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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Don't get used to this...

No, I'm not going to make a habit of putting up a second post at lunchtime, but I had to share this with you:

Andrea, the author of Superhero Journal has a fantastic post up about an art project her husband and a few of his friends set up in in a metered parking spot in downtown San Fransisco.

The Artwork was called Park(ing).  According to Andrea...

"They began to consider that metered parking spaces were like short term leases. You pay the meter and the space is yours for the designated amount of time. Of course, normally people park their cars there and go off to work, but they wanted to explore the limits of what could happen in a parking place.

Because certain areas of downtown San Francisco are underserved by public green space, Rebar [the name of her husband's art collective] decided to do the city a favor and increase the amount of green space in the area for two hours on November 16th, 2005. They did this by building a park in a 20-foot metered parking space.

They laid fresh sod {nature}, brought in a tree {shade} and a park bench {a place to rest} and stepped back from the scene to see what would unfold. The result was a wonderfully playful and brilliant conceptual art piece entitled Park(ing)."

Go check out the pictures... they're truly brilliant. 

But be warned, Andrea's journal is seriously habit-forming.


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That's what I loved about living in San Francisco. Not only the fact that people do those kinds of things, but that it doesn't seem strange to anyone else.

I can't imagine what kind of reactions that would have gathered in Boston or NY...

Posted by: Dave | Dec 7, 2005 2:38:00 PM

Dave... If it were done here I can tell you what would happen: Someone would immediately let their dog crap on it (and would then refuse to pick up the poop)... someone else would stop their car and pee on it as though nobody could see them... and finally 35 - 40 members of an extended Moraccan family would set up a 'mangel' on it. :-)

Posted by: David | Dec 7, 2005 2:52:05 PM

No, I'm not going to make a habit of putting up a second post at lunchtime

Two posts in a short period of time. Hmmm....I do believe that the vast influence of the shack is rubbing off on you.

In a short time you'll be ready to cast aside that New England team and start rooting for something more divine. ;)

Posted by: Jack | Dec 7, 2005 4:08:59 PM

awww...it's blocked here at work. Will have to check it out at home later.

Posted by: Essie | Dec 7, 2005 4:15:19 PM

If someone tried this in NYC, people would be ANGRY, someone would call the cops, and I wouldn't be surprised if someone drove their car through the little chain and parked on the grass.

NYC is extremely short on parking though. Numerous conversations are going on here about how to discourage bridge and tunnel people from driving in each day. And for a city with 8 million residents, we have more green space than you might imagine (and not all in Central Park)!

Posted by: jg | Dec 7, 2005 6:22:42 PM

PS I also meant to say what a cool experiment I thought it was. :)

Posted by: jg | Dec 7, 2005 6:23:54 PM

Believe me - San Francisco has a terrible parking crisis as well...

Posted by: Dave | Dec 7, 2005 7:01:14 PM

If this occurred in Boston, someone would put a chair or garbage can on it and claim it as theirs after a major snowfall...

Posted by: Geoff | Dec 7, 2005 7:17:50 PM

My beloved San Francisco, I miss you so much! Yes, the people there are very cool and friendly. What an awesome idea!

Geoff...that's hysterical, same here.

Posted by: jaime | Dec 7, 2005 8:13:09 PM

its sf! ill be back there in two weeks.

i am kind of sad that i didnt get to meet the infamous treppenwitz in the 4 months i was here.

but i do still love your posts as always

Posted by: Lisa | Dec 7, 2005 9:32:29 PM

Jack... Like I said, don't get your hopes up. I'd rather fade away than burn out. :-)

Essie... Surfing at work!? For shame! :-)

jg... What would they have to be angry about? If I pay the meter for two hours, I'm entitled to do whatever I want in the space, no? These guys only set this up for 2 hours! And yes... it is neat. :-)

Geoff... Too funny!

Jaime... I've enjoyed SF whenever I've been out to the Bay aread visiting my brother and sister-in-law... but I don't think I could ever live there. Too earthy crunchy, if ya know what I mean.

Lisa... I feel like such a heel that I never got around to inviting you for a shabbat, or even for lunch. Please tell me you're not all booked up for the last two weeks befroe you go back?!

Posted by: David | Dec 7, 2005 11:27:20 PM

David - They would be angry about a space being used for anything other than a car - THEIR car in particular. It wouldn't be about who paid the meter or why. Someone who wanted to park their car and do what they had to do would be CRAZED by the idea of a park bench and lounging people taking up that space. Seriously crazed. Foaming at the mouth crazed!

Now that I've typed it, it sounds a bit hostile, eh?

Posted by: jg | Dec 8, 2005 12:03:04 AM

i understand we all have busy lives...

im pretty busy, lots to see... i wont hold it against you.. as long as you feel properly guilty. lol

Posted by: Lisa | Dec 8, 2005 12:37:20 AM

David...S.F. too earthy crunchy...nah, but then again, I did find some great color beads for my piercing and where I learned to braid my armpit hair ; )

Actually what's so great about the city is how diverse(and tolerant)it really is and no matter your taste, you will find a neighborhood that reflects it.

Posted by: jaime | Dec 8, 2005 2:05:52 AM

jg... hmmm, project much? :-)

Lisa... Too busy for a cup of coffee? Wow!

Jaime... One of the things I've noticed is that they are very tolerant... so long as your politics /ideologies are alligned with the prevailing sympathies. Being a supporter of Israel in the SF Bay area is not a pleasant existence. Try walking across Spraul Plaza (at UC Berkeley) with a pro-Israel sticker on your book bag and you'll quickly be surrounded by screaming, intolerant people.

Posted by: David | Dec 8, 2005 10:27:25 AM

I recall reading of a hippie/hippies in the '60s feeding the meter and then lying down to take a nap/rest.

Posted by: t | Dec 8, 2005 4:36:13 PM

Photo 19 (Can I link directly? Woohoo!) is classic Bay Area...

Posted by: JSinger | Dec 8, 2005 11:54:09 PM

Now David, Berkeley is Berkeley, but hey, if you want conservative right just continue a little more East past the hills, and there you will find plenty of gated protected communities waving their Republican flags.

Umm, tolerant..sorry for the confusion, I was thinking of along the lines of San Francisco's more decadent side of life, if ya know what I mean. ; )

Posted by: jaime | Dec 9, 2005 6:22:14 PM

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