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Friday, August 31, 2007

Death of a powerbook

Not all of the spotty posting can be attributed to our recent travels in Connecticut, Manhattan and Fire Island.  No, some of the blame falls on my now-defunct computer. 

OK, technically my trusty Mac Powerbook G4 isn't dead... it just can't remain conscious for more than a few minutes at t a time without passing out.  According to the Mac guy I saw while we were in the US, the problem is somewhere on the part of the logic board that runs the fan.  So after a few minutes of using the computer the processor overheats and shuts down.

So, yeah... for all practical purposes my 'puter is dead.

We're gonna check with our Israeli Mac technician and see if he can do anything for me... but I'm not holding out any hopes for a quick, or cheap, fix.

In the mean time, my wife has generously offered me unfettered use of her new, blindingly fast wide-screen Macbook Pro.  She just got it a few weeks ago and had it tricked out with the fastest processor, max memory and largest hard-drive possible to be able to handle all her design work.

For me... it's a lot like having a Ferrari just to get to the mailbox at the end of the driveway.  Overkill doesn't begin to describe how I'm under-utilizing this machine!

Needless to say, if anyone out there is planning to buy the next big thing on the Mac horizon and wants to find a good home for their old Mac notebook (any kind, so long as it works)... I'm willing to pay a reasonable price.  Keep in mind that reliability is much more important to me than processor speed, memory or storage since I'll really only use it for writing and surfing the Web.

Regular posting to (hopefully) resume on Sunday.  Shabbat Shalom.

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Something tells me that the gadget man is going to find something new and shiny to play with.

Posted by: Jack | Aug 31, 2007 3:41:36 PM

Are you the same Treppenwitz who giggled and joked about the sudden death of my beloved, 6 year-old ThinkPad? Which, by the by, is back to life and doing better than ever?

This said ... we actually have a spare ThinkPad, English keyboard and definitely compatible with Israeli power outlets.

Posted by: a. | Aug 31, 2007 5:18:35 PM

Oh dear, a new main-board means a lot of costs… (my old iMac had to have a new one, too).

In deed I'm planning to buy a MacBook Pro in the near future (and selling my 15'' PB G4 1,25 - one of the first AluBooks), but I guess it would be rather to expensive as it had to be sent from Germany to either Israel, I guess, or to the US? So all I can do is keeping my fingers crossed that you find someone close-by repairing your PB. If you where in Europe (especially Germany, of course) I could give you a hint, but in Israel or the US I don't know anyone repairing Macs, sorry.

Posted by: Piet | Sep 1, 2007 3:48:53 AM

Still blogging about panhandling?

Posted by: Bob | Sep 1, 2007 6:16:45 AM

Our older iBook still works well (looking to upgrade) but I won't be in Israel till next year.

Hope you find a solution (or get a new one!)

Posted by: Sarah | Sep 1, 2007 12:43:46 PM

Jack... Something tells me you haven't seen my budget. :-)

a. ... Why yes... yes I am. and I srand by those giggles. Whie your offer of a spare thinkpad reinforced my fondness for you, I can't in good conscience consider it. It took us years to get the family off of windows (my older son is using the last cranky windows machine in the house). It would be a huge mistake to go back in that direction... like going back to an abusive spouse. Thanks a., you are a true friend for making the offer, but I have to stick with Mac.

Piet ... Thanks for the good thought, but yeah, it would kinda expensive to get something from there as I don't know people who regularly travel back and forth (unlike the U.S or U.K.). Thanks anyway.

Bob... no, my offer to pay a reasonable price for a used machine should have answered that question.

Sarah... Where are you located? If I know traveling to/ from your area in the not too distant future is there a chance you'd consider upgrading sooner?

Posted by: treppenwitz | Sep 2, 2007 12:22:55 AM

Just a quick comment to tell you I'm back!

Posted by: westbankmama | Sep 2, 2007 12:04:48 PM

It's funny that you should assume I'm running Windows (okay, you see it in your stats, agreed). But very theoretically, I could run it entirely on Ubuntu and open source...I'd even install it for you. But oookay, you're a Mac evangelist. ;)

Posted by: a. | Sep 2, 2007 3:06:16 PM

australia. it might be easier to buy from someone closer to you!

Posted by: Sarah | Sep 2, 2007 3:14:05 PM

westbankmama... welcome back! More than one reader emailed me to find out if something had happened to you. I guess they figure us settlers hang out at the same saloon or something. :-)

a. ... Actually my Brother-In-Law has been preaching the goodness of Linux for ages. I'm sorely tempted but I don't trust myself to get things installed and tweaked by myself. If we lived closer to them I might give it a try.

Sarah... Perhaps I should have been more specific. I know from visiting your site in the past that you are in Australia. I know many people who go back and forth to Melbourne on a regular basis. Perth would be a bit more difficult. :-)

Posted by: treppenwitz | Sep 2, 2007 3:31:40 PM

Jack... Something tells me you haven't seen my budget. :-)

Where is Zahava? I want to know if that has ever really stopped you. ;)

Posted by: Jack | Sep 2, 2007 6:53:59 PM

Jack, since you asked.... Yep, budgets definitely play a major role in our lives. You see, we have become accustomed (as have the kids, oddly enough) to minor creature comforts: food, shelter, and the like.... some of which might/will be jeopardized by disregarding the budget.....

Posted by: zahava | Sep 3, 2007 12:49:06 PM

some of which might/will be jeopardized by disregarding the budget.....

That is why you need the really cool gadgets, because they can show you how to get beyond the minor creature comforts.

That Jedi mind trick that David mentioned works wonders on everyone, not just kids.

Or so I have heard.

Posted by: Jack | Sep 3, 2007 5:45:43 PM

Yep. And we have some really cool gadgets.

Some. Recently. Purchased. Really cool gadgets.

If anyone's doin' the Jedi mind trick, it'll be me. In favor of the mortgage, heat, nourishment, and other basic necessities....

And though I may be small, like Yoda (on this topic anyways), the force is with ME.

Posted by: zahava | Sep 3, 2007 6:35:09 PM


I'm a big Linux geek (for a user), even though I had to switch to Windoze in order to do some online courses (which can't be done with a Mac, either). I used Fedora, which is no harder to install and use than Windoze.


Posted by: Karl Newman | Sep 4, 2007 10:07:59 AM

lucky i'm not in perth then :P

and i only just realised that friends of ours who visited here recently are (as far as i remember) from your area in israel :)

Posted by: Sarah | Sep 5, 2007 9:41:12 AM

Hey there David -

Sorry, but I don't have an old ibook to offer(the ironic part is my sister sold hers 3 months ago)...I just wanted to know if you'd be so kind as to share your Mac tech's info. I'll be in Jerusalem for December, and my sister is making Aliyah in January, both involve bringing our MacBooks...


And by the way, Ubuntu is so easy to set up it's almost scary! I have a VM running it on my work iMac, and one running XP...work related only I assure you!

Posted by: Jesse | Sep 5, 2007 10:44:13 PM

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