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Monday, July 06, 2009

Dirty trick or 'all's fair in love and walking competitions'?

So yesterday was the first day of the six day walking competition.  Right before the deadline for registration I noticed that Zahava had joined the competition... which is a good thing, and a potentially bad thing. 

Good because Zahava can be a strong motivating factor.  If she and I are both in this thing she will shame me into walking even if I'm not in the mood. 

But bad because Zahava is just the tiniest bit competitive.  She is also just a little bit of a gold star seeker.  Mind you, I mean both in the best possible way.  Really.

[~makes preparations to sleep on couch~]

Here, let me give you an example

[~ makes preparations to sleep on back porch~]:

Knitting.  Zahava recently rediscovered knitting; a craft that she learned as a little girl at her grandmother's knee.  It being an artsy sort of thing, it is no surprise that Zahava is quite good at it.  How good?  Like 'her stuff looks store bought' good.  Maybe better than store bought.

Now some of us would be content to be really really good at something and do it once in a while for fun and relaxation.  That's called a hobby.  Not Zahava.  She began knitting gifts for the nieces and nephews and people she hasn't met yet.  She began knitting scarves and sweaters and car covers.  I think she may be working on a cozy for the house... y'know, to lower our heating bills this winter.

Anyway, you get the idea. 

With walking it is a similar thing.  When we both got our pedometers, she began casually asking me how many steps I'd done so far on most days.  And if my count was higher, she'd go out and walk some more just to beat me. 

So you can understand why when I saw that she'd signed up for the competition I was pleased that she'd push me to walk more than I otherwise might.  But I was also worried about her competitiveness.

Sure enough, about halfway through the day yesterday I got an email from Zahava 'casually' mentioning her step-count so far.  It was roughly four times what I'd walked so far to that point.

But it had the desired affect.  I went out and did a couple of quick laps of our office complex, and another couple at lunch time.  I even went and visited people on work related issues who I would otherwise have called on the phone.

When I got home I casually asked Zahava how she'd done, and she flashed her pedometer at me and said 13,407 steps today... how'd you do?

New here's where I may have been just the slightest bit evasive.  I said, "Not so good", and left it at that. 

I then went downstairs, answered some emails and went to bed.  When Zahava and I got up this morning I flashed her a big grin and told her that I'd actually walked over 14,000 steps yesterday.  She din't believe me and went and checked my pedometer.

When she saw the number she was genuinely angry with me.  "That's not fair.  I asked you how you'd done and you said 'not so good'.  That's dishonest!"

I asked her what she would have done if I had told her the whole truth, and she admitted that she would probably have gone out walking again.  So my caution was somewhat justified, no?

I have a feeling my lovely, but competitive wife is going to be walking to Jerusalem today just to show me who's boss.

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[~ makes preparations to sleep on back porch~]:

feeling optimistic, are we?!

Posted by: zahava | Jul 6, 2009 3:44:54 PM

Go Zahava! A woman after my own heart! If a job's worth doing properly..... :)

(I recently took up cycling properly. Decided to prove myself (to myself only) that I should enter a long ride to test my endurance. Is 60 miles on the Zahava scale?!).

Posted by: rachel | Jul 6, 2009 5:31:14 PM

There is absolutely nothing at all strange or unusual about bountiful knitting. And a cozy for the house would certainly be energy-efficient. What, you WANT global warming?

Lucky for you you have a nice, comfortable back porch to sleep on. Maybe you can get Zahava to knit you a warm afghan. If you don't lie to her about your pedometer reading next time, that is...

Posted by: uberimmau | Jul 6, 2009 6:05:47 PM

Back porch?! I'm thinking doghouse, dude :)

Posted by: Alissa | Jul 6, 2009 7:30:31 PM

I did sort of wonder what was up when you left Avi and me both in the dust. Good work, O Motivational Goddess! Watch what happens: you'll have all of us walking our little tennies to new lengths -- and maybe knitting. I think she already has the Treppenwitz mug... so you're going to have to come up with an interesting new prize for her.

Posted by: rutimizrachi | Jul 6, 2009 7:45:55 PM

Sounds like something my wife would do to me as well... she loves to beat me at things. (and she's very good at beating me at computer games anyway).

In a way, it reminds me in a line in the movie I was watching last night (hope to finish tonight) Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. When Will complains that Captain Sparrow doesn't fight under the "rules of engagement," Sparrow replies that the only rules that matter are, "What a man can do, and what a man can't do."

Of course Will wasn't married to Captain Sparrow...

Posted by: JDMDad | Jul 6, 2009 8:16:49 PM

Well, soon you'll be so walked out you'll never be allowed into the next competition.....

Posted by: rickismom | Jul 6, 2009 8:19:31 PM

Hysterical! Love it!

You go, girl!

Posted by: val | Jul 6, 2009 11:16:50 PM

I think that you should give Yonah her shoes, some sea shells and glue and tell him to make Ima's shoes look real pretty.

It is a little hot to walk barefooted now isn't it. ;)

Of course I would never use any of my children to win a contest with my wife. But suggesting it to someone else falls into the rules of fairplay. :)

Don't know what I am going to do when the dark haired beauty is old enough to question these things. Oy.

Posted by: Jack | Jul 6, 2009 11:35:44 PM

I can sooooo identify with this post!!
And I'm on Zehava's side by the way ;)
You don't need to win a competition, but if you're going to enter it, you darn well oughtta play to win!
Good, funny stuff.
Thanks for the laugh.

Posted by: G6 | Jul 7, 2009 3:21:06 AM

I understand Zahava and your reaction; both of you seem to have competitive streaks. Apparently she did better than you yesterday... or am I rubbing salt?

Posted by: Ilana-Davita | Jul 7, 2009 8:57:50 AM

14,000 steps???????? My feet hurt just thinking about it.

Posted by: Baila | Jul 7, 2009 11:44:50 PM

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