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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

American media seems to sing a different tune...

... when the sh*t hits the fan at home.

A buddy of mine pointed me towards a brilliant bit of satire today. It is a piece illustrating how the US media machine would be covering the current crisis in Ferguson, Missouri if the events were taking place on foreign soil.

Here' s taste:

"FERGUSON — Chinese and Russian officials are warning of a potential humanitarian crisis in the restive American province of Missouri, where ancient communal tensions have boiled over into full-blown violence.

"We must use all means at our disposal to end the violence and restore calm to the region," Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in comments to an emergency United Nations Security Council session on the America crisis.

The crisis began a week ago in Ferguson, a remote Missouri village that has been a hotbed of sectarian tension. State security forces shot and killed an unarmed man, which regional analysts say has angered the local population by surfacing deep-seated sectarian grievances. Regime security forces cracked down brutally on largely peaceful protests, worsening the crisis."

Seriously, go read the whole thing.

Makes me care just a little bit less about all those self-righteous media douchebags prancing around Gaza in their flack jackets and helmets reading from crib sheets about a place they couldn't find on a map two months ago, much less have a prayer of following the money to the perps in Hamastan who are trying to cash in on their renewed relevance after their latest unprovoked attacks against the US's only ally in the region.

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israel is unable to stop rocket fire from its neighbours.a future where israel has to face unimaginable volumes of incoming missiles is what should now be on the minds of world jewry and the israeli government.

israel stopped hizballah in 2006 by bombing the dahiyah region of south beirut where the elite of hizballah have their homes.

that is one solution.another must be the urgent building of numerous underground shelters like in south korea.

all israel's neighbours may one day be the source of incoming rocket fire.

Posted by: richard | Aug 24, 2014 4:04:47 AM

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