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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Get a Clue, Clouseau!

I'm wondering how long these terror attacks will continue before our government decides - Clouseau-like - that a pattern just might be emerging.

Here are just a few of the most recent clues, Inspector:

December 7th:  Two rockets fired into Israel from Gaza

December 16th:  Israeli sailor is killed by a sniper near the Lebanese border.

December 22nd:  A bomb explodes on a bus in a community south of Tel Aviv

December 23rd:  A terrorist is shot while planting a bomb next to the Gaza fence.

December 23rd:  A rocket fired from Gaza lands in a residential area south of Ashkelon

December 23rd:  An Israeli policeman is stabbed in the back by a terrorist (but survives)

December 24th:  A civilian worker repairing the Gaza fence (damaged in the recent storm) is killed by sniper fire.

For context, there were 82 terror attacks* recorded in July of 2013, 99 in August, 133 in September, 139 in October and 167 in November. Anyone want to venture a guess whether December will follow this trend?

Now let's see, what else has been going on since mid summer that might correspond with the terror attacks?  Oh I know; the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks!

Get a clue, Clouseau... we see this every time peace talks are underway.  There is nothing isolated or spontaneous about these attacks.  They are well coordinated to turn up the heat on Israel without being concentrated enough to elicit a strong military response.  The goal is to whip the Israeli left and liberal media into a chorus of "See what the occupation is causing?  Let's just agree to anything so we can make it stop!!!".

I hope that the Oslo Accords, 2000 Camp David Summit and the Gaza Disengagement have provided proof enough to even the most clueless observer that acting rashly under fire is never going to earn us a single day of quiet, much less peace!

I suggest a week away from the negotiating table for every act of terror.  To do otherwise is to negotiate with a gun to our head.

UPDATE:  At least our Defense Minister gets it.  Bang!

*  A terror attack is defined as any attack with a nationalistic motive (as determined by the police or security forces), and can include rocks, Molotov cocktails, stabbings, shootings, bombs, rockets, etc.

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Unfortunately, Kerry will be back in January to put further pressure on Israel to give up more including Jerusalem. More terrorists will be released for nothing but words. Nothing will change. there will be these little attacks to avoid angering the population to react and Netanyahu will give in to whatever he is told to by Kerry. Have you seen any new housing permits of the 22,000 that he promised?

Posted by: Dave | Dec 24, 2013 5:24:55 PM

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