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Sunday, February 25, 2007

France Capitulates!

Zis title is evoking zeh feelings of, how you say... deja vu, non?

In a move that caught everyone completely by surprise [~snort~], French Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy has pledged to recognise the new PA unity government before it is formed or has even stated its official policies towards Israel!   

In his statement which essentially gives the PA complete carte blanche, Mr. Douste-Blazy  said:

"If the government is formed according to the power-sharing deal worked out in Mecca last month, France will be ready to cooperate with it. And our country will plead on its behalf within the European Union and with other partners in the international community."

Aside from the obvious lack of trouble I'm having conjuring the mental image of France 'pleading', it is worth pointing out that this idiotic statement is in direct contradiction to the official 'wait and see' policy adopted by the European Union (of which France is a member) in the wake of the Mecca conference a few weeks ago. 

The EU's rare coolness towards the latest Palestinian accords stems from Abbas' Fatah gang party having apparently moved unilaterally towards Hamas' policy of non-recognition of Israel and token acknowledgment (but not adherence to) standing agreements between Israel and the PA.  But the truth is, nobody... not even the Palestinians... knows for sure what the new PA government will look or act like.

But apparently it's never too soon for the Parisian government to start waving the white flag on their own - or anyone else's - behalf.  As if any more proof was need to confirm France's slide into full-fledged Dhimitude (not to mention its open antipathy towards Israel), this un-prompted announcement is more than a little telling. 

Personally, I can't wait for another summer of watching France's suburbs burn in riots perpetrated by the Fifth Republic's 'most loyal citizens' .

How do you say 'schadenfreude ' in French?

Update:  In an unrelated bit of unintentional irony, Israeli Prime Minister has issued a statement urging the public to "stop beating up on police". 

One can only assume (hope) that Olmert hadn't yet been informed of the results of the Zeiler commission published last week as he made the following public statement to outgoing fired disgraced Police Commissionr Moshe Karadi:

"In my eyes, you are a decent, courageous man who has served the State of Israel for many years, and will continue to do even more for the State of Israel."

Apparently snuggling up to discredited personages and thugs is not exclusively a French trait.  Seriously, you can't make this stuff up!


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To answer your last question:

This is a free English-German-French online dictionary.

Since France has elections coming up they well have riots over that and other things.

Posted by: medbrain | Feb 25, 2007 11:48:03 AM

I hear that Peretz sent the French those special X-Ray binoculars.

Posted by: Jack | Feb 25, 2007 6:09:07 PM

I wonder how Nicolas Sarkozy would fare if he won the elections. Does he even stand a chance?

Posted by: Irina | Feb 25, 2007 8:31:43 PM

The keyword here is Binding the ‘international community’ seems to be searching for a quick answer to a government. A few lessons should be learned from the Horn of Africa where the government there is not recognized by the Islamic militia who stick to their course… even after a thorough beating from foreign powers.

Posted by: Rami | Feb 26, 2007 9:28:18 AM

I think Sarkozy does stand a chance.

Posted by: medbrain | Feb 26, 2007 9:57:29 PM

Sarkozy certainly does stand a chance but he is Douste-Blazy's (the Foreign minister) mate so ... France is bad when it comes to Israel but Douste-Blazy has got to be one of the worst Foreign ministers we have had in ages. He is the one who thinks Iran is not so bad!
One of the canditates (François Bayrou) is a strong supporter of Israel but he is only in third place in the opinion polls.

Posted by: Ilana-Davita | Feb 27, 2007 4:09:47 PM

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