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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Attention... elsewhere

I wish I could say I was not in the mood to write.  But that isn't true... I've had tons of stuff just waiting to fall out of my head.

The problem is that I've been distracted.  Seriously distracted.

You see, right this very minute... as you read these words, 50 scooterists are charging across America from Savannah Georgia to San DIego California on what is known as the Scooter Cannonball Run.  Cannonball is a stage race that is run every two years from coast to coast (with a different route each time)... on scooters.

Some of the participants are riding for fun... well, that's not true, they're ALL riding for fun... but some are also riding to raise money for a worthy charity. 

Can you see where this post is heading?

I've gotten to know about a quarter of the men and women who are riding on the current Cannonball, and have been following along via the miracle of the Internet as they ride each day's segment.

Over the past few weeks as I watched my friends making preparations for the 2012 cannonball, I had pretty much made my peace with the fact that I'd never be able to participate.  You see, it is an eight day event with one stage obviously falling on Shabbat. 

Oh well, right?

It turns out that it is not uncommon for someone to miss part or all of a day of the Cannonball due to mechanical problems... and then rejoin the ride the following morning at the day's starting point.

Obviously, the chances of winning pretty much go out the window if you are missing out on a whole day's point distribution (although, if enough people have problems, it isn't necessarily the kiss of death for a good finishing score). 

But I would never enter such an event with designs on winning.  Finishing would be enough!

Over the next few months I'm going to have to think seriously if this is feasible.

I'll need my wife and family to be okay with my being away for a bit over a week.  And I'd obviously need to do some serious fundraising with private and corporate sponsors to defray costs, and raise money for a worthy cause.

But as I watch this year's Cannonball unfold... I can't help but wonder if I'll be in the 2014 line-up.

So yeah... I've been a tad distracted.  :-)

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Many of the Long Distance rallies I used to do are held over weekends, so I had to stop for the same reason. With the one that goes around the full US (The Iron Butt Rally) I could conceivably miss Saturday, but I'm too wrapped up in other things to even consider that for the next, oh, 15, 20 years. ;-) But the Scooter cannonball sounds like a blast! I'm actually starting to dabble in kayaks now, rather than motorcycles.

Posted by: JDMDad | Apr 24, 2012 5:33:02 PM

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