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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Still here

Yes, I mean that both literally and figuratively.

Sadly, I am still in the hospital (Brits can feel free to ignore the word 'the'), and it seems I will be staying at least until tomorrow.  It's always one or two more tests that need doing... and more poking and prodding just to satisfy the ever-more-senior docs that show up at my door. 

I must have something particularly interesting/uncommon as the crowd of eager young medical students who jammed themselves around my bed to hear me 'presented' this morning was roughly twice what it was yesterday.  I felt like the class slut at a meeting of the physics club. 

And of course, despite my ever-growing chart, I am obliged to share my entire medical history with everyone who parts my curtain.  I have begun my most recent renditions with "I was born on a stormy June morning in 1961...", just to see what level of detail they will tolerate.

I'm thinking next time around I may just have to try three part harmony like in 'Alice's Restaurant'. *  Speaking of which... it's almost that time of year. 

*  Alice's Restaurant by Arlo Guthrie (lyrics and youtube)

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:: in my best Mom's voice :: What? You're still sick?!!! Huh.

Better safe than sorry...

Posted by: Val Bogner | Nov 25, 2008 8:19:51 PM

Oy, hope they let you out of there soon with a clean bill of health.

Posted by: SaraK | Nov 25, 2008 8:21:16 PM

At least you have "blondie" for entertainment...I hope he works a few more shifts while you are there.

Posted by: Safranit | Nov 25, 2008 8:30:46 PM

Thanks for keeping us updated. Refuah sheleimah, David.

Posted by: tnspr569 | Nov 25, 2008 8:54:21 PM

After that stunt you pulled, Zahava probably ordered at least half of all the new tests, especially the pokey ones. When my dad was in the hospital, his visiting friends very official sounding ordered the nurse to schedule him for an enema. She started writing it down before asking my dad who they were. Zahava won't read this and get any ideas, will she? ;-)

In all seriousness, hope you get well and out ASAP!!

Posted by: JDMDad | Nov 25, 2008 9:08:51 PM

and after what JDMDad posted, I feel very weird singing "jump right in, it's around the back..."

Posted by: triLcat | Nov 25, 2008 9:59:04 PM

the correct way to begin your story is... "It was a dark and stormy night..."

Posted by: triLcat | Nov 25, 2008 10:00:29 PM

This is the 'get lots of rest' part.....you'll be lucky if you're out of there by Shabbat....

Posted by: aliyah06 | Nov 25, 2008 10:28:54 PM

Alice's Restaurant, eh? Dang, we're old.

Posted by: rutimizrachi | Nov 25, 2008 10:33:27 PM

You could put on your tombstone, "See?!? I TOLD you I was sick."

Posted by: Dave | Nov 25, 2008 11:11:03 PM

At least you have the 'net to help relieve the boredom.

Posted by: Jack | Nov 26, 2008 12:02:47 AM

Do you blog from your computer or your phone?

Posted by: Ilana-Davita | Nov 26, 2008 12:12:51 AM

Get well
return to a world where neon lighting is switched off after 21:00 hours
If any of the employees ask how you feel - say "awful - close to death"
Take no crap from doctors - they are all wankers & posers, people still get injured, fall ill & die - how many millenia do doctors NEED???

Posted by: Graham Warrener | Nov 26, 2008 12:44:31 AM

Please make sure you produce several fake seizures at the most opportune time. It can only help educate our next generation of fine young doctors. Burping up soup helps as well. Good Luck

Posted by: Andy McCarthy | Nov 26, 2008 1:32:01 AM

I am very glad to read about the 'figuratively' and hope you can soon post the 'literally' from home. Best wishes!

Posted by: reader | Nov 26, 2008 5:06:40 AM

Refuah Shleimah
I never thought of taking a laptop (that's what you're using right?) to the hospital. Do you have a locked cabinet, or do you stay awake to guard it and not sleep? Or am I just paranoid?

Posted by: Batya | Nov 26, 2008 6:55:50 AM

Oh, what a laugh! It has been many many many years (at least 35) since I heard Alice's resteraunt.... and the tune is amazingly still there in my greying brain cells.

Posted by: rickismom | Nov 26, 2008 8:52:01 AM

Better watch out, Zahava might post all sorts of fun photos.

Posted by: Jack | Nov 26, 2008 9:08:24 AM

"in the hospital (Brits can feel free to ignore the word 'the')"

And Canadians.

Glad you're home now.

Posted by: Alissa | Nov 27, 2008 7:07:00 PM

Thanks for the laugh, I really needed it. Sounds like something I might have pulled on my long suffering wife. I found the link to your blog on Boker Yov Boulder, and after reading some of your posts and your profile (I have two yellow Labs Shaina & Fieval) I will be checking back often. Get well soon and keep blogging!

Michael in NC USA

Posted by: Michael | Nov 29, 2008 12:39:36 AM

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