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Sunday, January 01, 2017

Who Better For The Job?

You may not have noticed, but the dignitary selected to push the button to trigger the descent of the glittering Waterford Crystal ball in Times Squares last night was none other than outgoing UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

A perfect choice, in my humble opinion.

After all, who has had more experience in dropping the ball?



Hat tip to the Cajun

Posted by David Bogner on January 1, 2017 | Permalink


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Likely he will be the next president of the Republic of Korea.

Posted by: antares | Jan 1, 2017 5:57:40 PM

It's been SO long since you posted anything, but it was worth the wait! As some great writer once wrote---'brevity is the soul of wit'.

Posted by: Shalom | Jan 1, 2017 9:38:40 PM

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