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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Time well spent?

Sorry to say... I got nothin'!

I usually do my writing between 5:30 and 6:00 AM, but instead of trying to create a coherent post, I ended up talking semi-coherently on the air with a talk show host in the US.

Like many other bloggers, I've done about a dozen phone and email interviews with various members of the media from around the world in the past few weeks.  I have also turned down a few requests for interviews after checking them out and getting the feeling I was likely to be deliberately quoted unfairly, out of context or asked a bunch of 'are you still beating your wife, yes or no?' kind of questions.

But by and large I feel very strongly that people from all walks of life in Israel should be interviewed so the world can see we are as complex and multi-faceted a society as anywhere else (perhaps more so)... and not some monolithic 'thing' that can be summed up in a 15 second news sound-byte.

Anyway, the reason I didn't give anyone a heads-up about this live radio interview is that I didn't really trust myself not to sound like a complete idiot.  This fear is just one of many reasons I haven't embraced pod-casting.  Quite simply, the written format of my journal allows me to edit myself and even delete whole entries that are ill advised or just plain wring-headed.  This self-editing happens much more often than you probably would guess since so much ill-advised, wrong-headed stuff actually gets published here.

Anyway, thanks to those who found out and publicized the interview anyway.  And of course thanks to Terry Dillard, the host or 'The Right Track' program on Wide Awake Radio who made me feel right at home and thankfully kept me from making a complete ass of myself.

This evening marks the start of Tisha B'Av, and I may or may not post something later on.  In any case, 'Tzom Kal' (an easy fast) to those who will be observing this somber day.


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So how do those of us who missed it get a chance to hear it?

Posted by: Jack | Aug 2, 2006 10:52:24 AM

'Tzom Kal' (an easy fast) to those who will be observing this somber day.

Actually, for Tisha b'Av it might be more appropriate to wish each other a hard and meaningful fast. This one is not suppossed to be easy. (Yom Kippur is the one that we want to be a Tzon Kal).

Posted by: Yaakov | Aug 2, 2006 12:33:16 PM

I've just been catching up on my blog reading for the week, and I have to say that Monday's post on "who is a terrorist?" was really insightful and well-constructed. Thank you, David; your wonderful writing always gives me a reason to keep coming back to Treppenwitz.

Posted by: Lucy | Aug 2, 2006 4:40:51 PM


Your humility tends to hide the fact that you are very articulate, and actually made this "talk show host" (a term we'll use VERY loosely) sound better than I thought I could. You gave details last night that I never would have thought of seeking out, and your insights into the current situation in Israel prompted more questions in my mind -- questions that you went on to answer like someone who was used to being interviewed. I don't think you "hemmed and hawed" as much as I did.

At any rate, it was great to have you on my show, and thanks for agreeing to the interview.

I'm working on getting a recording of last night's show (I hope they made one), and when I do I'll let you know so that you can pass the information along to your readers.

Thanks again!


Posted by: TD | Aug 2, 2006 5:45:59 PM

David: Have an easy fast.

Yaakov: Have a hard and meaningful fast.

Posted by: Doctor Bean | Aug 2, 2006 7:58:06 PM

What a shame that I missed the interview! : ( Is there a written transcript of it anywhere?

Posted by: Irina | Aug 2, 2006 8:31:43 PM

When I was a rifle platoon leader in the Army, way back in the '70s, I once thanked our company first sergeant (who'd been injured and nearly frozen to death during the Korean War) for his providing the troops with hot meals every chance he got, even though passing out C-rations would have been much easier for him. He just smiled and said, "Lieutenant, you don't have to practice being miserable to get it right."

So in light of 1SG Yeomans' sage advice, I wish you an easy, meaningful fast.

Posted by: Bob | Aug 2, 2006 10:05:14 PM


It's worse when the interviewer is sympathetic towards you, but the editor of the newspaper doesn't share the same feelings, for example. As happened to myself. It is shocking to see your words twisted and turned to the benefit or ideals of the interviewers.

If my name was left out of the article, I wouldn't have known it was me being interviewd. Nonetheless, I feel it's important to make your voice heard about the Israeli points-of-view, no matter your audience or its size. Every bit counts.

All the best,

Posted by: Dan | Aug 2, 2006 11:23:09 PM

Good work - remember that you can prepare answers in advance for radio, too - just write out a few key phrases - or a stick diagram showing connections you want to make. They act as guides while you extemporaneously create sentences that sound like conversation. You sound great, and hit the points you want to make.

You can make a similar list of likely challenge/problem questions, or phrases ("cycle of violence") that you can use as entry points to the points YOU want to make.

We learned this at the Samaria regional council's hishtalmut for dovrei yishuvim.

Posted by: Ben-David | Aug 3, 2006 5:32:02 PM

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