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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Murphy is alive and well in Beer Sheva

Despite the chaos going on elsewhere in the south, it was a quiet morning in Beer Sheva.  So much so, that I allowed myself to be lulled into a sense of normalcy.

In fact, I felt so relaxed that I actually made an appointment to go over to the Optician and pick up my new frames which they told me via SMS were ready.

No sooner was I away from the fortified protection of my office campus, I heard the Code Red sirens start to go off all around me.  Following procedure, I pulled over and ran (hah!, my knee said, no... you'll stroll) to find the nearest shelter.

Nothing nearby.  Not a building.  Not a house.

So I stretched out in the dirt by the curb and prayed.

As the sirens were fading away a second set of sirenscame to life... this was a multiple rocket attack.

After a short time I hear seven distinct explosions off to my left and over head.  Some were likely interceptions by the Iron Dome system and some were rockets that got through.

Murphy's law that I would pick that moment to venture out.

Silly me.

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Holy *&^%$#@! Glad you're safe.

Posted by: Alisha | Nov 18, 2012 3:52:16 PM

We have had 4 so far in lily white :-)
we need to "run" downstairs to the improvised Miklat and my better half is orthopedicaly disabled. We have 90 seconds to make it in time and were successful 3 out of 4. Not bad for 70+ and 80-.

Posted by: Ofra Leon | Nov 18, 2012 4:17:16 PM

Rocket #5 at 7:00PM in lily white. Was at a lecture about Megilat Eicha in a secure auditorium.

Posted by: Ofra Leon | Nov 18, 2012 8:49:00 PM

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