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Monday, December 07, 2009

Say cheese

Years ago when I was a single man, I once decided to wreck my kitchen whipping up a batch of blintzes.  SIngle men can do that with impunity.  Married men require permission.

Anyhoo... It wasn't a rational decision, since you could get perfectly acceptable blintzes at local restaurants... or even in the freezer section of well stocked grocery stores.  But for some reason the idea of making blintzes from scratch really appealed to me, so...

As I recall, those long-ago blintzes came out fine, but the trauma to my small apartment kitchen was both extensive and extended.  I think I finally washed the final pan and mixing bowl about two weeks after the last blintze was consumed.  If you've never tried to scrup dried-on farmer cheese and sour cream off of dishes and mixing bowls, trust me... it's no picnic.

Well, the other day I was reading one of my favorite blogs and was delighted to see he had posted about making home-made blintzes... and had even shared pictures and a recipe.  I have no idea what ever came of the recipe I had used way back when... but here was an engraved invitation - a challenge, even - to give it another try.

So this past Motzei Shabbat (Saturday night) we invited my parents over to celebrate both Yonah's and my father's birthdays (Yonah is 6 and my dad is, well... older than 6, keneynahorah, tfu tfu tfu), and I whipped up a metric buttload* of blintzes. 

The bletlach (crepes) came out just the tiniest bit thicker than I would have liked (which can probably be attributed to the 70% whole weat flour I used), but the filling was perfect... a little sweet, as befits a main course, but not so sweet as to be confused with a dessert.

I even made a big batch of eggnog (nicely seasoned with nutmeg and Bourbon) for the occasion!

Sadly no pictures were taken, but I assure you that Elisson's recipe is a traditional winner!

Don't thank me... I'm a giver.  But do go thank Elisson, since he did all the heavy lifting .  :-)

* Elisson is an engineer, so I rely on him for all my technical terminology.

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Single men can do that with impunity. Married men require permission.

[stage direction to Treppenwitz readers: imagine the following a la the Carol Kane accent as Miracle Max's beloved wife Valerie in The Princess Bride.]

Liar! Liar, liar, liar, LIAR!

Why, OH WHY?!, do you feel it enhances your image to play the role of the hen-pecked husband?!

Full disclosure: me thinks the actuality of the kitchen clean-up went something like this:

[you] So.... you'll go get Mom and Dad Motza'sh while I whip up the blintzes?

[me] Okay, but you'll bring 'em home, right? Cause I can't drive after bourbon-laced eggnog....

[you] Right! And since I am doing the cooking, al pi the agreement in our ketuba, YOU get to do the cleanup!

(which, with the exception of two cookie sheets and the cast iron skillet, I did!)

Of course, I might be living in a parallel universe....


Posted by: zahava | Dec 7, 2009 3:42:13 PM

[resume normal speaking voice]

Treppenwitz readers, if you like blintzes -- you should definitely go get Ellison's recipe! They were D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!!!!!!

On that account the man is NOT exaggerating -- if anything, he down-played the gastronomic success we all enjoyed!

Posted by: zahava | Dec 7, 2009 3:44:56 PM


I owe it all to my mother-in-law, who graciously agreed to share her recipe. Even better, she made us a batch of those fine, fine blintzes.

Had Ya'acov Avinu been making those blintzes (instead of lentil stew) when hungry Esau came in from the fields, he wouldn't have had to demand that Esau sell him the birthright: Esau would have offered it right up front. And Esau's descendants would have been called Lavanim...

Posted by: Elisson | Dec 7, 2009 4:12:41 PM

My Mother, Elisson's mother in-law, is the Princess of Blintzes.

Posted by: Bro in-law d'elisson | Dec 7, 2009 6:05:04 PM

the Princess of Blintzes

I like that.

Posted by: Jack | Dec 7, 2009 7:12:54 PM

"Single men can do that with impunity. Married men require permission."

Reminds me of the time, very early in our marriage, when my wife called me from work and asked how I was doing.

"I'm fine," I said. "I just cooked myself some spaghetti."

"What?" she said. "In MY POT??!!!"

Let's just say that was the last time that happened.

Posted by: psachya | Dec 7, 2009 9:28:23 PM

In tipping hats to chefs, don't forget a wave to Gilad, whose efforts contributed to a lot of gastronomic delight. I will bear witness that those blintzes were so good that I ate way beyond a sensible man's capacity! The eggnog was pretty nifty, too. What a wonderful birthday celebration! Thanks, guys. Dad

Posted by: Delmar Bgoner | Dec 8, 2009 11:01:24 AM

As my dad so correctly pointed out, Gilad was on assembly duty throughout the evening. I mixed the ingredients for the filling and fried the bletlach... but he was the one who filled and wrapped each blintze with loving care.

Posted by: treppenwitz | Dec 8, 2009 11:11:41 AM

If you're ever in shiloh, I'd like to try your eggnog...

Posted by: batya | Dec 29, 2009 2:17:39 PM

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