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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

I can't believe Bibi caved...

I had such high hopes for our Prime Minister. Even when he remained frustratingly silent in the face of the moonbats and naysayers, I always had a sense that he had a plan and knew how to get it done.

Now it seems he is reverting to past behavior; promising big to win the election and then eventually folding like a cheap suitcase.

He handed over Hebron - the one piece of real estate whose purchase is actually documented in the Bible - to the Palestinians during his last stint as PM.

And now he is agreeing to withdraw to what Abba Eban (no hawk by any stretch of imagination) used to call 'Auschwitz borders' *.

I'm ready for new elections. Anyone else?

Per a request, the full quote is as follows:

"We have openly said that the map will never again be the same as on June 4, 1967. For us, this is a matter of security and of principles. The June map is for us equivalent to insecurity and danger. I do not exaggerate when I say that it has for us something of a memory of Auschwitz. We shudder when we think of what would have awaited us in the circumstances of June, 1967, if we had been defeated; with Syrians on the mountain and we in the valley, with the Jordanian army in sight of the sea, with the Egyptians who hold our throat in their hands in Gaza. This is a situation which will never be repeated in history."

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Maybe just spin?


Posted by: Yisrael Medad | Aug 3, 2011 2:01:39 PM

Is it correct to assume that recognizing us as a Jewish state means giving up the right of return?

Posted by: Benji | Aug 3, 2011 2:04:16 PM

Yisrael Medad ... At what point does a track record count for nothing?

Benji... You know what they say about 'assume', right?

Posted by: treppenwitz | Aug 3, 2011 2:28:35 PM

When I saw your headline, I was going to say one word to you: Hevron. But since you already quoted it, all I will point out is a difference between men and women: because he never said -- "I made a mistake. I was wrong." -- I never forgave him.

Posted by: rutimizrachi | Aug 3, 2011 3:32:34 PM

No, you don't want new elections. Because I guarantee you (and I say this as a Kahanist), whatever you get instead of Bibi is going to be a lot worse. When will right-wingers in this country learn?

Posted by: Nachum | Aug 3, 2011 3:36:35 PM

New elections? You're planning on going with Tzipi Livni as a better alternative? Or did Israel institute open primaries when I wasn't looking?

Posted by: Russell Gold | Aug 3, 2011 3:44:08 PM

"Hebron - the one piece of real estate whose purchase is actually documented in the Bible"

Just a side point, but how about Har Habayit/the Temple mount? See the very end of Sefer Shmuel. And Sh'chem? Breishit/Gen. 33:19.

Posted by: Mordechai Y. Scher | Aug 3, 2011 4:10:53 PM

Netanyahu has the record of a lifetime of saying and doing the right thing. If the extreme pressures of the reality of world politics is twisting his arm, I say he deserves a second and third chance. He is doing the best he- or anyone else- possibly can do. After lecturing Obama, for him to roll over and play dead has got to be very painful for him as well.

Posted by: Barzilai | Aug 3, 2011 7:29:51 PM

Very well detailed facts and ideas. Thanks for sharing your best ideas about this and till next time. Good Luck!

Posted by: Patrick Ecclesine | Aug 4, 2011 7:33:42 PM

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