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Monday, March 05, 2007

Photo, um, Monday

Trust me when I tell you that hitting the delete key was the most merciful thing I could have done to today's post.  The lack of sleep and multiple time zones have given me a serious case of the dumb... so instead of a post I'll give you some pictures to pass the time:

First up are a couple of pics from Purim (OK, a couple of days before purim, but who's counting?).  This is Ariella in her very modest Batgrrrrrl costume:

And Gilad, being the wise a$$ that he is, decided to dress up as 'a good question'... as in; whenever someone would ask him what he was dressed as, he'd answer; 'good question'.  That he didn't get beat up this year is proof of G-d's mercy! 

You can't really make it out in the picture, but he has a big question mark on his face and the words 'good question' written in Hebrew and English all over his shirt:

The view from my hotel room today is sorta neat... if you're into big golden idols, that is.  My room looks down into the courtyard of a Buddhist Temple of some sort, and I've been watching a small army of monks in orange robes come and go.

By way of introduction to this last picture, I should probably apologize in advance to my Buddhist readers for the proximity of some potty humor so close on the heels of the previous picture.  Sorry... There's really no good way to segue into this.

I spotted this poster in a mens room this afternoon.  Luckily I was alone in there when I saw it because it gave me a really bad case of the giggles... and as everyone knows there is no talking, laughing or giggling in the men's room. 

The bad part is that just as I was snapping the picture I heard the door to the bathroom open, and a second later a very grim looking Asian businessman came walking around the corner of the partition. 

The look on his face said 'please take your European perversions back to wherever you came from', as clearly as if he had said the words out loud.  There simply is no plausible way to explain away flash photography in the men's room.

It's worth noting that both of the people in the poster - the one breaking the 'no talking' rule, as well as the one who has just peed himself - have Caucasian coloring/features.   For context, imagine this sort of poster in a public restroom in say, Chicago... and both characters have Asian features.  'Nuff said.

I have to go pack my bag for the last leg of my trip.  Seeya.

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Looks a bit like Dry Bones.

Posted by: Jack | Mar 5, 2007 6:37:10 PM

Uh, those bones aren't that dry...

Posted by: Shave Ezra | Mar 5, 2007 6:48:25 PM

You know, no one would have walked in if not for you trying to take a picture; it's one of those things that always happens.

My artistic wife painted a little thing years ago and put it right above one of the toilets, and I thought it was funny; the text read: 'Here at the Bogner house we aim to please. You aim too, please.'

Posted by: Steve Bogner | Mar 5, 2007 8:17:54 PM

Well, if we've descended to potty humor, allow me to share a joke on a related theme:

Confucius say: Man walking sideways with erection through airport metal detector going to Bangkok.

Posted by: Doctor Bean | Mar 5, 2007 9:19:17 PM

I love Gilad's costume. Existential costumes are the best.


Posted by: Yehuda Berlinger | Mar 5, 2007 11:52:21 PM

Okay, so we get photos of Yonah peeing, but no photos of him in costume? Where's the justice here?

Posted by: RaggedyMom | Mar 6, 2007 4:41:17 AM

LOVE the pics of the 'big kids', but I, too, missed seeing Yonah... what's up with that????!!!

Ariella just gets more and more beautiful and well, Gilad, he's just an imp - plain and simple, and very handsome! :) Not that I'm biased or anything... nah, not me!!!

Posted by: val | Mar 6, 2007 5:33:59 AM

Doctor Bean:

Confucius say: Pilot who fly upside-down have crack-up.

Posted by: K Newman | Mar 6, 2007 5:00:22 PM

I'm with RM and Val- where is the pic of Yonah?

Posted by: orieyenta | Mar 6, 2007 7:25:45 PM

This whole post is bril! Laughed from beginning til it snowballed into hysterics at the end.

You'd think the impression Asians have of American men is that they "go" on themselves as a force of habit.

Very funny stuff, David.

Posted by: Erica | Mar 11, 2007 6:32:32 AM

wow, im so proud of Gilad...

i havent been reading recently -- having only 2 hours a day of internet at yeshiva for 200+ guys...dont give me much time to read. but i hope you guys are doing well.

Posted by: Tonny | Mar 12, 2007 2:04:06 PM

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