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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

You're Doing It Wrong

For quite some time now the western world has been wondering out loud why Arab armies aren't in the field alongside western coalition forces fighting international terror; particularly in the fight against ISIS.

Well, as refreshing as it was to see the news this morning that Suadi Arabia is putting together a coalition with representatives from Arab militaries in order to fight terror, seeing 'Palestine' among the list of Arab militaries was a tad disquieting.

Memo to Riyadh:

a) 'Palestine' doesn't have a military. In fact it is illegal under international law (not to mention existing agreements with Israel) for them to have one.

b) Even if the Palestinian Authority did have a formal military, enlisting them in the war on terror would be as colossally bad an idea as Richard Nixon enlisting Elvis Presley in the war on drugs.

c) If you are using terrorists (and those who fund them) to fight terrorists, you're doing it wrong!


Posted by David Bogner on December 15, 2015 | Permalink


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If ISIS and the Palestinians fought each other seriously, there could be some net gain for everyone else.

Posted by: RAM | Dec 15, 2015 6:48:56 PM

On the contrary, using terrorists to fight terrorists is no different than using hackers to catch other hackers. Just make sure the leash on your terrorists is a strong one.

Posted by: Garnel Ironheart | Dec 15, 2015 9:38:23 PM

If "Palestine" can be enlisted in the fight against Da'esh, what does that do to the European belief that Da'esh's terror attacks are about the Arab/Israeli conflict?

Posted by: Rich | Dec 16, 2015 4:11:31 AM

True, it would be nice to see ISIS and Hamas shedding each others' blood. But the last thing we need is for the bloody lunatics of Hamas to develop the discipline and skill of real battlefield experience. It's bad enough now, when they are mostly poseurs primarily interested in a heroic or sado-masochistic death.

Posted by: Eliezer Eisenberg | Dec 16, 2015 7:39:57 PM

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