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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Enjoying a nice BLT

No seriously. I did... and it was every bit as good as I remember!

Let me back up a bit. Our 15-year-old son Gilad recently got a part time job behind the counter at a local eatery called the 'Efrat Deli & Grill'.

In addition to the fine array of sandwiches and side dishes available at this establishment, they happen to serve a BLT that is sufficiently authentic to warm the heart of any Ba'al Tshuvah (someone who has become observant later in life).

Here's the story:

The owner of the 'Efrat Deli & Grill' decided that he didn't want to open a typical shwarma and felafel joint. Being originally from the US, he smartly (IMHO) fell back on what he knew best; sliced meat. But since the supply of meat here is somewhat different than what is available in North America, he had to do a fair amount of trial and error with his recipes to see what worked and what didn't.

In the course of experimenting with making different kinds of pastramis, salamis and roasted & smoked meats, his meat supplier sent him a big piece of veal that he didn't quite know what to do with. So he tossed it in the smoker to see what would happen. The result was still not an obvious sucess or failure, so he sliced it thin and decided to see what would happen if he fried up some of it.

What he was left with at the end of this process was something that looked - and tasted - as close to Canadian Bacon as you're going to find this side of a rabbinical supervision certificate (I can attest with an embarrassing level of authority that it was spot on).

So, faced with a small supply of what looked, smelled and tasted exactly like bacon, what would any self-respecting Ba'al Tshuvah do? No brainer, right? He tossed some bread into the toaster, loaded up some mayo, sliced tomatoes and lettuce... and went directly to BT Nirvana.

I'm assuming that most of the Efrat Deli & Grill's clientele is FFB (Frum from birth), so they wouldn't necessarily know to ask for the BLT (or even identify it if it were on the menu). But the other night when Zahava, Yonah and I went over to visit Gilad at his new gig, we certainly knew in advance what we wanted.

I am so glad that Gilad didn't get a job at the local pizzeria! As my younger sister would say, "The man can pile food!".

If you are in the area and want to check the veracity of what you've read here, you can find this eatery in the Dekel Commercial Center in Efrat. No reservation is necessary (it's informal as you can get), but to make sure they have the fixings for a BLT on hand, you can call 02 993 8976.

[Full disclosure: We were guests of the establishment]

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Yet another compelling reason to visit Efrat!

Posted by: QuietusLeo | Apr 28, 2011 6:04:11 PM

Heh. Always nice to get it, and avoid it at the same time.

Posted by: Dick Stanley | Apr 28, 2011 6:14:58 PM

That baal teshuve is a tzaddik! Gevaldig!

Posted by: At The Back of the Hill | Apr 29, 2011 12:01:49 AM

Sounds like a great place. Cannot believe that hechas a job!!!!

Posted by: Val | Apr 29, 2011 1:06:31 AM

You just made me very hungry!

Posted by: Kiwi Noa | Apr 29, 2011 9:26:32 AM

Being Canadian, I'm actually not sure what Canadian bacon is; it's an American term. We just called it bacon (or in my house, treif). But if he can figure out a way to do Montreal Smoked Meat, I may have to MOVE to Efrat.

Posted by: Morey Altman | May 1, 2011 11:23:37 AM

You're making me hungry too. I'm a Ba'al Tshuvah and my local shwarma and felafel place just closed.

Posted by: Michael Solomon | May 2, 2011 12:00:29 AM

Oh great now I'm hungry. That does happen to be one of the things I miss... BLTs!

Posted by: Amanda | May 3, 2011 2:09:32 PM

Funny - we're dreaming of a trip to Israel (unlikely in our current household economic climate), and we never really had Efrat in our top five places to eat/stop/visit... I think that BLT will have to bump it up the list!

Posted by: Tanya | May 4, 2011 4:18:31 PM

Tanya... If you come to Israel and DON'T come to Efrat... well, let's just say you'll have some 'splainin' to do, Lucy! :-)

Posted by: treppenwitz | May 4, 2011 4:21:52 PM

Makes me laugh -- and drool. Not that long ago, a whiff of something smelling awfully good came drifting through my kitchen window here in Beersheba. Have no idea what it was, or who in the 'hood was cooking, but what came immediately to mind was, yes! Bacon! That was precisely what it smelled like -- 'twould be off limits for me now, but back in the old pre-kashrut concern days? BLT's were a favorite summer-time lunch. So of course I began lusting after a BLT. Now all I have to do is come to Efrat? Sounds like a deal.

Posted by: YochevedMiriam | May 9, 2011 10:12:24 AM

Coming to Israel end of june--ROAD TRIP

Posted by: Brad | May 11, 2011 1:28:40 AM

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