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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Brought to you by the letter 'M'...

It's funny what kids notice... and imitate.

For instance, I never noticed that whenever I give any of the kids kisses, I purse my lips and make a low humming noise (mmmmm) in the back of my throat. 

Maybe it started out as an attention-getting device since as often as not the kids would be entranced by Sesame Street or Bugs Bunny when I would be trying to say my morning good-byes.   But those days are long gone... and still I hummmmmm when passing out my morning good-bye kisses.

I might never have noticed this except that Yonah (now almost 2) has started handing out his own kisses whenever the mood strikes him.  The way we know if the mood has struck him is that from somewhere in the room a low humming will start.  A quick look around will isolate the source of the humming as Yonah who will be stalking the intended kissee with his lips pursed and a low humming emanating from his throat.

As he gets closer to his intended target, the pitch of the humming rises and his pursed embouchure takes on the determined look of a veteran trumpet player. 

When he is on his final approach and has climbed into the lap of the intended kissee, the last thing he does before contact is to wrinkle his nose, smirk a sly smile and avert his eyes to one side.


This has cracked me up from the first time he did it to me because I knew exactly why he'd started humming before giving away a kiss... but I couldn't imagine where he'd gotten that last bit with the sly smile and the averted eyes.

Then I noticed that whenever one of the big kids gives Yonah a smooch (or becomes a target of his smooching), they invariably smirk and look towards Zahava or me to see if we've noticed his amorous attentions.  From Yonah's point-of-view it makes perfect sense that the last thing people do before actually kissing is grin and avert their eyes to one side or the other.   Mystery solved!

I guess we should count ourselves lucky that Yonah's affectionate little kissing quirks are all he's chosen to emulate (so far)... because I seem to remember that when Ariella was about this age Zahava once dropped her keys into an inaccessible spot between the car seats.  For the next few weeks we were serenaded from the back seat with happy shouts of "Sh*t!... sh*t, sh*t, sh*t... sh*t, sh*t, sh*t, SH*T!"

So, if you happen to be visiting chez treppenwitz over the next few weeks and you hear a funny little hmmmmm coming from somewhere in the room, you'd better pucker up because it means Yonah just might have his little lips aimed at you!

Today's journal entry has been brought to you by the letter 'M' (mmmmmm)...  and of course, the word 'sh*t'.


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Aww.. so cute. Thanks for bringing me a much needed smile.

Posted by: zemirah | Oct 2, 2005 1:30:32 PM

I, for one, am looking forward to getting lots of those 'mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm' kisses in March! How 'bout some pics of those kissing kids of yours?!!!!

Posted by: val | Oct 2, 2005 4:03:26 PM

So cute. Lots of nachas to you.

K'siva V'chasima Tova.

Posted by: Shevy | Oct 2, 2005 5:12:32 PM

Awwww.... I think kisses do go well with "mmmmmmm" and, of course, smoochie noises.

Posted by: Mirty | Oct 2, 2005 7:50:53 PM

Oh, David, how sweet! Please give Yonah a smooch for me.

Shana tova and ketiva va-hatima tova to all the Treppenwitzes -- I mean Bogners!

Posted by: Rahel | Oct 2, 2005 11:06:25 PM

That doesn't sound weird to me, just cute.

There used to be an old tv show where, at the end, the actors would all stand in a row and blow kisses to the audience with one big arm sweep. And they'd go "mmmmmmmmmm-WAH!!" when they did it. It might have been the Carol Burnette show? Doesn't everyone do that? ;o)

Posted by: Tanya | Oct 3, 2005 5:42:58 PM

Our older son has a hair-trigger temper; liable to launch into a violent, hitting tantrum at the most inexplicable things. His younger brother seems to have decided that this is the proper way to show affection, so he'll walk over and give you a good, hard whack with a big smile plastered across his face.

K'tivah v'chatimah tovah.

Posted by: The Observer | Oct 3, 2005 6:22:16 PM

The PT's version of the kiss goes like this:

She puts her teeth together.
She purses her lips, slightly open so you can still see the teeth.
She moves her bottom lip up to the bottom of her upper teeth.
She pulls it off in to make a "chuh" sound.
She does this from about 6 feet away.
Any closer and you risk getting a hand in your face to push it away.

Posted by: psychotoddler | Oct 3, 2005 11:06:32 PM

I vote for embouchure as word of the day...

Posted by: mcaryeh | Oct 6, 2005 5:33:53 PM

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