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Monday, January 28, 2008

A pre-Winograd Haiku throwdown

Israeli Sondheim
one more day 'til Winograd
Send in home the Clowns

Go ahead... you know you want to!

Posted by David Bogner on January 28, 2008 | Permalink


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'sraeli Winograd
So obviously misspelled
's really "Whine-o-grad?"

Sorry. I just got up.

Posted by: Wry Mouth | Jan 28, 2008 4:02:37 PM

There once was a man from Cremieux;
Who, when questioned, would say "Who are you"?
He doesn't care if we're all dead;
As long as he's "The Head";
And that's why we're in such deep doo-doo.

Yeah, yeah, I know, it's a limerick, not a haiku. So sue me.

Posted by: dfb1968 | Jan 28, 2008 4:05:17 PM

Got nuthin', but hadda post about my shepping nachas from your featuring a Sondheim reference :)

Posted by: efrex | Jan 28, 2008 7:30:52 PM

Winograd report
raises hopes of change to come.
disappointment looms

Posted by: Fuzzy Face | Jan 28, 2008 7:57:04 PM

wino+grad must mean
now is time to sober up
then we can move on

Posted by: Dave (Balashon) | Jan 28, 2008 9:28:58 PM

Who thought we would see
Israel longing to be saved
By Ehud Barak (???!!!)

Posted by: psachya | Jan 29, 2008 6:30:08 AM

I'm going with dfb. I never got what the big deal is about Haiku.


There once was a man from kadima
who was hated by most of the medina
Winograd came 'round
but nothing was found
so he'll continue to screw the regim-a.

(Hey only seven replies so far--don't be so fast to criticize!)

Posted by: Baila | Jan 29, 2008 8:27:25 AM

rain in the gush...
our state looks like mush...
politicians.... [sigh]....
heads up their (collective) tush?

okay, okay... i KNOW neither haiku nor limmerick... it's just what i got....

Posted by: zahava | Jan 29, 2008 11:22:22 AM

Wry Mouth... Hey, you get points for just showing up. :-)

dfb1968... It's a shame this is a family site cause I have some great political Limericks that feature 'Nantucket' at the end of the first line. :-)

efrex... I had a hunch that would draw you out of hiding. :-)

Fuzzy Face... I suspect you're right.

Dave (Balashon)... I doubt there will be much movement... on, or otherwise. Sad.

psachya... He's not going anywhere. Another self-interested hack.

Baila... Me... criticize? No, I'm happy for the participation. But in terms of Haiku, don't knock it until you've tried it. Having to crystallize your thoughts into 17 syllables is a wonderful exercise in searching for (and hopefully finding) clarity.

zahava... OK, it's not like you didn't have enough time to think about this... :-)

Posted by: treppenwitz | Jan 29, 2008 11:33:28 AM

Our state, right or wrong.
When right, to be kept right. Wrong,
may God help us all.

Posted by: Rahel | Jan 29, 2008 8:33:24 PM

I don't like Barak either. Just that if he's self-interested enough, maybe he'll pull Labor out of the government, and Kadima will collapse like a wet noodle. Then, if he runs for PM, trust me, I'll support anyone in Likud who'll run against him. He'll have served his purpose.

Posted by: psachya | Jan 29, 2008 11:17:12 PM

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