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Monday, January 09, 2012

Not quite understanding the process

Yesterday the Knesset approved a new law that will provide free education for children starting at age three, as well as discounted aftercare. The internal debate and fast-track process that led to the passing of the ground breaking legislation came as a direct result of the social justice protests held last summer, and is just one of several initiatives that have been given priority by the Netanyahu government in answer to the protester's demands. [source]

The budget allotment to support the new law was achieved through unprecedented cooperation among ministries where all but the defense budget saw cuts.

Not surprisingly, one of the spokespeople of the social justice movement (presumably an economics major) was quick to condemn the passage of the new law:

"Itzik Shmuli, Chairman of the National Student Union, rejected the new law and said, “The Free Education Law is a desirable and necessary move and is one of the main demands of the protest movement, but the decision to implement it through broad budget cutting is no more than a budgetary trick that takes from one pocket and moves into another pocket.” [source]

In response to Mr. Shmuli's comments, the Israeli government has kicked off an urgent initiative to generate new income from rainbow dust and unicorn farts. Because, like, there should be an infinite amount of money available to fulfill the whims of today's youth.

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Has Itzik Shmuli put forward his ideal solution, what he would do if he were king of Israel? Just curious to see if he has thought this through publicly or is either expecting the government to read his and his fellow protesters' minds or has no clue and is just being an idealist.

Posted by: Seth | Jan 9, 2012 8:50:47 AM

Duuuuuude. Thanks for the smile over my morning cup-o-joe. Where can I get some of those, um, interesting new forms of currency to cover the cost of my coffee?

Posted by: rutimizrachi | Jan 9, 2012 9:04:28 AM

Does the gas absolutely positively have to come from unicorns? I know of a rich load of "Natural" gas available right here in Jerusalem...

Posted by: Freddy | Jan 9, 2012 9:52:06 AM

Seth... That is exactly the question I ask moonbats who are critical of Netanyahu without having a clear idea of what they'd do differently. Make no mistake, Bibi has his flaws (many, many of them) but he has exhibited the most responsible eceonomic stewardship this country has ever had from a Prime Minsiter in its entire history. He has also been responsive to protests and public opinion to an extent that is incredible. His big sin (in the eyes of the moonbats) is that he is a right wing Likudnik... so he can never do anything right.

rutimizrachi ... Trust me. Coffee paid for with unicorn farts wouldn't taste nearly as good.

Freddy... And that would be...?

Posted by: treppenwitz | Jan 9, 2012 4:14:24 PM

Perhaps Mr. Shmuli would like to start a local branch of the "Occupy Wall Street" "movement".

OTOH, the word "occupy" has a slightly different connotation in your neck of the woods...

Posted by: psachya | Jan 9, 2012 4:21:41 PM

"but the decision to implement it through broad budget cutting is no more than a budgetary trick that takes from one pocket and moves into another pocket.”

Umm, isn't that called re-prioritizing the budget?? I suspect Mr. Shmuli would be unhappy if Bibi announced "free tuition" to be paid for by a new tax on, say, students...

Posted by: ProphetJoe | Jan 9, 2012 4:36:51 PM

As you know, those Korach demonstrators only care for themselves.

Posted by: Batya | Jan 10, 2012 6:58:24 AM

Oh, right on. I have a huge supply of rainbow dust I've been saving for just such an initiative. Sweet.

Posted by: Alissa | Jan 10, 2012 7:01:05 PM

I always knew unicorn had more purpose than just that cool horse with a horn. Thanks for the update, but I still don't quite get how the law will work and when it will take effect. I am all for free or cheap, but I worry it will be much like the current law...you pay now, apply for scholarship and wait and wait, and maybe you will get money back...but who knows! I think while they are at it, they should make diapers free! Damn the man!

Posted by: Molly | Jan 16, 2012 10:01:36 AM

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