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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


The title of this post is an adjective which is used to describe a task well and efficiently done.

In my limited exposure to the word, it is often applied to jobs that are actually quite complex/difficult, but which are accomplished in such a way as to make them seem almost routine.

Picture a private citizen who is injured in a public place or on the property of a private business. He/she has limited or no experience with how to bring a law suit in order to get a legal judgement and have damages awarded.

What does the hapless victim do?  

He/she turns to a law firm specializing in personal injury, because they have all the necessary legal forms already filled out on their computers but for the description of the accident/injury and the names of the injured party and individual/company they want to sue.

With the click of a few buttons, a wave of legal paperwork can be produced that will, hopeful, compel the property or business owner to offer a hefty settlement. That is an example of a workmanlike effort.

I'd like to use the word 'workmanlike' to describe the apparent ease with which the United Nations and other mechanisms of international law are brought to bear on any and every alleged Israeli mis-step.

In the case of 'just about anyone' vs. The State of Israel, it seems like the forms are already filled out, needing only the name of the complainant and the offense for which Israel is to be charged.

Take for example Israel's Foreign Minister's remarks yesterday that "Abu Mazen [Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas] ...is the stumbling block to peace and not the settlements".

For context, on the same day, Mahmoud Abbas made a satement that Israel was the primary obstacle to peace, and that the real problem was that Israel was trying to "'Judaize' Jerusalem".

Guess who the UN spokesman immediately felt complelled to condemn?

Political leaders all over the middle east call for Israel's destruction. and the international bodies are silent.

Political leaders from Europe call into question Israel's very nature.  Are they called onto the carpet for unstatemanlike conduct? Does anyone chastise them for potentially spoiling the chances for peace?

Why do we continue to subject ourselves to a system that is well oiled when working against us, and balky and unwieldy when we want/need something done?

Our legitimacy is questioned at every turn.  Our right to define our borders and capital city are ignored and trod upon. 

Even our right to define the very nature of our state is beyond what we're allowed, and every single aspect of our existence is considered open for international debate. 

Yet we somehow feel we can get a fair hearing in such company?

Is this the way we really want to go?  Not a rhetorical question, people!

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Abbas got the "Judaizing Jerusalem" line from his rebbe, Yasser Arafat. I think Arafat first said it in the context of the tunnels under the Kotel, which he claimed were being seeded with fake artifacts by the Israeli government. Excuse me, by the "Zionist Entity".

It infuriates me beyond fury that the idiot world leaders force us to deal with the kind of cretins who would seriously use the word "Judaize" to modify the proper noun "Jerusalem". Or, for that matter, who insist on the Israelis (and the world) recognizing their phantom "nation" while they continue to refer to the fully-functioning democracy next door as a "Zionist entity".

Lord, give me strength.

Posted by: psachya | Oct 25, 2011 2:53:04 PM

I often wonder if our fathers and grandfathers were as frustrated with the propaganda machine as I am today. I mean, they listened to the Nazis in Germany spout off anti-Semitic propaganda. They watched the Nazis burn books. They claimed it was all the "wish of G-d" that the Aryans become the "natural leaders" of the world... 5-10 years later we saw the real face of Nazism as the death camps were liberated and the world saw what really happened under Nazi leadership domination.

Now, we listen to the Islamic militants -- and I am referring to the Muslims who believe Mohammed taught that killing infidels (Jews & Christians) was a divine command, not the "peaceful Muslims" who are willing to coexist with their neighbors -- tell us that Israel is an occupier and an apartheid state. We listen to the Occupy Wall Street jokers who say that Jews control the banks and the government. We see Arabs in the US protesting Israel with signs the read "God Bless Hitler" and STILL these people are given legitimacy in the press? Really? Does anyone with half a brain see the stupidity here? These people are a threat to western civilization -- the U.S., Israel, Europe, Australia. If given the chance, they will end our way of life. We will not be able to work, worship or live as we see fit because we will be subject to Islamic rule of law. When will people wake up?

Posted by: ProphetJoe | Oct 25, 2011 3:53:25 PM

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