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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Details, details...

Look at me... two posts in one day! 

Amir Peretz proved today that overseeing the military and security concerns of our country is not the only things for which he is ill -prepared.  It seems that logic (or reality, for that matter) is also not his strong suit.

At a Hanukkah party at the Labor party headquarters in Tell Aviv (where he was desperately trolling for votes in order to retain leadership of the party) he told his fellow Laborites that were it not for the war in Lebanon, Labor under his leadership "would have changed the face of Israel in every aspect."

Uh-huh.  And were it not for the lack of b@lls, my auntie would be my uncle. 

Seriously... just exactly what does it take for an Israeli politician to actually admit making a complete hash of the job he/she was given, and step down with some semblance of grace and dignity?! 

For the answer to this question all you have to do is look at who is waiting in the wings to try to take back the party leadership; Ehud Barak... one of the most ineffectual Prime Ministers in Israel's history and architect of the ill-advised unilateral withdrawal from Lebanon whose direct result was last summer's war!

[bangs head against wall to keep from thinking any more about these morons]

Note: Sorry, I really meant to lay off politics for a while but I just couldn't leave this one alone.


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Here, Bogner. Just drink this cup of coffee. It will help, more than head-banging. Excuse me now. I need to take my computer keyboard apart again, to clean out the spewed caffiene, after that auntie/uncle line...

Posted by: rutimizrachi | Dec 21, 2006 2:52:13 PM

I concur, that's a great line.

Posted by: jaime | Dec 21, 2006 7:30:33 PM

Just how long will it take to get rid of that group? : (

Posted by: Irina | Dec 22, 2006 4:20:48 AM

Ok, it is almost 1 am and still no Photo Friday. ;)

Posted by: Jack | Dec 22, 2006 10:49:43 AM

hahahaha...oy poor peretz...every time he opens his mouth i hear yatzpan!!!funny line trepp...funny line

Posted by: marallyn | Dec 22, 2006 1:49:13 PM

were it not for the war in Lebanon, Labor under his leadership "would have changed the face of Israel in every aspect."

Hey, don't forget:

Were it not for the US being in North America, we would be part of Europe!

Were it not for gravity, my softball pitches would span the universe!

I like his way of thinking, Trep. It's very "freeing."

Posted by: wrymouth | Dec 22, 2006 7:45:28 PM

Serendipitously, a possibly related "Mr. Boffo" comic I just found:


Posted by: wrymouth | Dec 22, 2006 8:17:20 PM

I once heard that there is only one word Israeli politicians are not allowed to say:

["I made a mistake."]

Posted by: ilan | Dec 27, 2006 12:27:44 AM

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