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Monday, March 15, 2010

Forget what they say. Watch what they do!

[a guest-post by Zahava with little nudge here and there from David]

Have you heard the latest news about the so-called 'moderate' Palestinian Authority''? You know, the folks with whom everyone in the world faults us for not having yet achieved peace? 

These peace-loving souls just held a ceremony officially naming a prominent locale in the center of Ramallah after Dalal Mughrabi.  This ceremony adds to a growing list of places – including two schools for girls (in Hevron and Gaza respectively), several summer camps and training courses for both the Palestinian police & security forces, that already bear her name.  In fact, along with the Ramallah square naming ceremony, the P.A. also announced a Dalal Mughrabi conference on Sunday, to be attended by several hundred West Bank University students this summer.

It speaks volumes that the P.A.'s idea of a national hero is Dalal Mughrabi who, 33 years ago, led an attack that came to be known as the Coastal Road Massacre – one of the largest single acts of terrorism Israel has suffered in it's short history. 

However, that it speaks volumes doesn't necessarily mean that anyone in the world is listening.

For those unfamiliar with the sort of acts that the 'moderate'  P.A.  – our peace partner - considers worthy of praise, please meet the late Dalal Mughrabi:

On the morning of March 11, 1978, Mughrabi and her Palestinian unit of eleven members, including one other woman, landed on an Israeli beach, killed an American photographer named Gail Rubin and hijacked a taxi, killing its occupants. They proceeded along the coastal highway shooting at traffic along the way. They next hijacked a bus and later a second bus, from which the passengers were transferred to the first one. The bus was finally stopped at a police roadblock. A shooting battle ensued. Eventually, Mughrabi blew up the bus which became a large deathtrap of fire. Many of the passengers were killed. In total, Mughrabi and her team killed 37 people, including at least 10 children. Some 71 people were wounded.   [Source]

And do you know the reason Mughrabi and her fellow terrorists planned and carried out this horrible attack?  It was an unsuccessful attempt by the PLO (now officially called the P.A.) to halt the then on-going peace talks between Israel and Egypt!

This recent ceremony is especially troubling at a time when the U.S. is castigating Israel for daring to build [~gasp~] homes in its own capital city, and is demanding that Israel make further concessions to the Palestinians in order to demonstrate that we are serious about peace.

The Americans and Europeans were appalled by the timing of Israel's announcing its plans to continue building in our own sovereign territory, yet seem strangely un-phased by the timing of this P.A. ceremony honoring Mughrabi as well as the fact that most of the people feted by the Palestinians and their leaders seem to be people with significant amounts of innocent blood on their hands (a fact that the Palestinians try to obfuscate by labeling these perpetrators "soldiers").

To be clear, the unpleasant job of a soldier is to kill.  But this is not a soldier's only function/responsibility. Under civilized norms and international law, soldiers are also tasked with the protection of non-combatants.  In every army in the civilized world, that protection is expected to extend not only to the civilian population from which the soldier comes, but also to the civilian population being protected by the enemy forces.

Nearly every country in the world has a standing army.  Yet Israel's army is the only one that the world openly and routinely accuses of being immoral.  And yet, who are our military heroes?  Israel honors the men and women who've managed to save lives -- sometimes, as in the case of Major Roi Klein (of blessed memory) - at the expense of their own.

How can the world expect us to sit down to discuss peace with a people who consider Dalal Mughrabi to be a role model?  How can anyone even contemplate creating a state for a people who can hold up such a monster for current and future generations of Palestinian children emulate?!

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Odd, this didn't make U.S. news... (removes tongue from cheek)

Posted by: Jethro | Mar 15, 2010 3:15:01 PM

i hate to nitpick [actually i love to nitpick] but that there is a girls school in gaza bearing this woman's name is not a reflection of the p.a., since gaza is controlled by hamas.
not that this makes a great deal of difference.

Posted by: fred | Mar 15, 2010 6:36:11 PM

"How can the world expect us to sit down to discuss peace with a people who consider Dalal Mughrabi to be a role model? How can anyone even contemplate creating a state for a people who can hold up such a monster for current and future generations of Palestinian children emulate?!"

Obviously, these are rhetorical questions. We already know the answers: They cannot. Not if the rule of reason applies. (Ah, but there lies the problem.)

One day, the world will stop treating the "Palestinian" Arabs like infants and will expect them to behave like civilized human beings. And perhaps one day, the "Palestinian" Arabs will begin to behave according to that (currently nonexistent) expectation. But I will not hold my breath.

Posted by: Elisson | Mar 15, 2010 7:49:33 PM

It's truly shocking how people who firmly believe that every move their own congressman or senator makes is "pandering" to some demographic will believe that the Palestinian leadership are the only ones glorifying murderers and that the Palestinian people have no love for the likes of Dalal Mughrabi or Samir Kuntar. If the Palestinian people did not share the Palestinian leadership's interest in Mughrabi, the leaders would not have named the square after her. The Palestinians name public places after terrorists because they are catering to their demographic. And that is exactly why "peace" will not happen at any point in the near future.

Let's also not forget that Mahmoud Abbas is not the rightfully-elected leader of the PA, he has very little credibility even with the Fatahniks, and even if he had been elected, his term would have run out in January. He is acting unconstitutionally. You would think that, given how obsessed Americans are about the Constitution ("it's unconstitutional" probably has more emotional resonance than "it's sinful"), they would care a little more about how illegitimate Israel's "peace partner" is. (And that's ignoring his Holocaust-denying Ph.D. dissertation and his funding of the 1972 Munich massacre!)

Posted by: Bryan | Mar 15, 2010 8:38:55 PM

By the way, it appears that the Dalal Mughrabi Girls' High School in Gaza was built as early as 2000, long before Hamas took over. Moreover, the Mughrabi High in Hebron was funded by USAID. Upon being alerted that the school was named after a terrorist, USAID pulled its funding, so the name was changed and the funding continued. The moment the school was complete, they changed the name back to Dalal Mughrabi High School.

Posted by: Bryan | Mar 15, 2010 9:49:25 PM

On the other hand, I held a small ceremony naming my kitchen garbage can 'Martyr Dalal Mughrabi'. It was very festive.

The toilet was already taken. That's the 'al marhum Yasser Arafat sinkhole'. PBUH*.
Poo be upon him.

Posted by: At The Back of the Hill | Mar 15, 2010 11:24:52 PM

While many may not consider Dalal to be a respectful role model, what can one say about Menachim Begin of the Irgunists, who carried out the bombing of the King David Hotel, over 60 fatalities, and then went on to be a Prime Minister of Israel.
Do we not all live in glass houses?

Posted by: tevya | Mar 17, 2010 2:34:21 AM

tevya... It may be a hotel today and it may have been a hotel before. But when it was bombed, it was the British military HQ. The Irgun also called to tell them in advance about the bomb but the British refused to evacuate. Are you really comparing that to someone who boards a civilian bus and starts killing innocent civilians???!

Posted by: treppenwitz | Mar 17, 2010 5:53:34 AM

Please do not misunderstand me - the killing of innocents is a horror at any time. Life should be sacred, and acts of terror should never be condone. I am just a Jewish-Russian-Canadian who lived in Netanya 30 years ago, who despairs over the killings, and is saddened for those on either side of the 'security' wall. Very few natural or positive interactions between the peoples now. I have been leaning towards Quaker life these past few years, which lack rich cultural traditions of my background but provide a pacifism I treasure. I wish the best for you and family, and hope you keep open hearts. Tevya

Posted by: tevya | Mar 18, 2010 9:01:17 AM

tevye... Pacifism only works among pacifists. The moment the other side/person opts to use violence, pacifism is effectively suicide. You also completely sidestepped the differentiation I made between deliberately targeting civilians and attacking a military target (and even warning that military target in advance of the attack so that there would be no loss of life; only property). If you wish to ignore this differentiation and be 'even-handed' with the people's on both sides of the fence over here, you are painting everyone with the same braod brush called terrorist. I won't allow that to go unchallenged.

Posted by: treppenwitz | Mar 18, 2010 9:55:26 AM

tevya, you also ignored the fact that the Irgun also warned the French who were a few blocks away to stay clear of the windows. Can you imagine Muslim terrorists warning innocent bystanders to stay away from possible harm? In my heart, I wish it were the Irgun rather than Muslims who attacked the WTC, not one person would have died, we all would have been warned. Given a choice of being attacked by Jews or Muslims, only a fool would not differentiate between the two. If you were going to be attacked which would you pick, Tevya?

As I wrote in The Difference Between Jewish and Muslim Terrorists:

"It should be noted that Menachem Begin could have gone for maximum British and civilian deaths. Why bother with warnings, why endanger Jewish lives by taking extra time to make sure the Arab kitchen workers left? Indeed the British didn't even have a pretense that this was their homeland (certainly none of them were even born there) and so were truly occupiers. So why didn't he act like your average Islamic, barbaric, savage, uncivilized, child-maiming, female-raping, flea-ridden, civilian-hacking, backward, primitive terrorist? Because he was Jewish.

If Muslims acted like so-called Jewish "Terrorists", no innocent civilian lives would be lost. Even in the last war in Lebanon, if Hezbollah didn't forcibly keep civilians in the battle zone only combatants would have been killed. The world could use more Jewish terrorists."

Posted by: bernie | Mar 19, 2010 7:46:14 PM

Dear Bernie and Treppenwitz - you ask me retorical questions. And just because some Muslim terrorists may be 'worse' than Jewish terrorists, is terrorism acceptable ? Not as in the wisdom of Soloman. As I said earlier, I condone no killings, but wish to point out that other forms of violence have consequences. The main thing is not whethr you two think I am ignoring facts about ultimatum-based violence. Isn't it more important to work towards changing the 60+ years cycle of violence and retaliation? Grandchildren of refugees, the 'hilltop youth' - when will they be able to reconcile? I came across this blog via friends of friends in Israel, seeking fair and forward thinking people on whom the Israel will need to depend. Aware, and honest, such as to face the case of Igrit and Biram.
http://cgi.stanford.edu/group/wais/cgi-bin/?p=769 I so very much would like to return to Israel, but one whereby apologies and amends are made BY BOTH SIDES, so a futre of Jewish and Muslim cooperation and respect can be pursued. Sincerely, Tevya.

Posted by: tevya | Mar 19, 2010 11:03:24 PM

Tevya, I asked no rhetorical question. If you intend to return to Israel, which Israel do you want to return to? The one without any Jews, because you turned a blind eye to Muslim terror, or to an Israel defending itself against Muslim terror? If you believe there is another choice, such as negotiations with Muslims; that is like asking lions to lie down with the lambs. Good for the lions - bad for the lambs.

You dear, sad little lamb, are destined to be a good meal for the lion.

Posted by: bernie | Mar 19, 2010 11:34:32 PM

While your words look sympathetic, I think you are being a little mean, which I will not lower myself to your level, as they say. On the other side, the tasty meal for the lion ( Iran ) will be those of you in Israel, especially beleiving that USA will intervene after Irani attack. No, USA would not - they have too many own problems. I really really wish for better future for you, and I say this sincerely. tevya

Posted by: tevya | Mar 31, 2010 9:15:58 AM

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