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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Settling scores

Blood Libel

Definition: False and sensationalized allegations that a person or group engages in human sacrifice, often accompanied by the claim that the blood of the victims is used in various rituals and/or acts of cannibalism. The alleged victims are often children.

To be clear, Jews are not the only group that has historically fallen victim to blood libels.  Other vilified minorities that have also been the target of such baseless allegations include homosexuals, Gypsies, Wiccans, Mormons, Communists.  But for some reason Jews have the longest and 'richest' track record of having been singled out for these vicious accusations, and the pogroms/attacks that quite naturally followed on their heels.

Before we go on, here's a little history: [source]

The first recorded instance of a blood libel against Jews was in the writings of Apion, who claimed that certain Jews sacrificed Greek victims in the Temple of Jerusalem. After this, there are no known records of the blood libel brought against Jews until the 12th century legend surrounding William of Norwich, first recorded in the Peterborough Chronicle. The accusation became more common afterward. In some subsequent cases, antisemitic blood libels served as the basis for a blood libel cult, in which the alleged victim of human sacrifice was venerated as a Christian martyr. Many Jews have been killed as a result of blood libels, which continued into the 20th century, with the Beilis Trial in Russia and the Kielce pogrom in post-World War II Poland.

Probably the most recent high profile blood libel is that from December 1984, when the Saudi Arabian delegate and President of the World Muslim Congress Dr. Ma'ruf al-Dawalibi, speaking before the UN Human Rights Commission conference on religious tolerance, stated:

"Jews have indeed been the victims of discriminations throughout the centuries. But why? Let them answer this question themselves. The Talmud says that any Jew who does not drink every year the blood of a non-Jew will be damned forever."

I normally rely quite heavily on Wikipedia when researching data for my posts, but I think their assertion that the outrageous 1984 blood libel quoted above is "Probably the most recent..." example of this ongoing vilification of the Jews might be a bit out of date.

The most recent Blood Libel was actually the claim published last week in the Swedish Daily 'Aftonbladet', that floated the incredible accusation that IDF soldiers were killing Palestinians security prisoners in order to harvest their internal organs... a story that was lent the veneer of plausibility by the recent arrest in the US of a Jew for allegedly trafficking in human organs.

Now, I have no knowledge of the U.S. organ trafficking case that is supposedly pending, and have no intention of allowing today's topic to be sidetracked by it.  But I will take this opportunity to state that such cases have been cropping up more and more in recent years around the world; not because people are actually being kidnapped and waylaid for their organs (as has been the subject of many urban legends), but because the disparity in laws (and enforcement) around the world dealing with transplantation and organ donation issues has given birth to an entire industry of medical tourism and gray-market compensation for kidneys and other high-demand organs that have been voluntarily donated/sold.

But getting back to our current blood libel... I find it hard to imagine that Sweden has no slander or libel laws on the books alongside those laws that guarantee a free and unimpeded press.  It stands to reason that in any free society such checks and balances would be required. 

Yet despite the 'journalist' or newspaper who published the blood libel not having presented a credible source or a shred of corroborating evidence, the Swedish government has refused to condemn (or even criticize) the outrageous accusation on the grounds that their Constitution forbids the government from interfering with free speech and a free press. 

The more the Israeli foreign ministry protests the Swedish government's silence, the stronger the Swedes declare that "No one can demand that the Swedish government violate its own constitution."  Would it be that they and their Europeans neighbors held Israeli law and internal policies as sacrosanct.  The trouble is that they all feel that they can meddle in the minutiae of Israeli daily life down to the level of how many housing units can be built in our own capital and what security measures we may and may not impose for our own safety!

The truth is that Sweden has always been a big talker about things like neutrality and fair play.  Yet it is now fully documented that throughout WWII the Swedes continued to sell vital war materials (including iron ore) to Nazi Germany, allowed Nazi troops and arms to be transported through the country and enacted draconian immigration laws to keep those trying to flee the Nazis from reaching their soil.   They also also had a thriving pro-Nazi press and the Swedish scientific institutions were leaders in the fields of race biology and eugenic research. [source]

Personally, I have stopped being shocked by both passive and active European / Scandinavian anti-Semitism.  It is deeply ingrained in their culture and is openly tolerated even in circles where political correctness in all other matters has been taken to crazy extremes.

But trust me, there will be a reckoning within our lifetime... a settling of scores.  It will not be done by us, but rather by the very people they have chosen to champion in their mock-neutrality: Radical Islam.  Just as with the UK, Belgium, Denmark and France, Sweden is being swamped by wave upon wave of Muslim immigrants who will soon teach their hosts a thing or two about tolerance and freedom... and will put to rest the myth of Sweden as a neutral/non-aligned country. 

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I loved this...you make excellent points....right up until the part where you wrote "Now, I have no knowledge of the U.S. organ trafficking case that is supposedly pending, and have no intention of allowing today's topic to be sidetracked by it."

Seriously?? Come on..it was HUGE news everywhere and touched upon by many of us in our blogs, newspapers etc.,.given the high profile nature of the Jews invovled...and then to go on and justify it if it were true just damages the rest of your credibility and your argument. I love reading your stuff...but lately you seem to have this all things republican/jewish are good and all things on the other side...bad.

Posted by: LG | Aug 23, 2009 9:03:36 PM

How about we boycott them for a change? Don't buy IKEA!!!!!
For all I care, the 3rd rate scandi furniture store can burn to the ground (as long as no one is inside).

Posted by: QuietusLeo | Aug 23, 2009 10:51:50 PM

LG... First of all, I have been in INDIA for almost two weeks and haven't even been tending to my own blog, much less reading yours (or anyone else's for that matter). Having said that, I go weeks at a time without doing much news reading, so yes... it is quite reasonable for me to say that I am/was unaware of the US case.

I was also not trying to justify whatever it is this US Jew was accused of doing. I only know that the different laws(and levels of enforcement) in the various countries in the world have had a very lively affect on medical tourism and the new economy in transplanted organs. What is medically unethical and illegal in one country might be a perfectly legal transaction/medical procedure in another just a few hours flight away. I have my own feelings about whether a poor Indian or Pakistani should be legally/ethically allowed to sell a kidney to a wealthy foreigner. But it is going on and these poor families are able to support themselves for YEARS on what they get for a single healthy kidney. I only mentioned it in passing so that people wouldn't be tempted to get bogged down (as you seem to have) in the debate over medical ethics when the topic here is baseless blood libels.

QuietusLeo ... I have never been happy with anything I've bought from Ikea, but it has nothing to do with the Swedes. Your comment made me think of the Beatle's song 'Norwegian Wood' for some reason. :-)

Posted by: treppenwitz | Aug 23, 2009 11:04:12 PM

"No one can demand that the Swedish government violate its own constitution." What violation would that be? Even if the Swedish were to be absolutely protected from claims of libel and slander (doubtful) or being shut down, are they also protected from criticism?

Posted by: zalman | Aug 24, 2009 1:16:41 AM

The Swedes made a big mistake here. A government can offer criticism of the media without violating any laws. It is very telling that they refuse to do so.

Posted by: Jack | Aug 24, 2009 5:13:40 AM

See the constitutional/libel discussion here: http://fresnozionism.org/2009/08/swedish-pm-ignorant-of-his-own-constitution/

Apparently free speech doesn't include libel.

Hat tip: talkbackers at Pajamas Media

Posted by: aliyah06 | Aug 24, 2009 12:42:56 PM

Maybe that's part of a secret treaty between Aftonbladet, the government and some pro-radical-Islam lobbyists... Aftonbladet providing high ranking for racist, antisemite, fundamentalist, [enter all the mental defuncts you can think of] websites and their insignificant slander talk, and in return for that there shall be no more Fatwahs against Scand journalists and cartoonists (which, of course, will be null and void upon the issuing of the next Fatwah, whenever and for what stupid whim ever that will be).

Are these idiots getting on my nerves? I think so.

Posted by: a. | Aug 24, 2009 1:37:35 PM

Sorry to contradict you but it's not Norwegian wood it is Swedish wood. The first retail store opened in 1958 in Sweden as can clearly be seen here at Ikea's "facts" site.

Posted by: QuietusLeo | Aug 24, 2009 2:23:58 PM

Is it possible that some sort of organ harvesting is going on in Gaza within a Palestinian network, with a % profits going to Hamas? So some might be involved in the organ trade,but they are Palestinian not Israeli.

Posted by: ED | Aug 24, 2009 5:43:15 PM

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