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Friday, January 11, 2008

A meaningful momento

Once again Book of Joe has featured something that has forced me to lock up my wallet in the safe.

If anyone is at a loss for what to buy me for my birthday this year, here's the perfect present (only 166 shopping days left, people!):

It is a wooden 'bowl' that is precision milled from multi-grained wood to match any contoured landscape on the planet.  Here's a brief description from 'Fluidforms', the creators of this unique piece of functional coffee-table art:

Each part of the earth is unique in the design of her heights and depths. Fluidforms enables customers to have a piece of this singularity on a table at home. The different contour lines of a chosen area define the shape of the bowl. An expedition into landscapes and cities only known from hiking. The earth becomes a sensory experience, that can be filled with the fruits of the earth.


Materials: Laminated Beach
Size: ~300x300x65mm, other sizes on request

The site allows you to enter the name of the town/city and then use Google Earth to zero in on exactly the area you want to use as the model for your wooden contour map.  For instance, I live at: North (31'40'37N- 35'10'20E) - South (31'38'22N-35'08'50E).  Once you have the area defined on their site, the folks at Fluidform then custom mill your bowl and hand sand it to perfection.

Given the spectacular topography of Israel (especially Gush Etzion), this thing is an incredible temptation for me.  Personally, I don't think I'd use the finished product as a bowl... but that's just me. 

Treppenwitz Tip: Those of you who live in Kansas and Oklahoma can save yourselves a heap of money by simply going out to the local lumber yard and buying a 1 ft2 block of your favorite wood.  No milling or sanding required!

Don't thank me... I'm a giver.

Hat Tip: Book of Joe

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Careful what you ask for, Dave.
And what WOULD you use it for?

Posted by: Val | Jan 11, 2008 4:24:13 AM

I, for one, am drooling over those.

Posted by: Wry Mouth | Jan 11, 2008 5:55:48 AM

How much does it cost? It IS very cool!

Posted by: Marsha | Jan 11, 2008 6:40:32 AM

I love it!!! How much does it goes cost? There are very few shopping days left to MY birthday!

PS, didn't you already get some wine (or at least a coupon?) for your birthday?

Posted by: Baila | Jan 11, 2008 6:56:18 AM

it costs £189 . No I am not clever, I just read it all in the blogg.

Posted by: yaffa glass | Jan 11, 2008 1:29:36 PM

Not much good for us Midwesterners.

Posted by: psychotoddler | Jan 11, 2008 6:10:12 PM

But didn't you get gold, frankincense and myrrh for your birthday less than a month ago? (Oh yeah, that's right -- that was another Jewish kid.)

Posted by: Bob | Jan 12, 2008 5:59:48 PM

I googled Scarlett Johansson's back yard while she was sunbathing. What is the granularity of the finished product? Can it be made life size for just some small topograhy?

Posted by: bernie | Jan 20, 2008 1:53:44 AM

I googled Scarlett Johansson's back yard while she was sunbathing. What is the granularity of the finished product? Can it be made life size for just some small topography?

Posted by: bernie | Jan 20, 2008 1:54:07 AM

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