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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Give me strength...

Posted by David Bogner on May 7, 2009 | Permalink


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Someone needs to get on the PA system and yell HANDE HOCH!. Then watch what happens.


Posted by: Karl Newman | May 7, 2009 9:40:19 PM

wow. israel makes A LOT of stuff.

Posted by: fred | May 7, 2009 10:39:53 PM

Yeah, guys, thanks for helping me compile my shopping list.


That is what they were saying, wasn't it? (What do I know, I don't speak French.) :)

PS - What was that moronic ditty they were whistling?

Posted by: psachya | May 7, 2009 10:49:36 PM

A$$holes. Wanna bet some of them were Jews?

Posted by: Mark | May 7, 2009 11:01:14 PM

I have to say this gives me a great idea. Let's boycott "Palestinian" Arab products!!! Hmmm, let's see, what is that they export....OK, let's boycott ignorance, suicide bombers, terrorism of all kinds, and intellectual rabies. Who's with me on this?

Posted by: Barzilai | May 7, 2009 11:06:12 PM

Hope someone confiscated their mobile phones and computers before this boycott:-)

Posted by: Noa | May 7, 2009 11:30:36 PM

Wonder who suggested that lovely shade of green for their T-shirts . . .

On a completely unrelated topic, what does the Hamas flag look like again? I keep forgetting.

Posted by: David | May 7, 2009 11:42:58 PM

Even in French it's easy to understand them. "All the best stuff comes from Israel."

Posted by: David Bailey | May 8, 2009 12:40:11 AM

Just goes to show that ignorance and stupidity are worldwide phenomena.

Posted by: Raizy | May 8, 2009 3:14:21 AM

Can I ask about the management of this market? Did they not pay for all these products and were they not hoping to make some profit on them?

Not very good business practises, huh?

Posted by: Baila | May 8, 2009 7:06:26 AM

A few years ago, when a7 was still a radio station, I heard a brilliant thing from Nadia Matar.
She said that she was overjoyed at the list of "west bank products" an anti-Jewish yishuv group had put out. For years the Left kept claiming that we were just parasite bedroom communities, and here they proved themselves liers.

Posted by: batya | May 8, 2009 7:56:12 AM

Yea I saw that video... *grumble* but was confused about something - did the vandals actually destroy the products right there in the store or just set it off to one side with a lot of speeches? Or were they stupid enough to buy the products and destroy them outside? And where were all the cops in Paris, were they on a 2-hour croissant break or what?

The even dumber part is that a lot of Palestinians work in Israeli factories, so a boycott would be shooting the protesters' own cause in the foot! But hey, wrecking stuff and bashing the Jewish state is fun - and you get to break the law with everyone watching, so why let logic ruin your day?

Posted by: Chantal | May 8, 2009 8:05:22 AM

Does anyone here, in addition to me, really think that this wasn't just a looting expedition? Calling the Israelis criminals while looting a store is just subterfuge for getting free yummy stuff, and they stole the flowers, not knowing whether or not they even came from Israel. Morons. And the old lady customer. Sheesh. What a parasite. France is doomed.

Posted by: Jewel | May 8, 2009 8:37:11 AM

That video is begging to be redubbed. We could have a hell of a lot of fun with that.

Posted by: Jack | May 8, 2009 9:41:06 AM

I too heard a similar translation: "Look at all the beautiful products that Israel produces. Let's take them for free! Whoah to us miserable thieves, if only we had the honor and skills to produce such wonderful things ourselves? Let's make sure this is all clear on video so our shame can be claimed once again in the courtroom, if only the French had the courage to call us on our actions." Well I only got to French 101, so the translation is likewise a little loose :)

Posted by: Seattle | May 8, 2009 9:49:26 AM

This video is a terrific Israeli chamber of commerce promotion. I could complain about the poor production values, but that would make look petty.

Impressive. I hadn't fully appreciated just how pervasive, diverse and prodigious Israeli products were. What a terrific country, improving and nourishing the world.

Now, if we were to boycott Arabic products, the list would be much shorter:

1) oil, which they didn't create in the first place, and 2) terror, intolerance and destruction, at which they excel and export with gusto.

Posted by: Ari | May 8, 2009 4:04:16 PM

Feeding young minds with hatred should be punishable by death. These are hate-mongers and junior hate-mongers. Unless we act, to curb their terrorist activities our future as non-Muslims is bleak.

Here is an idea:

What is the biggest problem of our time? Terrorism, right? Terrorism basically is the fight between violent Islamists and the civilized world! If one compares the basic differences between the two cultures it comes down to life & death. The Islamists celebrate death. They have virgins waiting for them in heaven. And the civilized world, regardless of culture or religion, celebrates life. I think we have a “win-win” situation here and don’t know it.
Although the civilized world celebrates life, we do respect the Islamists’ right to be dead. So, starting February 15, 2009 please follow the schedule printed below:

If Islamists wish to be burned to death, please come to the Chicago Crematorium between 9 AM and 5 PM weekdays
If Islamists wish to be crucified, please come to Chicago’s Church of Christ any Tuesday afternoon until 4 PM (3 PM daylight savings time).
If Islamists wish to be talked to death, please come to Congregation Yenta Tikvah of Chicago on Fridays between 2 and 4 PM.
If Islamists wish to be drowned, please come to the Baptist Church of Chicago anytime.
If Islamists wish to be shot to death, please come to the National Rifle Association Convention in March 2009 in New Hampton, Virginia.
If Islamists wish to be hanged, please come to the Art Institute of Chicago, Thursday mornings at 3:00AM.
If Islamists wish to be killed in mass please gather at the Gary Indiana Stone Quarry on Wednesday mornings at 10:00AM. The mass jump will be at exactly 10:20 AM. If you’re late please come next week. No Exceptions
If Islamists wish to eat themselves to death call 1-800-767-8765 for a free pass to Country Buffet.
If Islamists wish to be stoned to death, please contact NORML in San Francisco, California.
If Islamists want to be pummeled to death please come to JDL headquarters New York on Mondays and Thursdays, appointments preferred.
If Islamists want to be be-headed, please go to MENSA, you know when.
If Islmaists want to bleed to death, they should proceed to the nearest Christian Science Reading Room and sever their carotid.
If Islamists wish to take their own lives, they may do so immediately upon reading this notice.

Posted by: Mark Lewkovich | May 8, 2009 6:46:53 PM

Oh my goodness, whoever designed the "logo" on the back of the t-shirts, I'd gladly explain to them why the explosive should be placed inside the stroller, not outside.

I know...it might appear a bit strange to all those Pali-Bonhomiens outside of Palestine (such as those organizing events like the one in the video but never ever set a foot into Paliwood and check up with reality), but believe me, the bomb goes inside the stroller. And actually underneath the baby that's inside the stroller. I am sure every proud mother abusing human rights sacrificing her baby's precious life will be glad to explain to you exactly how to hide explosives in a stroller and sneak it through an Israeli checkpoint.

Like, DUH.
Really now.

Posted by: a. | May 8, 2009 7:23:00 PM

They oughta try that in Texas -- it'd save us a lot of time shopping. We could get all our shopping done just by standing in one place and waiting for the ragheads to walk by with all the good stuff in their carts.

BTW -- Since word got out that someone up in New York launched a boycott in Israeli wine, the stores around here can't keep it in stock.

Posted by: Bob | May 9, 2009 7:56:50 AM

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