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Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Seeding Winds of Change

Over the past few weeks Palestinians in Gaza have begun using low-tech incendiary devices  suspended from kites and helium balloons to set fire to crops, trees and infrastructure on the Israeli side of the border.  So far the fires cause by these improvised flying devices have caused millions of Shekels in damage to the Israeli agricultural communities along the Gaza border.

I'll leave it to others to waste their breath trying to explain to an uninterested world why every sovereign country has the right to protect its borders (not to mention the responsibility to protect its citizens), from demonstrably hostile invaders.  

I've gotten to the point where I just don't have the patience or headspace to explain what should be obvious to a hostile audience that is actively rooting for the people carrying out the mayhem.

So as I read yet another article about Gazan helium balloons lofting flaming payloads into Israeli wheat fields, I was struck by a thought:

These oversized balloons, and the Helium to fill them, are relatively cheap, widely available and can carry a modest payload.  And they go wherever the wind takes them.

What if Israel were to set up assembly and launching points along the Gaza periphery for our own helium balloons, and wait for a  favorable change in the winds? 

But instead of carrying fire and destruction into Gaza, the Israeli balloons would carry small humanitarian payloads; first aid kits, asperin/tylonol, candy, toys, flashlights, toiletries, cosmetics, batteries, spices, etc..

The Hamas military government would almost certainly try to foil such grass-roots gestures by forbidding Gazans from touching things flown over the border by 'the Zionist enemy'.  In fact, they would probably claim the items were booby-trapped with explosives or poison (perhaps planting a bit of both to frighten their population into compliance). 

But if enough balloons were launched... and enough Gazans received a glimpse of humanity from the people they've been indoctrinated to believe are completely lacking in that quality... it can't help but influence the winds of public opinion, at least in a small way.

Just floating an idea...


Feel free to take this idea and run (fly) with it!

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Lipstick for incendiaries sounds nice and likely makes you feel good but game theory says tit-for-tat is the most successful strategy. There is more truth than we ken in Exodus 21:24.

Posted by: antares | May 9, 2018 12:52:30 AM

Now the kite flyers are to be treated as terrorists (which they are). So maybe flying candy would be treason? No idea. Please stay safe!

Posted by: -LFD | May 10, 2018 5:08:57 AM

As I think on it, the sentiment is nice, but did you ever say "hello" to someone and they ignore you or are contemptuous? That's how the balloons and kites from Israel will be treated. Sigh. Wish they had a different mentality.

Posted by: -LFD | May 10, 2018 5:11:22 AM

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