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Sunday, August 28, 2011

River-dancing on your countrymen's graves

After what he described as 'a rightwing sh*tstorm' over the piece I criticized a few days ago (notice it's always the right's fault!), Larry Derfner has removed the post from his blog and issued an apology of sorts.

It isn't a real apology, but it is about as close as someone like Larry is able to come without actually talking sense. 

However, to keep people from parsing what he wrote and comparing and contrasting with his apology, he opted to take down the post completely. 

For those who want to be able to read it, a cached version is available here.

What Larry fails to realize is that when you spend your career river-dancing near the graves of your countrymen... it is inevitable that you will eventually find yourself dancing on their graves.

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Thank you for "resurrecting" that Derfner post. What he had to say there was not only utterly repugnant, it was also CRAZY. Derfner believes (contrary to all evidence) that if Israel withdraws completely, settlements and all, as it did from Gaza, and it allows the Palestinians to have a full-fledged state, one that not only controls its own borders and airspace, but also has a standing army, an enduring peace will immediately follow because then the Palestinians will have no incentive(?!) to kill Israelis. And he is fully confident that were they to try it, Israel's military superiority would assure the defeat of any would-be Palestinian or Arab evildoers. Repugnant to say the killing of Israelis by Palestinians is "justified" (his word though he is furiously backpedaling now) AND crazy to imagine as he does that all will turn out wonderfully well if Israel follows his advice on how to commit suicide.

Posted by: dcdoc | Aug 28, 2011 4:14:16 PM

A good response to Larry Derfner.


Posted by: Mal | Aug 28, 2011 6:18:03 PM

Derfner was fired by JPost today, about damn time

Posted by: Max Power | Aug 29, 2011 5:35:15 PM

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