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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A bit of marital advice

Ladies, if you find yourself in the situation where your husband is abroad in a place where the clothes shopping might be a bit better than where ever you live, please resist the urge to ask him to pick up bras for you.

Unless, of course, your intention is to completely humiliate him *... in which case disregard this advice.

Don't thank me... I'm a giver.

*  Actually, I'm not sure who was more embarrassed, me, the female shoppers who evacuated the bra department en-masse when I showed up, or the salesgirl at Marks & Spencer who helped me pick out the requested undergarments.

Posted by David Bogner on December 30, 2009 | Permalink


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snicker....Zahava totally rocks.

Posted by: Hadassah | Dec 30, 2009 4:43:25 PM

I posted this comment on a post of yours a while ago, but it's still relevant:

I know an American man who went into a British department store and asked for suspenders. The saleslady asked if it was for his wife, and he insisted they were for him... (suspenders are garters in British English)

Posted by: Dave (Balashon) | Dec 30, 2009 4:45:53 PM

Sorry Dave Balashon. Suspenders are braces in English (if you're talking about the things that hold up your trousers [pants]). If you're talking about the things that hold up your socks, well, who on earth wears those things any more? What was elastic invented for after all?

Posted by: annie | Dec 30, 2009 4:56:23 PM

Hadassah ... Just for that you get to make your own coffee the next time you stay with us. :-)

Dave (Balashon) ... Not as bad as the time my female study partner at Hebrew U (a British ex-pat) asked me if I had a rubber. I thought I was getting lucky when all she really wanted was an eraser. :-)

annie... I think the suspenders Dave is referring to are (in British parlance) the sort that hold up silk stockings.

Posted by: treppenwitz | Dec 30, 2009 5:02:08 PM

Doesn't the Mashbir still carry Marks and Sparks merchandise? Or maybe HaMashbir is out of business...................if so, doesn't another store stock M & S merchandise? I've been in London when the Marks and Spencers was being picketed for being evil Zionists, and I made it a point to go in and buy, buy, buy......and then walk out waving lots of M & S carrier bags. Surely, one can purchase their products in the Land.

Posted by: LYNNE | Dec 30, 2009 5:36:39 PM

I'm writing this before Zahava beats me to it:

Men, if you find yourself in a situation where your wife has asked you to do something annoying and of a personal nature involving lingerie, please resist the urge to blog about it.

Unless, of course, your intention is to embarrass her... in which case, disregard this advice.

Don't thank me . . . I'm a giver.

Posted by: Sarah | Dec 30, 2009 5:44:27 PM

I <3 Sarah!

(Thanks girl! I owe you one!)

Posted by: zahava | Dec 30, 2009 6:35:07 PM

Zahava, I'm impressed. I've had a glimpse of your evil alter-ego. And I like her.
(Don't worry, Trepp, I'll continue mule-ing your beer.)

Posted by: QuietusLeo | Dec 30, 2009 7:39:03 PM

Maybe someone could explain why "The Lumberjack Song" is going through my head now?


Posted by: Rahel | Dec 30, 2009 8:39:08 PM

The post was ok, and Zahava TOTALLY rocks... but the comments were even better!

Posted by: val | Dec 30, 2009 9:23:56 PM

Thankfully I've never had to buy my wife undergarments. But the feminine hygiene aisle at the pharmacy? Not fun either!

Posted by: Rabba bar bar Chana | Dec 30, 2009 9:58:50 PM

Rabba beat me to it. I HATE those trips to the feminine hygiene aisle! And they keep changing stuff around or changing the packages, so I have to stand there and continue searching... Aaargh! I have to tell my wife to limit requests to kosher goods when I'm visiting Stamford; but no female stuff locally or abroad!

Great post by the way...

Posted by: Mordechai Y. Scher | Dec 30, 2009 10:25:28 PM

Real men aren't intimidated by women's lingerie.

Posted by: RivkA | Dec 30, 2009 10:30:00 PM

You can't blame Zahava; Marks & Spencer's underwear rock.

Posted by: Ilana-Davita | Dec 30, 2009 10:46:41 PM

The first time I was sent on a mission to the feminine hygiene aisle, I wasn't worried about my manhood at all. I was astounded at the amount of products, most of which I had no clue whatsoever as to their purpose. I still have no clue. It's probably better this way.

Posted by: QuietusLeo | Dec 30, 2009 10:58:58 PM

Walk round the Grand Street/Orchard Street here on the Lower East Side and you can still see frum Jews making a living SELLING lady's underwear. Also just think, a part of whatever you spent in Marks & Spencers earlier today will eventually find its way to Israel.

Posted by: Superpharm | Dec 31, 2009 12:03:07 AM

Men, if you find yourself in a situation where your wife has asked you to do something annoying and of a personal nature involving lingerie, please resist the urge to blog about it.

I have no problem buying bras and panties. Nor do the salesclerks have a problem when I buy bras and panties (they're clearly not for me).

Panties, however, are easier to buy for another person than bras, because of the errrm, how shall I put it, errrm, "complexity" of boob shapes. And their placement on the torso.
It's a bit of an issue. Not all mammary glands are equal, and it takes skill to judge which cup might fit better. Tzarich iyun.

Posted by: At The Back of the Hill | Dec 31, 2009 3:34:59 AM

seriously?? Have you never been in victoria's secret? There are ALWAYS men in there picking up lingerie....no biggie...and the sales clerks love it---so while you should resisit the urge to blog about it---zahava's request was completely and totally legitimate...it is LONDON afterall....some of the best shopping in the world!. Go zahava!

Posted by: LG | Dec 31, 2009 10:56:31 AM

oh, stop whinging about it - this is the woman who's meeting you at the airport with a frying pan in her hand already. you're lucky this is all she asked you for!

Posted by: debbie | Dec 31, 2009 1:07:10 PM

David, David, David. This is when you get to select the ones you want for her to wear. Duh.

Posted by: Alice | Dec 31, 2009 2:48:13 PM

I overcame my fear of feminine hygene products a while ago. Anyone who looks at me funny I have no problem staring back with a look that says I have a woman who needs me - deal with it. Going to pick up (not pick out) bras is dicey - seeing an entire display of pasties at checkout was a little beyond my comfort zone...

Posted by: Aharon | Dec 31, 2009 4:27:34 PM

Get those bras at Primark; that'll stop that ;o/

Posted by: Wry Mouth | Jan 3, 2010 3:57:39 AM

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