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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

I think I've been outed

A word of advice: If you are a blogger and you are tempted to blog at work... resist the temptation.  Except for occasionally responding to emails and comments during lunch or on breaks, I am pretty strict about leaving my blog alone during work hours.  They pay me to work, not blog... and there are too many stories with unhappy endings about people who learned that rule the hard way.

With that having been said, you probably noticed that I rarely talk about work... and I NEVER directly identify my company or anyone working for it.  I work for a big company here in Israel... perhaps one of the biggest.  So it's a near statistical certainly that at least a few people in my company read this blog.  Whether these theoretical readers know we work for the same company is something I try not to dwell on, because I worry about even the appearance that my work and blogging life overlap.

So it was a little jarring yesterday afternoon to get a call from someone rather high in the company (with whom I've never had any previous contact) that started out like this:

"Hi this is ****** ***** .  I have a trip coming up and I was looking for that wonderful list of travel tips you published a year or two ago.  Can you send me the link?"

It took me a couple of seconds to figure out what list he was talking about... and only then did my internal alarm start flashing with the warning "Danger, this is someone who shouldn't know you have a blog!"

I told him I would look for the post when I got home and send him the link.  He thanked me and we hung up.

Note to self:  Email the IT gang today and make sure all office Internet use is logged and archived so that if anyone ever decides to make the old 'mis-use of company assets' accusation, I'll be as pure as freshly fallen snow (or at least as pure as anyone whose non-work browsing is mostly confined to news sites).

BTW, I found the link to my travel tips post and sent it to him last night.  I told him not to thank me... I'm a giver.

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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

I wonder...

... if the United Nations' denouncement today of Switzerland's ban on new minarets as "clearly discriminatory and deeply divisive" is an indication that all U.N. member nations are required to guarantee complete freedom of religious observance and expression to their visitors, residents and citizens?

Naaah... that's crazy talk!

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