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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Hosting Trouble

I apologize to those of you who showed up here looking for 'Photo Friday' and spent a good portion of the day frantically clicking refresh like a crack rat in some kind of a sick Pavlovian web experiment [looks pointedly at Jack and Doctor Bean]. 

You see, my hosting service (Typepad), which has historically been quite reliable, had some server trouble and took down all their customer's pages from the last week. 

They haven't explained yet what happened, but this little bump in the road has revealed that they keep a week's worth of stuff on one server and all the older stuff on another (or perhaps several others). 

While it was frustrating that I couldn't log on to post anything or respond to comments... I'm glad that I didn't lose everything in a server crash the way a couple of blogger friends out in the Pacific North West did.  Thank G-d for small favors.

This little bump in the road did get me thinking about archiving, though. 

Do any of you who have your own sites do any kind of private back-up?  Can you recommend any third-party solutions where all one's archives can be backed up with a click of a mouse (or even automatically backed-up at pre-determined intervals?

Look, I know most of what I write here is crap, but it's my crap and it has sentimental value.  On top of that, there are some priceless comment threads and personal insights from many of you that I would be crushed to lose.  So there... you see, it's not just about me.   :-) 

Any advice you can offer would be appreciated.

Regular posting to (hopefully) resume on Sunday.

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Me? Nah, I've been mostly fine except for that I've had to snort instant coffee crystals to get through the withdrawal symptoms.

Some of your "crap" is priceless and I, too, would be sad to see it lost, though I don't have any backup suggestions for you. Actually, some of my best comments have been here, and I'd hate to see them lost also. Probably the best comment I wrote anywhere was on your Abe Lincoln and Uncle Sam post.

Shavua tov.

Posted by: Doctor Bean | Dec 18, 2005 3:46:03 AM

I'm so glad your post is back... I was one of the sickos clicking maniacally on your blog... Didn't help.

Posted by: Irina | Dec 18, 2005 5:23:08 AM

Hi from California! As a fellow typepad user, I know how you feel....except I was busy doing other things on the Great Typepad Blackout, and didn't notice.

After Dave Winer abruptly closed weblogs.com,

I bought an external hard drive and started backing up my typepad documents. The drive was fairly cheap and backs up all the other gunk I seem to collect on my hard drive.

Posted by: liz ditz | Dec 18, 2005 5:51:51 AM

[looks pointedly at Jack and Doctor Bean].

Hey, we were just clicking on your ad links over and over. Talk about a good deed gone wrong, oy vey.

Posted by: Jack | Dec 18, 2005 7:39:00 AM

Doctor Bean... I wouldn't want to have to choose your best comment... there have been so many priceless examples. On the upside, there have been some studies that show that coffee inhibits tooth decay, so your direct application method probably puts you ahead of the curve.

Irina... You're sweet. I think everything is back up now except a few images here and there. I'm still looking for archiving advice if anyone has a thought on the topic.

Liz Ditz... Thankfully the outage on typepad was only a day. But it made me realize how dependant I am on my hosting service to keep my stuff safe. I may have to resort to an external hard drive, but I'd prefer an online solution if I can find one that is well-suited to blog archives. Thanks for stopping by.

Jack... Oh that's what it was [nods head knowingly]. ;-)

Posted by: treppenwitz | Dec 18, 2005 9:03:12 AM


I am sure that you are. BTW, I don't know how closely you are following M.L.B. but the idiot owner of the Dodgers is doing his best to bring all of the Red Sox out here.

As if we need any players from that inferior, substandard, DH using league.

Posted by: Jack | Dec 18, 2005 9:49:31 AM

I haven't backed up in a while, but from memory Typepad has a fairly easy way to do it - you need to click on the import/export link in your weblogs tab and then export. I think it gives you a text file of your blog to date, presumably in a format that could be imported back in if Typepad lost everything, although I haven't ever checked that.

Posted by: Kay | Dec 18, 2005 10:32:52 AM

try an israeli product called http://www.beinsync.com/
which allows you to set up an automated mutual backup between multiple pcs ( if you don't have more than one pc just agree with a friend to backup each other's work) - you could probably configure it to work directly off the website but probably easier to synch them into a folder on your desktop)
Hope this is useful

Posted by: JJK | Dec 18, 2005 11:15:18 PM

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