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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Born to be Wild

Last night Zahava and I watched the classic late 60's counter-culture film 'Easy Rider' (Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper and Jack Nicholson).  I originally thought I hadn't seen it before... but as I watched, I realized I'd seen parts of it over the years... but never the whole thing.

Truth be told, although I liked it very much, seeing the whole thing from start to finish didn't really lend a much more coherent sense of the film's story line and narrative underpinnings than the fragmented bits and pieces I'd seen at various times in the past.  The film is, after all, a product of the 60's.

But the scenery (filmed on location in the American south west)... and the soundtrack (classic 60s rock from the likes of Steppenwolf, Jimi Hendrix, The Band and Bob Dylan), were, and remain, incredible!

All the way to work this morning I had Steppenwolf's road anthem 'Born to be wild' running through my head. 

Considering the fact that I'm a middle aged Jewish guy on a Vespa and not a screen icon on a Harley... and that I was riding through the Judean desert and not Monument Valley in Arizona... well, I guess there's something about this post that falls somewhere between funny and sad.  Maybe a smidge closer to sad.  :-)


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There's something to be said for a being middle-aged Jewish guy on a Vespa who still has his liver, and can remember much of the Sixties.

Posted by: rutimizrachi | Jun 6, 2010 11:28:52 AM

Would you rather have a soundtrack playing in your head that's.... let's wildly speculate... more, Chaim Moshe or one of those Klezmer bands you see at every other wedding? Choose wisely. ;)

Posted by: a. | Jun 6, 2010 1:49:04 PM

Ruti, if someone remembers much of the 60's, can they really be considered "middle-aged"? :-)

Posted by: Mark | Jun 6, 2010 3:48:16 PM

The Judean Desert sounds pretty wild to one who is currently confined to a chair in the suburbs of North West London :).

If Mrs T is agreeable, why not go for the Harley?

"Frum Rider" has a certain je ne sais quoit, all sorts of scenarios going round my head!

Posted by: chairwoman | Jun 6, 2010 4:20:30 PM

rutimizrachi ... Even more simply put; there is something to be said about being middle aged when once considers the alternative. :-)

a.... I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.

Mark ... I was born during the Kennedy administration and have a pretty good recollection of most of my life from 1965 on. That has to count for something.

chairwoman ... You clearly don't know where Mrs. T stands on this issue. The Vespa was a HUGE compromise on her part. She's only (reluctantly) let me take her on the back for the past week or so. Baby steps... baby steps. :-)

Posted by: treppenwitz | Jun 6, 2010 4:31:24 PM

So, David, Born to be Mild?

Actually, I remember riding side-saddle on the back of a Vespa GS, along the coast road of the Italian Riviera in my youth, and mild it wasn't!

Posted by: chairwoman | Jun 6, 2010 4:51:27 PM

You know what they say: if you can remember the 60s, you weren't there.

Posted by: Simon | Jun 6, 2010 5:12:50 PM

It was 40 years ago,but with the increasing speed of technology and human events,it seems 400.

Posted by: Ed | Jun 6, 2010 5:51:59 PM

Being a mere babe of 41 I have a tenuous connection to the 60's- but I was there. ;) Watched the moon landing from my seat.

It is a good movie- we watched in college and laughed about how young Nicholson looked.

Posted by: Jack | Jun 6, 2010 8:01:54 PM

I've seen you on the Burma-Shave. Don't sell the screamin'-red-demon short!

Posted by: QuietusLeo | Jun 6, 2010 8:49:25 PM

If you ever come out our way, we can put you on a real motorbike and let you loose in the Southwest for a few minutes of glory! ;-) Just don't tell my elderly mother back in Connecticut.

As for the movie, we saw it again a few months back. This time 'round, in my fifties, it was too weird for me. And my taste runs to a different sort of motorbikes.

Posted by: Mordechai Y. Scher | Jun 8, 2010 7:05:43 AM

I vote for funny.

Posted by: Wry Mouth | Jun 8, 2010 9:41:21 AM

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