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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Settling up some IOU's

Ever notice how relatively small things that you promise people (or yourself) can start to snowball into a long list of stuff that somehow never got done?

Yeah, me too.  Well today's post is an attempt to try to do some catching up...

First off, a special little girl asked her abba to send me an email requesting more pictures of the dogs. 

It's not nice to keep a young lady waiting, so here you go TT (ask your abba to click the pictures to make them bigger):

It's hard to tell since they are both black, but this first one is of Jordan sharing her bed with Lulu for an afternoon nap.


Next is a picture of Yonah in doggy heaven:


And one more in case you wanted to see his happy face:


OK, that scratches one item off the list.

Next... there were several requests for the cornbread muffin recipe. 

I had to do some thinking about this one since I try to be careful about posting copyrighted material on my site without the owner's permission.  You see, the recipe I used is from a wonderful cookbook devoted entirely to muffins. 

What I've decided to do is post this one recipe along with a few links to a few sites where you can purchase the whole book (new or used) if you are so inclined.  This may or may not satisfy the letter of the law... but it's enough to let me share the recipe with a clear conscience:

Mad About Muffins: A Cookbook for Muffin Lovers
Recipes by Dot Vartan
Illustrations by Shelly Reeves Smith [Zahava's note: book is GORGEOUS!]
Publisher: Andrew McMeel Publishing

You can buy it here, here or you can find some great bargains on it used here.

Sweet Corn
1 1/4 c all purpose flour [Zahava's note: Bogner clan uses 70% whole wheat/30% all purpose]
3/4 c yellow corn meal
1/2 rounded tsp salt
1 Tbsp baking powder
1/3 c granulated sugar
1 egg
1 cup milk (Zahava's note: we sometimes substitute buttermilk, yum!)
1/4 corn oil (Zahava's note: we use canola oil)

Heat oven to 400 degrees (Fahrenheit/that’s 200 degrees for our Celsius friends). Combine the flour, cornmeal, salt, baking powder, and sugar in a large bowl. Lightly beat the egg in a small bowl. Add milk and oil to the egg and stir well. Pour the egg mixture into the flour mixture and blend the ingredients. Fill greased muffin tins (do not grease pan if you use a silicone pan like we do!).

Bake for 20 to 22 minutes or until a tester comes out clean. Serve warm. Makes one dozen muffins.

Zahava's note to treppenwitz readers: This book contains a ton of fabulous, easy to make, and very creative muffin recipes! I have not been disappointed by even one of the many I have tried... And I have tried quite a few, including: Cinnamon; Butternut Squash; Pear Cardomom (a favorite!); Prune Nut; Oatmeal Applesauce; Orange Chocolate; Fudge; Mint Chocolate Chip; Peanut butter Chocolate; Mocha Chocolate Chip; and Lemon Coconut; and I haven’t even tried a third of the book!

David's note:  This recipe is truly idiot proof.  This is demonstrably true since I was able to pull it off (with the able assistance of my 12 year old son), and the results lived up to Zahava's exacting culinary standards! 

Last (but not least) for today are a couple of huge thank you's to fellow bloggers/treppenwitz readers for gifts above and beyond the call...: 

Completely independent of one another two lovely women came to the conclusion that I looked a tad malnourished (hah!) and decided to send me (ok, my family too) some Girl Scout cookies.   So here is a huge shout out and thank you to both Orieyenta and Jaime.    Just one question: Does this make me look fat?

Anyway, I think I've whittled down the list enough for one day.  Thanks to everyone for your patience... if I've promised you something (yes you, NRG) I hope to deal with it in the next few days.


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The picture of Jordan and Lulu almost wants to make me go out and get another dog.


Posted by: Baila | Feb 21, 2008 1:48:53 PM

OK, here's a couple of follow-up items I was thinking of. First, how is the Pina Chama doing? Second, were you ever able to figure out if Dr. Nachum Bogner is, in fact, a relative?

And yes, btw, to answer the questions you were thinking of asking me, I am a great big geek, and I am way too interested in your family. That's what good writing will do.

Posted by: dfb1968 | Feb 21, 2008 3:37:39 PM

Beautiful pictures!! Thanks for sharing the recipe (and cookbook information). By the way, do you know if the check for the Pina Chama arrived?

Posted by: tnspr569 | Feb 21, 2008 4:12:39 PM

Oh my goodness - the pictures of Yonah are too precious. (and those are worth way more than a couple of boxes of Girl Scout cookies!)

I'm glad you all enjoyed the cookies - we're packing up a few surprises to bring to you when we visit this summer too :) (Any special requests?)

Oh and I'm with the others - how about an update on the Pina Chama?

Posted by: orieyenta | Feb 21, 2008 4:37:13 PM

ahh, she chuckles quietly to the computer screen...

I'll just hold my breath...

no, really, you have a puppy, one must prioritize! And now I can eat corn muffins while I wait! :-)

Posted by: nrg | Feb 21, 2008 6:49:03 PM

The pictures are priceless. I highly recommend putting them up somewhere prominent, and looking at them when you are wondering what possessed you to get a new puppy : )

Posted by: Rachel | Feb 21, 2008 6:49:28 PM

What do you think would be a good parve alternative for the buttermilk/milk in these muffins?

Posted by: Brad | Feb 21, 2008 7:14:25 PM

Thanks for the muffin recipe. I will put the book on my "wish list", as I am sure will many others, so I reckon you have probably done the author a service! Great pictures of Yonah and the dogs. He looks a really cute boy.

Posted by: Noa | Feb 21, 2008 8:03:41 PM

TT thanks you for the pix. I'm not sure MHW is an enthusiastic. It won't be long before TT is saying "I want one of those!"

Posted by: mochassid | Feb 21, 2008 11:26:57 PM

Pics of Yona and Lulu are too precious! I think this should be a regular feature (can I hear a Photo Friday, anyone? [whatever happened to that anyway? I miss it!]).

Posted by: SaraK | Feb 22, 2008 12:02:27 AM

Brad: Soy, Rice or Almond milk all work equally well as a milk substitute. With some recipes, you can also try half water and half apple juice instead of milk -- the ideas is just a mild tasting liquid.

Posted by: zahava | Feb 22, 2008 1:47:12 PM

Aww the pics are so adorable. Lulu is so lucky to be loved and adorned by such a sweet family.

And really its our pleasure to spoil your family with the cookies. We look forward to meeting you all in person over the summer.

Posted by: jaime | Feb 23, 2008 5:06:39 AM

Just think about all your readers who are parents of Girl Scouts - this may be the beginning (well maybe semi-beginning, since we actually sent some to you last year too) of the Treppenwitz girl scout cookie tradition.

Your entertaining and thought provoking stories in exchange for, what is that you like again ... sugar-free Chocolate chip and the Do-si-dos? : )

Posted by: jaime | Feb 23, 2008 5:26:16 AM

My lovely bride was "awwww"ing all over herself about the pics of Yonah and the dogs. Silly me, I waited until today to check it out for myself. Now all I can say for myself is ... "Awwww! That is soooo precious!"

Posted by: Bob | Feb 25, 2008 6:34:09 AM

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