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Thursday, May 22, 2008

I hate that this has to be done publicly, but... [sigh]

[Every year or two I find myself having to do this.  Apologies in advance for this departure from your regularly scheduled blog reading]

Dear treppenwitz reader/commenter (you know who you are),

After reading the many comments you've posted here and around the blogosphere over the past two or three years I have to make the following observations: 

When a comment is longer than the blog post that inspired it there is something wrong.  Also, you seem to go out of your way to pack as many unrelated topics and opinions into each comment as is humanly possible (please don't take that as a challenge).  This is (IMHO) an abuse of the commenting privilege.  It tires and annoys readers who are trying to follow the comment thread in order to possibly contribute something of their own to the topic at hand. 

By hijacking the thread with a wandering, unsubstantiated filibuster, you seem to be deliberately trying to derail all intelligent discussion. There are several sites offering the opportunity to set up your own personal blog for free.  Failing this, there are also plenty of blogs out there where people are encouraged to rant... but be assured that mine is not one of them.

We get that you think Bibi is a criminal, although you seem to be a tad light on evidence (again, not a challenge... just an observation).  You make reference to this in nearly every comment you leave here and elsewhere in the blogosphere... regardless of the topic at hand.  If this is your signature tag line please excuse me for cramping your creativity.  But if you are simply unable to focus on the current topic, I suggest you sit still for a few minutes and wait for the Tourette-like urge to type "BIBI TAKES BRIBES" in all caps, to pass.

Lastly, I can appreciate that you are happy over there in California, but in nearly every single comment and email you have sent you have criticized multiple aspects of Israel as compared to the US.  Treppenwitz is an Israel-based blog about life in Israel and all things related to Israeli culture, politics and society... warts and all.  Please try to be sensitive to the fact that many people have different priorities in their life than you do. 

I have written to you privately (multiple times) in the past about all of these issues in an effort not to embarrass you publicly with my comments or criticism.  You are a big girl and should not have to be subjected to public scolding.  But by the same token, I am a big boy and do not need to have my handiwork hijacked and/or derailed... which is precisely what you have been doing.

In conclusion, feel free to read and comment... you obviously have many interesting viewpoints.  But please wait until the topic of one of my posts actually coincides with one of your viewpoints before offering it up.  By showing this small courtesy you will avoid making the reading/commenting experience at treppenwitz unpleasant for others.

Thank you,

The Management

"Laying the groundwork for an insanity defense since 1961" © all rights reserved

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This person should take the advice I once read on a blog (I don't remember which blog):

"If you think you're too drunk to comment, you are."

Posted by: dfb1968 | May 22, 2008 11:23:05 AM

since it seems she really has a lot to say, she should just start her own blog.

Posted by: nikki | May 22, 2008 12:40:31 PM

I guess that with some people (relatively few considering) it has something to do with thinking that the rest of the world cannot do without the pearls of wisdom falling from their lips, or keyboard as the case may be. I guess this person is a pain in the neck in real life too. I don't want to sound too pessimistic but there is not much you can do about that I am afraid.

Posted by: Ilana-Davita | May 22, 2008 2:29:15 PM

These folks are allllll in California. Don't get me wrong, I love living in California, but it does attract a certain type... KnowhatImean?

Posted by: Albert | May 22, 2008 4:15:11 PM

There are ideologues on both left and right who live by what I now call the "My amp goes to 11" rule. Those who have seen the movie "Spinal Tap" will understand. (If not, see below)*

Look, I'm not too thrilled with Netanyahu either from what I've read. Which has little to do with whatever corruption exists in internal Israeli politics. And living in New Jersey, let's say I know what political corruption is & leave it at that...

Which does bring me to the first of two questions: What are some of the issues within Israel's politics that are not necessarily governed by the Israeli/Palestinian conflict? How has moving away from a largely "socialist" system to one that is more "free market" affected life there? How is it reflected in local politics? What are local questions/policies that crop up? (Maybe I need to look at more local Israeli newspaper sites...)

A second question here maybe "hijacks" this thread and brings it back to the previous blog posting by Dave that itself was "hijacked."

Do "negotiations" with Syria by definition mean only giving up the Golan Heights? All of it? Some of it? I ask mainly because I recall an opinion piece a while back stating that the Bush crowd's insistence of designating Syria a "rogue state" that should never be dealt with (or even talked to) could be something that runs against Israel's best self-interest.

*(In the movie "Spinal Tap", the guitarist tells the interviewer proudly "My amp goes to 11, man." The interviewer- played by Rob Reiner- explains the physical facts of physics, volume, decibal levels, and how the volume level marking of "11" is meaningless, since "loud" can only go so far. The guitarist digests this for a few seconds, blinks, and then says: "Uh, MY amp goes to 11, man"...).

Posted by: Michael Spengler | May 22, 2008 4:54:21 PM

Hey David - "Hausfrau" is one word, not two...

Posted by: Ben-David | May 22, 2008 5:47:59 PM


One thing I've noticed after the transition from Socialism... everyone has new cars. Used to be people would just fix their old beaters forever. I think that the political system is still mired in Socialist cronyism, but then again cronyism pops up in capitalist systems as well. It seems that most people who do well here make it by bypassing the system, working for companies whose income originates abroad.

Posted by: Evan | May 22, 2008 5:49:53 PM

No Evan, people who make it here work for companies that have a capitalist mind-set. They reward good work and efficiency. There are many companies like that here and the income does not originate abroad.

Posted by: westbankmama | May 22, 2008 6:06:32 PM

Zing !

Posted by: David Bailey | May 22, 2008 7:00:04 PM

Okay, management. I get your point. But do you really get mine?

I can imagine years and decades from now; as new presidents enter America's White House, the "tale of Bush's Israeli visit" will be discussed. And, eyeballs will roll.

Never before has such a display been made of Israel's inability to do anything else but squabble. Just as Woody Allen depicted this in his movie! You call that "being invited?" His girl friend's family was represented by Diane Keaton. They've got a real limited understanding of what Jews take for granted. And, yes. Something terrible happened on Bush's (extremely rare) visit. To help you out, Bush is the first president of the USA to speak in the Knesset.

While Bibi, for the last two years, has been working to take down KADIMA! The Likud hates Arik Sharon. And, hates what happened, when Sharon got angry at Likud's internal antics. (Represented, in one case, by Feiglin bringing his goons into a party meeting, just to blow whistles, to drown out Sharon's words!)

Oh, but this time Bibi's done one better!

Have you asked "why aren't their any tapes?" Because Morris Talansky didn't know it would be in his good stead to trap Olmert on tape. Or? There could be tapes, and they are "exonerating." So they've disappeared.

As to Talansky's refreshed 1996 memories, they're no better than Hillary's. When she said she went to Bosnia, at her husband's request. And, came under sniper fire. (Notice that news is quite capable of pointing to the TRUTH.)

And, Bush's visit should have been a feather in Olmert's cap. But Likud? They're not going to allow it! (And, yes. Oy Vey. That's the real costs to what's going on now. Sorry to say. Here, there are too many words for you to digest?)

Next time you read your Passover Hagaddah, be a "bissel" creative. Have the 4 sons age; and turn into grownups. All lwyers. Guess what you'd get at the table? The typical BS of Jewish get-togethers, where dysfunctionality RULES.

You don't think so? You mean you think the press can cover this one? If so, how come lots of Israelis aren't flooding Rabin Square, holding up signs telling Olmert to leave office? You know. Rabin Square. Where, today, his murderer is married. And, has a son.

Likud's got it arse backwards. You might not even see that anything "wrong" happened. Unless, of course, Woody Allen's movie scene still sticks out for ya. On the other hand? Bush and his advisors will talk up a storm. And, every future incoming American president will wonder about paying a visit to the "sick relative's country."

Nobody can foretell the future, though. And, voters still get to vote. And, today? Surprise, surprise. The Jerusalem Post says Bibi is calling for early elections.

And, at the dysfunctional family table people begin throwing food. So, there's nothing new to report. But the truth will catch up to ya. (I can just imagine what Bush thinks of his recent visit! And, how the trap for Olmert, bit his "good press" in the arse.)

Posted by: Carol Herman | May 22, 2008 7:29:03 PM



Posted by: a | May 22, 2008 7:55:24 PM

[snickering in my sleeve]

Posted by: Albert | May 22, 2008 7:56:15 PM

I'm, um, speechless... (Which is probably giving Dave a big laugh when he reads this...).

Posted by: Michael Spengler | May 22, 2008 8:23:37 PM

Incredible! See why I wasn't very optimistic?

Posted by: Ilana-Davita | May 22, 2008 9:18:12 PM

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, etc.

Posted by: Carol Feldman | May 22, 2008 10:05:44 PM

Even when dissing someone, you're articulate.

Posted by: mata hari | May 22, 2008 10:07:29 PM

My dear Carol,

If you EVER need help creating your own blog, please let us know. ALL of us will be more than willing to help (and be sure to list us in your blogroll). Do not name your blog 'kol b'isha erva' - it would not be a good title. BIBI LOVE comes to mind.

Some of us LOVE Bibi, by the way - we find his regular sneering good natured facial expression infinitely attractive. So handsome.

Please note that this comment is short, and says everything I want to say. Thank you.

Posted by: The Back of the Hill | May 23, 2008 1:26:28 AM

But do you really get mine?
Does it matter.

Posted by: Jack | May 23, 2008 3:57:55 AM

How much did Bibi bribe you to say this?

Posted by: Jordan Hirsch | May 23, 2008 4:09:08 AM

I, for one, am actually glad that President Bush walked in on this "little family squabble." It's good for him to understand that there is a diversity of opinion in Israel, and that the whole country hasn't been "Olmertized".

BTW - Dave - in a future post, you may want to discuss the (heh) Tourette-like tendency of some posters and/or commenters to write BUSH LIED BUSH LIED BUSH LIED at the drop of a hat.

Posted by: psachya | May 23, 2008 8:52:23 AM

you still don't get it do you

"I C*r*l H*rm*n am a fictional person" is an anagram of "A personal Californication hammer"

You can do the gematria.

Does that help?

Posted by: asher | May 23, 2008 10:05:34 AM

you still don't get it do you

"I C*r*l H*rm*n am a fictional person" is an anagram of "A personal Californication hammer"

You can do the gematria.

Does that help?

Posted by: asher | May 23, 2008 10:05:53 AM

"live in California once..." Baz Lehrman

Posted by: asher | May 23, 2008 10:44:44 AM

Trep, why don't you just delete CH's ridiculous comments? Everyone is entitled to an opinion. I just find the free association and rambling irritating.

Posted by: quietusleo | May 24, 2008 7:50:11 AM

Absolutely stunning! How do you manage to parody yourself?

Posted by: Bob | May 24, 2008 10:19:47 AM

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