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Sunday, August 13, 2006

It's Islam, stupid

In the immediate aftermath of 9/11, American comedians didn't quite dare wade into the topic of the new reality.  For several weeks following the attack, the stand-up acts were strangely devoid of anything related to homeland security or terrorism.  That is, until Jay Leno stepped up and decided that enough was enough. 

In his opening monologue one evening he delivered what has since become a classic bit:

"I'm not saying they're profiling at the airports these days.  But if your first name is 'Mohammed' and your last name isn't 'Ali'... leave a little extra time."

He nailed it. 

Unfortunately, for some reason the people who are paid to understand such things still don't 'get' the prescient truth behind Leno's timely joke.

With the exception of North Korea, every single trouble spot on the planet can be directly tied to the doctrine of Islam.  Please take note that I didn't use the words 'radical' or 'militant' to modify the word Islam.  Islam, as preached and practiced from it's primary source (the Koran), is quite simply incompatible with other cultures and religions.  Since its inception in the 7th century, Islam has demanded that its followers submit themselves completely to the will of Allah... and that they in turn bend the rest of the world completely to the pitiless domination of Islam. 

The best any non-Muslim can expect according to the Pact of Umar is a barely-tolerated status known as 'Dhimmi'... which is basically a subservient second class status in Muslim society.  In short, Islam does not play nicely with others.  It's all or nothing.

Since Islam was invented (yes, you read that correctly) it has been the cause of countless wars, conquests and overt attempts to dominate the known world.  Throughout its history, Islamic leaders have made absolutely no secret of their intentions to carry out Allah's global ambitions.  And in every generation since, the non-Muslims of the world have said to themselves (as we are again saying to ourselves today), that they don't really mean it... that this is just the way those people talk and it is a cultural thing for which we need to make allowances.

I honestly don't understand this willful blindness.

Listen up people... they mean it!  Really!!! When people in charge of nearly limitless resources and vast armies stand up and state quite openly that they intend to wipe a country off the map, they mean it!  When these leaders state their intention to return to the lines of demarcation (and beyond) where previous Muslim invasions/conquests faltered in Europe... they mean it. 

When they tell us in the most unambiguous, straightforward language that they won't stop until they have conquered the world... THEY REALLY MEAN IT!

Every advance in global communication and travel that should have made the world a better, smaller, safer place to live has been exploited by Islam as a weapon against us.  Because of the tenets of Islam, every man woman and child must now wait in endless lines to enter public buildings and travel on buses, trains and airplanes.  And each time we think we have figured out a way to return to some semblance of normalcy in our daily lives, we discover (often too late) that Muslims have figured out a new way to target us and kill us in large numbers.

Over the past few days British and U.S. security officials have been interviewed about the new security measures in place after the [apparently] foiled attempt to smuggle liquid explosives onto a bunch of trans-Atlantic flights.    Their solutions make absolutely no sense!  They have little old ladies from Peoria throwing away their Florida Water.  They have teenagers dumping shampoo, hair gel and conditioners from their purses and backpacks.  They have people tossing out their contact lens solution!!!

What they aren't doing is mining the database which contains the name and salient details of every Muslim man woman and child in the free world (a database I assure you exists), and demanding that every one of these potential jihadists be subjected to the same waiting period to buy a plane ticket as most U.S. citizens have to endure before purchasing a handgun.   

There it is.  Call me a racist.  Call me a bigot.  Call me whatever you want.   

Obviously not every Muslim in the world is actually a terrorist or dreams gleefully of subjugating the world under the heel of Islam.  But the ones who don't represent a clear and present threat to us are the exception rather than the rule.  To pretend otherwise and formulate our approach to dealing with our enemies based on our experience with this tiny minority of benign Muslims is insanity.

The Muslim countries and individuals that have proven themselves (thus far, anyway) capable of peaceful coexistence with non-Muslim cultures are those who have deliberately moved towards secularization of their religion and society.  They have basically created an 'Islam Lite' that preserves many of the cultural touchstones if Islam without demanding the subservience and militancy of the Full Monty Wahhabi.  What does it say about a religion that in order for it to coexist peacefully with other cultures and faiths it must be de-clawed of its more dangerous statutes?

Just because we can point to Jordan or Egypt and say, "See... it's possible to be both Muslim and a peaceful neighbor", is no disproof of what I've said here.   Both of these countries have had mixed results creating secular societies, and as a result are facing destabilizing internal insurgencies from their religious citizens.

Likewise, we can point to many wonderful Muslim individuals around the world who are neither personally dangerous nor supporters of global Jihad.  But these people are marginal players in their own societies and would certainly not put their lives at risk telling the Mullahs to just 'give peace a chance'.  I mean, did you ever notice that these moderate Muslims are always calling on the non-Muslim world (especially Israel and the U.S.) to be the ones to back down in the face of threats and violence... y'know, as a humanitarian gesture?  Yet all the while Islam remains on the march with no hint of concession or regret in sight.

The sudden massive immigration of Muslims into western Europe over the past 30 years is no accident or coincidence.  This is a conquest plain and simple, although without the swords and horses most refuse to recognize it as such.  Europe has historically been able to tolerate immigration because their own cultures have been strong enough to absorb and influence the new arrivals. 

Of course, we Jews know from painful experience that refusal to be absorbed can lead to unwanted negative attention from European hosts.  Perhaps the Europeans learned the lesson too well with us (the Jews) and are therefore doubly vulnerable to the Muslim hordes.

But make no mistake... these aren't a bunch of wandering Huguenots or Jews who refuse to be absorbed into European society.  Islam demands the home team advantage even when on the road... and is acting as an aggressive, belligerent cancer that has metastasized on the vital organs of European society. 

Think about this for a moment:  A practitioner of a non-Muslim religion would be barred from most outward practices of his or her faith in any Muslim country. But let anyone or anything trod on the toes of Islamic practices anywhere in the free world and there will be riots and murder in the streets. 

Let a Muslim be arrested for breaking the law... rioting, destruction and murder ensue.

Let a cartoon be drawn that insults any aspect of Islam... rioting, destruction and murder ensue.

Let anyone suggest that women be photographed for national identity cards in such a way that they can actually be identified (i.e. without a veil or chador)...rioting, destruction and murder ensue.

Throughout the free world there are now cultural no-go zones where the police, politicians and even military dare not tread for fear of inciting Muslim violence. 

A Buddha can't be tolerated in Afghanistan.  A crucifix is an affront in Iran.  Entire Jewish communities in every Muslim country have been uprooted and expelled (and all their holdings and property seized by the mobs).  Yet I challenge you to name a city in Western Europe where the skyline isn't marred by turgid minarets and where the residents aren't subjected to the amplified din of the muezzin from pre-dawn til late at night.

The west willfully turns a blind eye to the abuse of women and children and tacitly condones honor killings in our midst.  Our laws are well written and equipped to deal with these issues... yet those sworn to uphold and defend the laws are fearful of lighting the powder keg called 'Muslim Sensibilities'.

And yet each time Muslims up the stakes in their declared war on the rest of the world, we pretend they don't really mean it.  We patronize them and infantalize them... and we pooh-pooh their rantings and crimes as we would those of an ill-behaved child.  At a certain point one has to wonder if world leaders are just stupid or if they are actually complicit in the attacks on their own societies!

Anyone who gets on TV and says that Islam is a religion of peace is either an ignoramus or a liar. 

Anyone who stands up after a kidnapping and tells the world not to worry about the welfare of the hostages because Islam requires that prisoners be treated humanely, is pulling a Jedi mind trick in an attempt to make us forget the countless hostages that have been tortured, shot, knifed or beheaded to satisfy the ongoing blood-lust of a 7th Century L.Ron Hubbard*. 

Wake up folks!  The people who are funding and carrying out these attacks are Muslims.  It isn't that they just happen to be Muslims.  If you take the time to read the Koran (instead of blindly taking the world of Muslim murderers and apologists) it is full of very straight-forward directives to dominate, subjugate, and if necessary, kill the infidel while taking over the world. 

Each time a Muslim politician gets up after an attack and claims that the terrorists do not act in the name of Muslims and that such attacks are damaging the standing if Islam around the world, you can bet they are speaking in English... and that the version delivered to their co-religionists will be an Arabic or Farsi riff on Queen's hit 'We are the Champions'!

The answer isn't to negotiate with Islam.  The streets are no longer safe.  Travel is no longer safe.  Commerce is no longer safe.  Even speaking or writing what we think is risking a death sentence!  We can't possibly concede anything more to Islam because, quite literally, we have nothing left to give.  Any concessions from here on in will simply amount to handing them our little remaining autonomy and freedom piece-by-piece.

The world is making a horrible mistake by imposing a cease-fire on Israel in its war on Hezbollah.  This shameful document grants a terrorist organization legal status and standing in the international arena and fails to punish the states who sponsor it (Syria and Iran)... or hold accountable the country (Lebanon) that allows it to dominate its political life and government. 

This cease fire denies Israel (and every other civilized country) the right to defend internationally recognized borders, and in fact calls into question the very concept of internationally recognized borders!!!  Quite simply, this cease fire resolution codifies in black and white that aggression is the new diplomacy and everything is ultimately negotiable.

New U.N. Resolutions (such as the one under which the cease fire is to be implemented) are a waste of time since they only underscore the fact that previous resolutions can easily be set aside and/or ignored with impunity.  Kofi Annan and his merry bunch of enablers have granted the Muslims yet another 'Do Over' in their race towards global domination without the troublesome formality of forcing them back to the starting line.

The moment this cease fire goes into effect the west will have signed its own death warrant.  We will have declared to the entire Muslim world that there is always a reward for unprovoked aggression.  From here on in, at every turn the world will be faced with emboldened Muslim organizations and regimes who will take up arms in anticipation of the next western capitulation.  Any of these so-called moderate Muslim voices we hear so much about will (if they're smart) run for cover.  We've sold them out and made their future existence every bit as tenuous as our own.

Yes folks, we are witnessing the beginning of the end in the global war of cultures... and true to form, we still refuse to even name the enemy.

It's Islam, stupid!

* Hat tip to 'Stone Giant' of the Glock Talk Forum for this priceless quip.


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Trep - I am not making a case for or against you. Just stating my own experiences.

I sadly agree with most of what you say, but even if you prove us (the world) right about their goal of expansionism (don't know if that is a real word) I find what you are saying to sound a little paranoid and that of a conspiracy theory that I hope is not founded in truth.

Posted by: jaime | Aug 14, 2006 5:52:26 PM

There is a moderate Islam out there that we can talk to and which is struggling just as hard with the forces of jihadism as we are.


The problem is that we don't hear nor see them. Where are they? I want to see that they exist.

I very much want to hear from them and help them however I can.

The rumors of the moderates always coexist with the discussion that if they speak up they are murdered, but that is not enough.

We need more than rumor.

Posted by: Jack | Aug 14, 2006 6:07:07 PM

I think one of the important things that this post states is that it isn't the generalization that makes racism bad, but the fact that it is false.

If I was to say "the Muslims have contributed much to world civilization over history" - it would be "racist", because it was a generalization, but no one would be offended because it wasn't negative. So to say "Muslims have contributed much to world terror over history" isn't all that different.

But even critical/negative things, which are also generalizations, aren't such a problem - if they're accurate. To say that the Jews poison wells - that's false. To say that the Jews fight too much with each other, that's negative, but true, and no one is denying it.

Posted by: Dave (Balashon) | Aug 14, 2006 6:11:11 PM

There's a couple of Muslim families living in my large apartment complex. They seem normal enough, but I can't help wondering if they have a few suicide vests in the closet next to the baby's toys. I'm absolutely not a bigot, but I'm keeping a close eye on my potential sleeper cell neighbors.

Seriously, I don't have to worry about such things from my Jewish neighbors. I'm pretty sure their Rabbi never plotted to blow up the World Trade Center or the Holland Tunnel. They don't have a bunch of C-4 hidden in the basement of their synagogue. They seem pretty much interesting in going to work, raising their kids and getting along with everybody.

I hate to generalize and stereotype people, but it's reality. Muslims certainly aren't doing anything to earn my trust. In fact, a large number of them seem hell bent on killing people like me.

Posted by: Frank L. | Aug 14, 2006 6:28:37 PM

Simon, from where I sit, what you're talking about is a matter of words vs. actions. Yes, there are some things in the Talmud that make a lot of us uncomfortable. But that is precisely why they long ago became nothing more than theoretical points. As time went on, our Sages were not comfortable with them either, and interpreted them virtually out of existence.

On the other hand, Islamism cannot claim anything close to that. Islamist violence is very much with us and still going strong.

Posted by: Rahel | Aug 14, 2006 8:05:52 PM

Enough said.
Go see the trailor.
Great post, David.

Posted by: Mom in Israel | Aug 14, 2006 8:21:30 PM

I'm not sure what I can add to the discussion at this point, but you state some important point very forcefully, David.

I really don't care what the Qur'an says, no matter how violent. There are plenty of bloodthirsty passages in our Scriptures as well. But it's not the theology that really matters - it's the actions. And based on actions - which always matter far more than words - Islam has a lot to answer for.

Profiling? We should've been doing it ten years ago or more. There is no reason an 80 year old grandma from Iowa should have to check her bag with her denture cream because some murdering S.O.B. might try to put nitro in his contact lens solution. Profiling - it's politically incorrect...too damn bad!

Posted by: Elisson | Aug 14, 2006 9:47:58 PM

What does it say about a religion that in order for it to coexist peacefully with other cultures and faiths it must be de-clawed of its more dangerous statutes?

What do you think recently happened to Christianity?

What do you think the Me'iri tried to do long ago to Judaism? (and unfortunately people still aren't listening to him)

Posted by: Steg (dos iz nit der šteg) | Aug 14, 2006 10:05:35 PM

Good post. I've linked to you here: http://consul-at-arms.blogspot.com/2006/08/re-its-islam-stupid.html

Posted by: Consul-At-Arms | Aug 14, 2006 11:51:42 PM

Exactly right on every point! They don't want fair, they want everything THEIR way.

Posted by: dragonlady474 | Aug 15, 2006 12:53:41 AM

I once worked in an office with a number of Muslim women who self-identified as moderates. We all got along fine, and they knew very well that I am a Jew.

During a benign conversation one day, one of the women said, "all Jews should be killed."

After recovering from my shock, I pointed out that by saying that, she included me. Her reply? "You're different." I tried to explain that by saying "all Jews" she included me, whether or not she thought I was "different."

If this is the voice of moderate, secularized Islam, at what point do we finally say this is unacceptable?

Posted by: projgen | Aug 15, 2006 1:57:04 AM

Howdy all, just to reflect on this blog writers post of Sunday July 16yh, and to prove him right!


The Hezbollah nutcases are declaring victory.

Israel cannot afford to do this ceasfire and needs to continue taking them back to the 7th century where they belong.

Until every Muslim is eliminated in the middle east, Asia, Europe and the US this is only warming up.

Why do you suppose there is not big deal going on in China? I'll bet they just kill them and bury the bodies since they government is still in charge there.

Great Blog Sunday David, keep safe and keep it up!

God Bless


Posted by: Scott Van Epps | Aug 15, 2006 2:03:25 AM

Dear David (Balashon): I believe you meant to say "It's Catholicism, stupid." There is nothing Christian about this bloodthirsty institution. And be wary--they're not done yet.

Posted by: Dina | Aug 15, 2006 3:20:31 AM

I agree with you completely, 'muscular Islam' to borrow a scary Christian phrase, is the greatest threat to women, to culture, and to freedom, since Hitler -- moreso, because it is so widespread, so well-funded, and so nearly nuclear.

But the underlying issue is Fundamentalism -- ANY fundamentalist religious interpretation is darn near as cruel and destructive. Look at the growing hard-core rad Christian politics in the US, and what they would do to civil liberties and social laws, and you almost start thinking Sha'aria is NOT automatically the worst version of religious bigotry available.

But as you point out -- that bigotry is codified in the existing Koran, and there has been no humanist evolution, no 'Reformation,' to counter the Islamic single-minded pursuit of world domination.

As a female, Islam is the most terrifying of religions -- but none of them stack up especially well.

Posted by: Pam | Aug 15, 2006 8:18:55 AM

David hi,
what can I say... this was the first time that I actually got really sad while reading a post of you. To me it feels like over the past few weeks way too many people learnt how to explain the necessity of "military campaigns". I'm not denying that there are tons of Muslims out there declaring it a definite goal to wipe out Israel or to transform the whole world into an Islamic something. I'm just sad about giving up on the others. I probably don't have good arguments and actually I just wanted to add some material to read here:
take care,

Posted by: Heike | Aug 15, 2006 8:48:39 AM

I hear & receive everything you have written here, David. It pains me, but there isn't much I can disagree with you on, I'm afraid. I wish there were - I wish you were completely wrong.
I'm returning to Canada next week, where I have been involved in Jewish-Muslim dialogue for over 2 years. It has been difficult sometimes, as I'm a staunch Zionist, but in the long run it's been rewarding, winning me some Muslim friends in the process. I have noticed, however, (& I say this in a whisper) that all the Muslims in Vancouver involved with interfaith work are converts to Islam, African, or South Asian...there are no Arabs.
& this makes me feel nauseous. Seriously.

Posted by: soferet | Aug 15, 2006 11:16:28 AM

There are an estimated 1.6 billion Muslims in the world.

How many of them are terrorist?

Let's take a guess and say one million. That's far more than any governmental entity--US, UK, anyone--is willing to guess, but we'll be liberal in our interpretations.

--- 1,000,000/1,600,000,000=0.000625%

That means that 0.000625 percent of the the world's Muslims are terrorists. And we can use that number to declare Islam a "religion of terror"?

Seems a bit of a stretch to me.

The 99.999375% of Muslims apparently don't get to be the defining interest here, only the stray terrorist. Even by Ivory Soap standards, Islam seems pretty "pure".

The miniscule fraction of Muslims who are terrorist are absolutely dangerous. But by condemning Islam based on that fraction, we also absolutely alienate the majority of Muslims whose aid we desperately need to fight against the extremists.

We also alienate them from our cause(s) by refusing to acknowledge them when they do condemn terror, or just blow off the condemnation as some sort of taqqiya.

Posted by: John Burgess | Aug 15, 2006 4:22:02 PM

Steve... By making sure everyone in the region understands that there are two possible states of being: Peace or war. Those individuals, groups or states who maintain a peaceful relationship with Israel and/or enter into negotiations with Israel will be treated well. Any individual, group or state that attacks or condones attacks against Israel will be utterly destroyed.

Rob... That doesn't hold water. When Islam is insulted or offended it has the capability of showing remarkable cohesion and unity. It is only when it comes to taking responsibility that suddenly there is this myth of factions and shades of gray. Islam that is practiced according to its laws is the problem. Any version that allows its adherents to do away with the more belligerent tenets is Islam Lite. To be clear, Islam Lite is a truncated, watered down version of the original and is not what we're talking about here.

Dave... I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for Islam to reinvent itself any time soon.

Sarah... The 'Ibrahim's Mirror' technique only works as you've described it if one buys into the blood libels about Jews. Not wanting to mix with others and actively attempting to dominate all others are two very different animals.

Wogo... I've been saying this for some time. I'd say it started in 1979 with the fall of the Shah.

Rob... You'll need to prove that to me. As Jack says, all we have to show for this fictitious group of moderate Muslims is a rumor. Show me this group. Show me any proof of their efforts to shape the actions of their coreligionists. And most important, read my title Islam is the problems, not simply Muslims.

Maeve... Thanks!

Tony Zimnoch... So far you've offered your ideas in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. This is Islam against everyone else. That is the point you need to disprove.

Simon... Are you seriously trying to tell me that the Torah and other Jewish scriptures require that Jews throughout the ages dominate, subjugate and even kill all those who won't bend to their will. If so I really overestimated your grasp of the texts. And to use a lone example of a bad Jewish actor to try to demonstrate the inherent danger in Judaism is a fallacious argument at its most disengenuous.

Doctor Bean... Understanding the problem is an important first step. But the inevitable tendency to continue making excuses for them and allowing them to use our freedoms to shield their actions will never end.

Cipher... I have a post ready containing an email exchange I had with a Muslim reader. It demonstrates the basic disconnect between their thought process and ours. I'll put it up next week.

Aliyah06... Just to be clear... I am talking about Islam, not Muslims. Any Muslim can be good, bad or indifferent. Bu Islam demands a behavior that cannot coexist with other cultures.

Rob... the answer is a weak argument that ignores what I've said about 20 times now. the problem is ISLAM. Focus on that, not on a Jew vs Muslim circular argument.

Scott... I shudder to think.

Jaime... Your experiences are too small a sample group to make any difference to this discussion. I am talking about hard facts that are borne out by scripture and history. We all know (or have known) a nice Muslim. What does that have to do with anything when Islam demands that people like you and I be subjugated and/or killed.

Jack... A strong point that can't be repeated enough.

Dave... Good point.

Frank L. ... Don't lose track of the problem. Please note that I didn't entitle this post 'It's the Muslims stupid'.

Mom in Israel... When I get a second I will go see it.

Elisson... the difference between our bloodthirsty passages and theirs is that in ours G-d says 'See that guy (or those guys) right over there? Go kill them.' Whereas with the Koran they have been given a blank check by Allah to kill or conquer every nation for all time that is not like them.

Steg... I think you are grossly overstating the aspects of Jewish scripture that might have had any effect on Judaism's ability to live side-by-side with other cultures.

Consul-at-arms... Thanks. I really appreciate it.

Dragonlady474... That could be said about me too. The only difference is that I'm not willing to kill every man woman and child on the planet to get my way.

Projgen... as I pointed out to another commenter. I will be posting the transcript of an email exchange I had a couple of weeks ago with a Muslim reader. The disconnect will turn your head around.

Scott Van Epps... See the most recent post for elaboration.

Pam... That statement doesn't really hold water. Fundamentalist Buddhists or Shintoists are not really a threat. FUndamentalism isn't the problem so much as what is contained in the texts that are being strictly interpreted.

Heike... I wish you could understand how profoundly sad I am to be writing all this. I'd much rather be daddy-blogging.

Soferet... This is the 'Islam Lite' I was talking about.

John Burgess... Your logic is flawed. That an enormous pool of potential actors has chosen to wage an agreed-upon strategy of warfare with a relatively small portion of their potential population of fighters does not make them any less dangerous. Also, how do you define terrorist. Is it just the person who straps on a bomb, or is it everyone in the supply chain... all the people who provided financial support... all the layers of leadership that planned and ordered the attack... and most importantly all those who could have opposed a policy of terrorism but either abstained or actively applauded it. the numbers change a bit when you do it my way.

Posted by: treppenwitz | Aug 15, 2006 4:40:00 PM

David--I've been saying the same thing as you for years (just ask my kids!) but not as well and certainly not as thoroughly.

People are giving Bush a hard time for changing the "War on Terror" into the "War on Islamo-Fascism." Well, I think he's giving the Muslims too much credit. He need to drop the Fascism part. That's just a way of saying it's only a radical fringe. This is a War on Islam and we're pretending it isn't going on.

Mel Gibson had it right--except he should have switched Jews for Muslims.

Posted by: psychotoddler | Aug 15, 2006 5:43:12 PM

"Mel Gibson had it right--except he should have switched Jews for Muslims."

You guys have lost me, I'm outa here.

Posted by: Rob | Aug 16, 2006 2:35:22 AM


My sister posted a link to your article... I couldn't have said it better myself. This situation, and your writings, have reminded me just how furious I am with the ignorance and willful blindness of at least half our country. While I find it sad that the world has gotten to this point, we must be honest with the facts.

Fact: Islam is not a religion of peace. Those who take the time to educate themselves about the religion (including reading the Koran, as I have) learn that it is filled with hatred, not love, murder, not tolerance. The earlier chapters that "moderates" rely upon to stake their claim are outdated; according to the tenets of Islam, later chapters replace them. Those later chapters require Muslims to kill infidels - ANYONE who is not a true Muslim. That means Christians, Jews, Hindus, etc... but *also* Muslims who are not sufficiently devout.

Fact: Moderates do exist, but in such small numbers that they are practically inconsequential. There are Arabs that assist Israel in catching terrorists (usually discovered and executed by their fellow Muslims), but in America and elsewhere around the world, we seem to be missing them. Many claim to be moderate, but actions speak louder than words. I have yet to hear moderates support Israel and her right to exist - they usually suggest Israel take steps first, then quietly disappear when there are more bombings. I have yet to see Muslims at a pro-Israel/pro-US rally, but there are always plenty of Jews willing to stand alongside Muslims at a "pro-peace" rally.

I am friendly with people of at least a dozen different religions. I am unbiased, open-minded, and honest. I listen to any and all arguments, provided they are intelligent and fair. With that in mind, I propose the following definition.

Moderate Muslim - one who neither actively and directly participates in terror nor INDIRECTLY participates in such acts, including, but not limited to, financial and moral support; In order to be considered moderate, a Muslim must ACTIVELY renounce any connection with any and all questionable terrorist organizations, in addition to automatically disclosing any and all information to the government any terrorist plot, organization, members, financial backers, etc.

This is NOT too much to ask.

The "evil" West and Israel are not perfect, but we do stand for some d*mn good ideals: freedom for all; equality; fairness; responsibility; justice.

Islam does not. Women/Gays/Non-Muslims are not free or equal in the religion of Islam. Shariya law is not fair, does not dispense justice properly, and Islam certainly does not take responsibility for its actions. Quite the opposite.

According to the Koran, Muslims have the right to enter into contracts with infidels - and later break them freely and without repercussions - if it benefits them.

When Muslims are a small minority in a country, they are instructed to wait until their situation and influence grows, and then are encouraged to take over.

Anywhere a Muslim steps, that land is considered as belonging to Islam.

This is the mentality of those who follow Islam TODAY... In the 21st Century. They encourage their own children to murder Jews so they can be martyred and be praised in glory in Heaven for all time. If they do not have respect for the life of what their own bodies created, how can we expect them to respect anyone else's right to life. Much less liberty, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness.

As for what is happening in Israel, I barely have any words to describe how angry I am at the Israeli government. At this point I thought my anger and disbelief was spent, but once again, I have been unpleasantly reminded how spineless and blatantly stupid the Israeli government can be. The UN is a danger to all civilized countries, but sadly, I expected as much from them.

Let us not forget. There are times war IS the answer. While I have cousins and relatives in the army in Israel (and many more who are not), and I worried about them, I was glad it was happening - the defensive war was beyond overdue.

Terrorists must be eliminated completely. They are like a deadly bacteria. Israel's entry into Lebanon (with no help from Lebanon's government or its citizens) was the anti-biotic. Anti-biotics must be taken for the full length of time prescribed, or the strong bacteria develop a resistance to the drug and are more difficult to kill the next time around.

Israel and the UN (and all those countries who assisted in this debacle) have just contributed to hundreds, if not thousands, of future deaths of innocent people.

However, I return to my original point. If it weren't for Islam's ideologies and the lack of "moderate" Muslims (and lefties) unwilling to take a stand, hence making them just as guilty as those actively murdering infidels, my world would not be in the state it is now - that of uncertainty, fear, distrust, and hate. If Muslims want us to respect and love them as our fellow man, then perhaps they should begin to open their mouths and stand up for what is right in this world.

I will end this long post with two well-worn, but pertinent quotes.

"All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing." --Edmund Burke

"The function of wisdom is to discriminate between good and evil." --Cicero

Posted by: Talya | Aug 16, 2006 5:56:53 AM

I do not know how long it will be before the Western world shakes off the somniazer of political correctness/"new-tone" illogic and realizes these bastards have our backs to the wall and a club raised over our heads, but I hope it is soon.
Mr. Bush, that aroma you've been smelling while reading this is COFFEE!!!
End the police-action and let slip the dogs of war.

Posted by: Galt-In-Da-Box | Aug 16, 2006 6:05:31 AM

"The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in a moral crisis, maintained their neutrality." -Dante

Posted by: Galt-In-Da-Box | Aug 16, 2006 6:08:15 AM

Sorry, I just find your views sad. And bigoted.

Unfortunately, a lot of like-minded bigots seem to inhabit your blog.

Islam is not the problem. The problem is irredentist ideology, the type that sees the world only in one way and seeks to eliminate those who disagree with that way. It has come in many forms over the years.

It may be defined in a closed-minded way in which other religions are spurned or in the open-minded way that prevailed during the Middle Ages, when most Jews rather preferred Islam to Christianity. That was back when Christianity was the problem.

I am confident that your policy prescriptions will not solve our problems any more than Curtis LeMay's did during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Hold people guilty of wrongdoing accountable. By all means. But don't lose your mind in the process.

Posted by: Michael Brenner | Aug 16, 2006 8:16:22 AM

Are you seriously trying to tell me that the Torah and other Jewish scriptures require that Jews throughout the ages dominate, subjugate and even kill all those who won't bend to their will.

Of course not. I'm saying that an antisemite could make it seem that way by selective quotation, and could dismiss anything to the contrary as "Judaism Lite" -- an immunizing stratagem if ever there was one. Don't misinterpret me: I think that most of what you say is true, but the problem is the Islamic world today, not Islam in and of itself.

Posted by: Simon | Aug 16, 2006 10:41:19 AM

Trep, although I don't get to read your blog as often as I'd like, I never regret it. You help me in my attempt to be informed, and your commentary is right on.

I read that the word Islam means 'submission' [to Allah] while the word Israel means 'struggle' [with God]. That basic difference in focus really influences how the two work out.

I heard recently that the president of Iran claims Jews are treated very well in his country and are involved in the government. Do you know anything about this strange claim? It doesn't seem possible to me.

Posted by: Kiwi the Geek | Aug 16, 2006 10:49:28 AM

Steg... I think you are grossly overstating the aspects of Jewish scripture that might have had any effect on Judaism's ability to live side-by-side with other cultures.

Thank God we've barely ever had a chance to see how we would act when we're powerful.

Posted by: Steg (dos iz nit der šteg) | Aug 16, 2006 3:16:05 PM

Kiwi the Geek:

Supposedly there's a Jew or two in the Iranian parliament, who say anti-zionist things.

Posted by: Steg (dos iz nit der šteg) | Aug 16, 2006 3:18:11 PM

David, I am just now reading "Terror in the Mind of God," (great title!) and the author also says it's not 'fundamentalism,' but then in discussing how violence and religion seem to intertwine and mutually reinforce in particular socio- politico- cultural contexts (uh oh... I smell a relativist...) he DESCRIBES how a literalist, concrete, revelatory, and very selective interpretation of each religion's principles and texts are invariably a key piece to terrorist or global-conquest application of major religions.

Maybe because there is no Buddhist bible to rely on for direction, since in its 'fundamental' form it is not a received or revealed faith, but empirical, it's semi-immune. (likewise Shinto)
(btw, I'm a Buddhist) But don't tell the kamikaze pilots or the Ninja that. (The Aum Shinrikyo cult in Japan had to pull in apocalyptic Christian ideas to explain and justify its quasi-Buddhist paranoid beliefs.)

It is the 'here's the uninterpretted one word of God' used as a societal blueprint, which I regard as fundamentalism, which leads to the kind of extreme, bigoted violence we see.

When Christianity grew away from its literalist roots, it became a religion more of peace than violence (for a change) and where it moves back towards literalism, it resumes and reclaims violence. The same seems true of extreme fundamentalist Judaism. It is true of fundamentalism Mormonism.

I am no friend of Islamic core beliefs (but then, I am not especially fond of any deist religion), and agree that the call for global domination is intrinsic to Islam -- but it's there in the Bible, too. It is the 'My way or the highway' fundamentalist interpretation that makes all these religions so deadly.

Posted by: Pam | Aug 16, 2006 6:13:52 PM

I can't comment on Judaism, but the first-century Christian apostles and church fathers believed in the Bible quite literally and fundamentally, yet I'm not aware of any violence associated with Christianity until at least several centuries later, when I would consider the belief to have moved away from its roots.

Posted by: Kiwi the Geek | Aug 17, 2006 9:17:02 AM

Are the Jew(s) in the Iranian parliament actual, practicing Jews, or just people with Jewish names or Jewish ancestry?

Posted by: Kiwi the Geek | Aug 17, 2006 9:31:08 AM

Psychotoddler... Oy, do we really need to drag Mel into this. :-)

Rob... You'll be missed. rather than bolt, can you honestly demonstrate that Islam isn't at the root of most of the current conflicts and wars in the world?

Talya... Wow! That wasn't a comment... it was a dissertation! :-) Seriously, thanks for the well-reasoned comment and for sharing your insights. I hope you'll do so again.

Galt-in-da-box... Unfortunately I don't think Mr. Bush reads treppenwitz. :-)

Michael Brenner... So why do you come here? If it is only to hurl insults than I will do you a favor and ban you. If you have some proofs to offer that might discredit what I've written then bring them on. But I am growing weary of your smug suburban American knee-jerk liberalism. Liberalism isn't a bad thing. But unthinking liberalism in this arena is really a subtle wish for Israel's demise.

Simon... I did not selectively quote anything. I am talking about hard facts and the central pillars of Islam. You are being disingenuous to try to equate selected passages of tanach here.

Kiwi the geek... I like that. thanks. I know many Iranian Jews who live here in Israel who tell horror stories of their treatment in Iran after the Shah fell.

Steg... I think that is a dangerous statement. We presently have that capability and have not been tempted to abuse our power.

Pam... An interesting insight. I'll have to pick that up. Thanks.

Kiwi... My guess is the latter.

Posted by: treppenwitz | Aug 17, 2006 11:40:16 AM

Was it Winston Churchill who said, "If you're not a liberal when you're 18, then you have no heart, but if you're not a conservative when you're 40, then you have no brain"?

Posted by: psychotoddler | Aug 17, 2006 7:46:30 PM

Simply superb.

Posted by: Jim - PRS | Aug 21, 2006 8:29:24 AM

Was it Winston Churchill who said, "If you're not a liberal when you're 18, then you have no heart, but if you're not a conservative when you're 40, then you have no brain"?

I don't know but it was Yoda who said, " milk is for babies.. to be jedi, you have to drink beer." to be Islam, you gotta drink milk!

Posted by: bw | Apr 24, 2007 2:30:24 AM

"Obviously not every Muslim in the world is actually a terrorist or dreams gleefully of subjugating the world under the heel of Islam. But the ones who don't represent a clear and present threat to us are the exception rather than the rule."

ummmm ok, then for every exception to Christian, and Judaist, and Budaist, and Atheist exception, they should cause every other category of religion or non religious people to have to go through the same restrictions. The writer of this blog is a moron, and a hippocrite. Go drink some milk and suck yer pootie!

Posted by: bw | Apr 24, 2007 4:41:30 AM

It's the existence of such blogs that creates the misconception of Islam.

[They encourage their own children to murder Jews so they can be martyred and be praised in glory in Heaven for all time]
Rob: Are you sure you read the Koran book? Or did you just pick what you had wanted to read?

Jim- PRS- You didn't drink milk at all?Hmm..that explains ur rationale

C'mon people! the Bible does not allow marriages with non-Christians..But how many similar civil marriages have we seen?

Why waste the time to look up on superficial stuff just to express your displeasure over things? I'm sure you have got beta things to do!

Posted by: MS | Apr 25, 2007 6:29:55 AM

Steg: "I am no friend of Islamic core beliefs (but then, I am not especially fond of any deist religion), and agree that the call for global domination is intrinsic to Islam -- but it's there in the Bible, too. It is the 'My way or the highway' fundamentalist interpretation that makes all these religions so deadly."

rrrrrrright. So in your opinion God should say, " Yea do it your way, I"m sure I don't know what I'm talking about..." Go serve some mythological Greek god of morons and suckle your pootie. and crack open a carton of purity while your at it. Do opinions like that actually form in a brain???

Posted by: bw | Apr 27, 2007 6:19:39 AM


Posted by: bw | Apr 27, 2007 6:20:48 AM

Hello there...
I am one of the german citezins who has been interesyed in the conflict between arab and islam in a hand and america and israel in the other hand.
First of all, your "speech" shows a pretty big lack of of knowledge and facts, which made me laugh in many spots.

-Iran is "shia" country, hizbulla is shia too, this doesn't mean that hizbulla is related to iran ... Hizbulla is lebanease organization (or whatever)
-That little factoid is funny .. hizbulla hasn't murdered or kidnapped any american citizen, their conflict is with the israeli not with american citizens."Dude" if they touched an american, lebanon would be "occupied" just as iraq.
-I have read german "vesion" of quaran 200 pages, it really was a great "experience" for me,

Posted by: John | Nov 2, 2008 7:51:19 PM

How prophetic this blog is is shown by the last three days in Mumbai. Unless Islam is reformed and gets out of of the domination by the current set of mullahs we will not have peace in this world. How come there is no "fatwa" on the Mumbai terrorists and cold blooded killers? So quick to condemn Salam Rushdie - but when is comes to this savage insane brutality the same mullahs are quiet.

Posted by: Mo Ali | Nov 30, 2008 6:49:00 AM

Islamophobia V Islamofascism, Islam V Muslims, Muslims V Kafirs or Kuf'r, Believers V non-believers, Chosen superior people V otherwise, and go on discovering more 'epitaphs' and unfortunateely, at some stage of history, all the Abrahamic faiths has been accused of on one pretext or the other but none has matched or surpassed the Islamic crusades.

It is more relevant today when the entire world is trying to universalise the entire globe into a village forgetting their individual characteristics and live into a homogeneous society with one rule, one system by assimilating each other and create a one order irrespectively.

It can not happen if one or more groups refuse to identify oneself with the rest of them. Besides impose their superiority on the hosts demanding their ways to be imposed, including upon the rest of all. If that doesn't happen, there is a commotion and chaos. It is here that the current practice of, I mean practice of Islam has to be seriously assessed, discussed, it's threat level determined; and finally thenafter a suitable counter-strategy needs to be devolved and employed.

I would agree the Islam must not be allowed a double face and just put up with. The current infights within the Islamic world in itself may be an enough indication of their tolerance quotient.

God bless

Posted by: Dr. O. P. Sudrania | Jun 1, 2011 4:51:51 PM

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