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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

I wonder...

... if the United Nations' denouncement today of Switzerland's ban on new minarets as "clearly discriminatory and deeply divisive" is an indication that all U.N. member nations are required to guarantee complete freedom of religious observance and expression to their visitors, residents and citizens?

Naaah... that's crazy talk!

Posted by David Bogner on December 1, 2009 | Permalink


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Maybe we could send them a list of countries where freedom of religious observance isn't exactly respected...

Posted by: Ilana-Davita | Dec 1, 2009 5:21:11 PM

Ilana-Davita... Trust me, irony is lost on the U.N.. How else can they explain letting the worst human rights offenders serve on - and even head - the Human Rights Council?

Posted by: treppenwitz | Dec 1, 2009 5:25:10 PM

Go tyell it to the Saudis

Posted by: Nachman | Dec 1, 2009 7:02:23 PM

Now I want to know when the first cathedral is built in Jeddah.

Shouldn't be a problem, right? The UN would approve.

Posted by: At The Back of the Hill | Dec 1, 2009 11:47:19 PM

I should mention that the great mosque in Edirne (Adrianopol) is probably one of the world's most beautiful buildings.
It is, along with some of the masajid in Istanbul (Constantinopol) what everyone thinks of when they think of a classic Ottoman mosque.

Posted by: At The Back of the Hill | Dec 1, 2009 11:51:06 PM

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