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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Movies that taste good

Sure, you can tell a lot about people by the books they read... but I find that a person's taste in movies is much more revealing.  For instance, I can usually tell from the film references a person drops in casual conversation if the he/she is 'my kinda folks'.

The list you see below started as a result of my lovely wife asking me what I wanted for my upcoming birthday.  I never know how to answer that question, but when she suggested I give her a list of movies I'd like to own on DVD... well... you know my problem with brevity.

Anyway, here are the hundred movies I'd like to own (those with a * after them we already have). 

Now don't confuse these with the 100 best films ever made... no sireebob... that's a whole 'nother list.  No, the movies you see below are the film equivalent of comfort food for me.  I know them by heart, and if I stumbled across any of them while channel flipping late at night, I would gladly be a total wreck the next day at work for the simple pleasure of watching for the umteenth time all the way through 'til the final credits start to roll.

And don't worry honey... buy me even two or three of these puppies and I'll be a very happy birthday boy :

[* = We have the film on DVD]

12 Angry Men
2001: A space Odyssey*
A Clockwork Orange
A Fish Called Wanda*
A mighty wind
A Streetcar Named Desire
All that Jazz
Animal House*
Annie Hall
Apocalypse Now
Being There
Ben Hur
Best in Show
Blazing Saddles*
Blues Brothers*
Breakfast at Tiffany's
Brighton Beach Memoirs
Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid
Cast Away
Cinema Paradiso*
Dances with wolves
Dead Poet's Society*
Dr. Zhivago
Driving Miss Daisy*
East of Eden
Ferris Bueller's Day off*
Fiddler on the Roof*
Forrest Gump*
Fried Green Tomatoes
Gone With The Wind
Harry Potter Movies*
Indiana Jones & the last crusade
It's a mad mad mad mad world*
It's a wonderful Life
Notting Hill*
Life of Brian
Marx Brother's Anthology*
Monty Python & the Holy Grail
Murder on the Orient Express
Mutiny on the Bounty
My Cousin Vinnie
My Fair Lady*
North by northwest
Oh Brother Where Art Thou*
On the Waterfront
One flew over the cookoo's nest
Planet of the Apes
Princess Bride*
Pulp Fiction*
Radio Days
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Rain Man*
Rear Window
Saving Private Ryan*
Scent of a Woman
Singin' in the Rain*
Stand by Me
Star Wars Movies*
Steel Magnolias
Taxi Driver
That thing you do
The African Queen
The Big Chill
The Big Lebowski
The Dirty Dozen
The Godfather Trilogy
The Good the Bad and the Ugly*
The Graduate
The Grapes of Wrath
The Maltese Falcon
The Manchurian Candidate
The Meaning of Life
The Russians are coming*
The Shawshank Redemption*
The Shining*
The Sting*
The Treasure of the Sierra Madre
The Untouchables*
The Wizard of Oz*
There's Something about Mary
This is Spinal Tap
To Kill a Mockingbird
To Sir with Love
Trading Places
West Side Story*
When Harry Met Sally
Yellow Submarine
Young Frankenstein

I wouldn't go so far as to call this a meme, but...


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You and my hubby seem to share many of the same movies in common.

It's very endearing to see your softer side ... those romantic comedies and ever some musicals thrown in there.

Two thumbs up!

Posted by: jaime | Jun 21, 2007 5:22:39 PM

I also have to add ... is there a special reason WHY you noted the movies that you already have? Perhaps some subconscious way of hoping to get surprises in the mail? : )

Posted by: jaime | Jun 21, 2007 5:24:57 PM

Jaime: I think he starred the ones we already have to make sure I don't buy a duplicate (as is already the case with The Wizard of Oz. He's knows me well.... he's correctly assumed that I will print the list and take it with me to the local Tower Records or Tav HaShmeni.

Posted by: zahava | Jun 21, 2007 6:12:15 PM

Whoops! Forgot the ) and it should read He knows me well........

Please, all of you excuse me whilst my language skills dissolve publicly..... :-(

Posted by: zahava | Jun 21, 2007 6:14:02 PM

the local Tower Records

Good old Tower Records is now bankrupt.

Posted by: Jack | Jun 21, 2007 6:19:31 PM

You had me at "holy grail" ;)

And I can't believe no one has quoted MY fave line from PB:

"I'm not a VITCH, I'm your VIFE!"

And you have "To Sir With Love" but not, "In the Heat of the Night"? You'll never get along with my husband.

Posted by: projgen | Jun 22, 2007 2:21:08 AM

a clockwork orange??!!! that movie, besides being the filthiest filth that ever filthed a filth, was so mind blowing disturbing that if i could eternal sunshine my spotless mind, i would choose that one(plus a few others) as long as it didnt radically alter my brain functions. I cannot believe u enjoyed that movie and u like watching it over and over--that disturbs me greatly(which u probably relish) Sick,sick worthless people--thats who liked that movie.Otherwise a very fine list:)

Posted by: brad | Jun 22, 2007 9:15:04 AM

I'm surprised nobody mentioned "A Knight's Tale." If you like Princess Bride, you should like that as well, though I'm told that Medievalists are split down the middle, with half LOATHING it, and half loving it.

Posted by: Barzilai | Jun 24, 2007 8:53:16 AM

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