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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Mongolian BBQ I could sort of understand, but...

With the exception of people living in caves, most of us have had to deal with SPAM (unsolicited email advertising) landing in our in-boxes at least occasionally.

Thankfully, gmail is pretty good about filtering out the worst of the stuff, so for the most part I rarely have to delete come-ons for pharmaceutical marital aids.  But once in a while something slips through and I find myself wondering who the target audience is for the ad.

Such is the case with an ad I got last week for Mongolian Real Estate.  I kid you not... it was a real estate listing for a couple of properties in Mongolia, complete with brief descriptions of the properties and basic floor plans.

It makes you wonder, are there really people out there who are impulse buyers of third world real estate? 

I mean, ads for Mongolian BBQ I could sort of understand, assuming they were targeted at people who; a) lived within driving distance of the place; and b) didn't keep kosher.  But Mongolian Real Estate?! 

You tell me... who could possibly resist these two properties?

Tsetsegma's Office
1st floor, 110m2, 8$ per m2, Located Next to Mongolian Technical University


Zamba's Office
2nd floor, 320m2, 13$ per m2, Located Next to Grand Khaan Irish Pub


If you find yourself in need of the contact information for either of these places (priced to move!), I'll be happy to send you the link.

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I'll take it at $8 per sq metre...

Posted by: Simon Synett | May 5, 2009 3:03:39 PM

Nah - not in the market for the real estate. But I could see myself downing a few brews at the Grand Khaan Irish Pub. (How do you say "Guinness" in Mongolian?) :)

Posted by: psachya | May 5, 2009 5:01:19 PM

Tsetsegma's Office - the blue print is a brainteaser, unless ofcourse its not the building in the middle.. WC's must have a window. :-)

Posted by: Rami | May 5, 2009 6:23:38 PM

Only in the sense that the price per sq.m is very attractive indeed!

Posted by: rachel | May 5, 2009 7:34:21 PM

OK - a couple of links for you:

a) It's Lovely! I'll Take It! - A site that finds hilarious pictures from real estate listings: http://www.lovelylisting.com/

b) Spamusement - Poorly drawn cartoons inspired by spam subject lines: http://spamusement.com/

Looks like you might have come up with a hybrid...

Posted by: Dave (Balashon) | May 5, 2009 7:38:11 PM

I always drink a Zamba with my Bamba.

Posted by: Jack | May 5, 2009 7:39:04 PM

Why buy in Mongolia when I have some awesome real estate bargains just a short one-hour drive east of downtown El Paso, Texas?

Posted by: Bob | May 6, 2009 3:28:49 PM

Is it just me or are east and west reversed on the compass? Or maybe north and south are?

Posted by: wanderer | May 7, 2009 6:29:16 PM

It's just you. The directions of the compass are correct if you're looking at the floor plan from underneath. Clearly, those are the plans for the upper floors.

Posted by: Bob | May 9, 2009 8:04:42 AM

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