one.  Apparently, during one of her costume changes on her visit to Kenya, First Lady Melania Trump was spotted wearing a Pith Helmet-inspire hat.


Apparently, lacking anything else newsworthy to latch onto today (I kid), people are criticizing the First Lady's hat as being culturally insensitive, since it evokes and references colonial-era headgear worn by 19th and early 20th century European occupiers.

Only one problem.  This is simply not true. Almost all commonwealth countries still feature some version of Pith Helmets among their formal uniforms, as do the militaries of most of the former colonies they ruled.  I was there last week.  I saw them.

Given Europe's hypersensitivity to evoking their colonial past, I have to think that if this kind of hat were indeed a sore point, it would have long been banished from view by both the previous colonizers as well as the previously colonized.

In truth, this latest swipe is rooted in just plain meanness masquerading as political correctness.  What's next, should Melania not order a Gin & Tonic when she goes to India because it was the drink of choice by British colonial administrators and their forces during the Raj?!

Personally, I'm far more troubled by the deafening silence by the PC enforcers at First Ladies/families, dignitaries, journalists and even female soldiers who have been forced to wear Hijabs so as to not offend their hosts sensibilities (BTW, this crosses political party lines).



Hillary  Hillary-hijab1

EU  Reporter1


To be clear, I am not against the Hijab per se, so long it is the wearer's personal religious choice and not something that is imposed upon her.  In fact, I am deeply impressed by athletes and even police officers who have found a natural, comfortable way to integrate this religious observance into their daily lives without conflict or interference with their duties.  

Run  Weight

Fencing  N-BM-hijab___Gallery

Brussels  UK

So chill, people.  There are genuine problems out there to complain about.  Take your pick.  

If you really, truly feel that the First Lady wearing a Pith Helmet while on Safari in Kenya is a problem, you are either living in the most problem-free place on earth... or you are just mean-spirited and looking to take cheap shots at an un-elected family member because you don't like her husband.

Your honest self-assessment and introspection should follow.

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She’s a birther. Full stop.

Posted by: TaliaT | Oct 14, 2018 11:14:10 PM

So her life is forfeit? Judgmental much?

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Posted by: David Bogner | Oct 15, 2018 4:48:21 AM

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