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Friday, June 20, 2008

It happens every time

Every single time Israel lifts travel restriction (removes roadblocks and check points) on the Arabs living in Judea and Samaria (the west bank) we are rewarded by terror attacks.

Am I the only one who sees a cause and effect going on here?  When we make concessions, terror is supposed to decrease... not increase.  The only people who seem to be gaining confidence from these 'confidence building gestures' are the terrorists. 

Israel has given back 89% of the land it captured in the Six Day War and made 'painful concessions' pretty much every time we've been asked.  The Arabs have given up exactly nothing (except every opportunity they've been offered for a normal life).  Squat. Nada.  Zilch.

I'm done. 

Roadblock every village and make them wait in line at check points until they die of old age.  There's obviously nothing Israel can do (short of giving the entire country away) to make them stop trying to kill us.  So let's at least be smart enough not to make it easy for them. 

I hear Dubai is giving away citizenship and jobs to anyone who asks... go move there you murdering bastards.

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That should have been the policy all along. I'll go one further... The UN should be indicted for war crimes. That institution has enabled this absurd situation from the start.

Posted by: David Bailey | Jun 20, 2008 6:25:17 PM

That should have been the policy all along. I'll go one further... The UN should be indicted for war crimes. That institution has enabled this absurd situation from the start.

Posted by: David Bailey | Jun 20, 2008 6:25:17 PM

As usual, I do not disagree. In the slightest.

But, in order that the Europeans don't kvetch (hah! As if THAT will ever happen!), please call the roadblocks "hospitality rooms" and "medical assistance programs".

Oh what the heck, call them whatever you want to - just put them up now. Along with more anti-terror barriers.

Posted by: The Back of the Hill | Jun 20, 2008 8:30:11 PM


Posted by: psachya | Jun 21, 2008 12:43:12 AM

Once you pay the Dane geld, you'll never be rid of the Dane.

Posted by: Foxfier | Jun 21, 2008 2:52:09 AM

Yes, please.

Posted by: Albert | Jun 21, 2008 3:18:48 AM

I can still hear your politicians say open it up, they'll take it like men, 1 or 2 lives won't make much of a difference.

Dubai?? They don't need an air ticket to Jordan, Refugee Status, they love the sympathy and attention.

Something Interesting I picked up (Read by date order)Note: Concession
and Cessation I know. The coffee is still not doing me any good :-)

Posted by: Rami | Jun 21, 2008 11:05:41 AM

I agree with you 100%, but I'm afraid it will get worse before it gets better. I don't pretend to have a solution but, as some say, there are 2 billion Muslims on planet Earth, and if only 1% (20 million) aspire to murderous suicide / homicide acts of terror, we've got a long row to hoe. But it also means they need to come up with 1 billion, 440 million virgins.

Now, that's a bunch of hoes.

That was a lame attempt at humor, but the fact is...they want to kill or convert everyone who is not like them. We have trying times ahead my friend.

Being an American, I cringe every time I think about Obama running my country. He did say in his book From Audacity of Hope: "I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction."

I would be interested to hear your thoughts on how Israel should deal with Iran and their nuclear threat.

Have a good day.

Posted by: Sam | Jun 21, 2008 6:28:16 PM

David Bailey... Why waste time and energy trying to prosecute the UN when it would be easier (and in everyone's interest) to simply disband it. This could be accomplished by the US and one or two other big sponsors simply deciding not to continue funding it.

The Back of the Hill... A little secret I hear from my friends as they serve in reserve units along the 'security barrier' is that it is as easy to cross as the US/Mexican border. Intel is still the primary thing keeping the Cafes and buses from blowing up.

Foxfier ... A lesson we never seem to learn.

Albert... Warmonger! :-)

Rami... Seeing trends? :-)

Sam ... I'm the last person who would normally be defending Obama, but the quote you've used was deliberately taken out of context. In his book he discusses the internment of Japanese Americans during WWII and then relates that to how the Muslim Americans were feeling after 9/11. The quote was him saying that if the US ever tried to round up a large segment of the populace again he would side with them. As a civil libertarian, I don't have a problem with that.

Posted by: treppenwitz | Jun 22, 2008 4:09:54 PM

A reason I’m a big fan David, taking a devil’s advocate approach at times does help bring alot into perspective (e.g Hamas). I'd expect a downright moderate response from you if I shot from the hip. :-)

Posted by: Rami | Jun 22, 2008 5:19:01 PM

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