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Monday, November 29, 2010


No, not another installment of 'The Vespa Cowboy'... but there's maybe a certain 'old west' flavor to the story just the same.

Anyone who lives near, or travels through, any sort of desert landscape is probably familiar with tumbleweeds.

Heck, anyone who has ever watched a film or TV series set in the old west is familiar with the symbolic use of tumbleweeds (usually along with the sound of wind) as a visual cue to the audience that the scene is one of desolate abandonment.

Simply put... if you see a tumbleweed rolling past, you (or more correctly whoever is on the screen) is probably all alone, and maybe in a heap o'trouble.

But in real life, one really doesn't give much thought to tumbleweeds... much less expect to be nearly unhorsed (ok, unscootered) by a one.

I was riding along, minding my own business on a long, empty stretch of desert roadway, when this ginormous tumbleweed, almost as big as my scooter, came rolling out of nowhere and was nearly my undoing.

It rolled directly into my path... stopped... and then started rolling the other way. I'd pretty much decided to risk going right over it rather than try to swerve around it, when it changed directions again and tumbled out of my way with a split second to spare.

A few minutes down the road I decided to circle back to take a picture... because even I had started to doubt that it had been that big!

Tumbleweeds thumb

[You can see another tumbleweed almost as big, on the other side of the guardrail]

My life is sometimes a little too surreal for my own liking.

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I wonder if the burning bush in the Tenach was actually tumbleweed?

Posted by: Kiwi Noa | Nov 29, 2010 10:16:09 AM

Kiwi Noa... Doubtful... mid-conversation Moshe Rabeinu would have had to go jogging along to keep up with the rolling bush as it burned. :-)

Posted by: treppenwitz | Nov 29, 2010 10:21:53 AM

I don't know if I am more amazed of the size of the tumbleweed or that you were planning to risk driving over it! Holy cow that thing is HUGE!

Posted by: orieyenta | Nov 29, 2010 4:24:06 PM


Posted by: Kiwi Noa | Nov 29, 2010 7:50:05 PM

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