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Friday, April 15, 2005

Photo Friday (Vol. XXIII) [this & that edition]

I apologize in advance for not having a real theme this week.  My parents flew in for an extended visit and I have not been as focused (pun intended) on Photo Friday as I should have been.

What follows is a random collection of shots from our trip into Jerusalem this morning to run some errands... one from around the house... and as a bonus, a photo that a friend sent me this week.

First up is a mural on Agripas street that I love.  This is a couple of blocks from Mahane Yehuda.  It is an incredibly detailed painting... the entire side of the building is flat!  I didn't realize at first that the shop at gound level is not real... it's part of the mural!  Even the electrical cabinet at bottom center has been painted to look like a soda cooler:

Next is a picture of Ariella in her new PJ's & bathrobe from her Auntie.  I know one blogger who will appreciate the shtripes on the pajama bottoms!  :-)

One of the things we got accomplished while we were in Jerusalem was a  long overdue haircut for Gilad (and for me).  I love this little barber shop... old-fashioned and full of old world charm:

OK... as I mentioned, a friend sent me a picture this week that was priceless.  It doesn't need any explanation other than that it is from the top of a wedding cake. 

Please note the grooves from the grooms nails!

I know, I know... that last one had nothing to do with life in Israel, and wasn't even my photo.  I just felt the need to share.

Shabbat Shalom!

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I LOVE...nay, LURVE, these pictures!!!! Especially the mural and the pink pajamas...I mean who wouldn't love pink PJ's really? I know I do. And that mural? I could look at it all day, truly!

Posted by: Z | Apr 15, 2005 3:05:16 PM

I've seen that wedding-cake topper before. In fact, I was tempted to use it for mine. But what I really needed was one with a Jewish Mother dragging the Chatan and calling out, "He's Jewish! He's Jewish! Marry him already!"

Posted by: Mirty | Apr 15, 2005 3:39:15 PM

I have not decided yet, which picture I like most. The first, or the last one.
Many greetings from London.

Posted by: sandra | Apr 15, 2005 3:47:09 PM

Great mural...
Ariella looks awesome in the pj's we got her.
So glad they fit - though I see that she still has room to grow in the pant length! ;)
And what? Yonah doesn't get HIS hair cut, too?!!!
Gilad isn't as impressed, obviously, with the barber shop, as you are!
Shabbat Sholom!

Posted by: val | Apr 15, 2005 3:52:05 PM

Very nice mural and the wedding cake top is awesome.

Posted by: Jack | Apr 15, 2005 4:49:01 PM

Indeed, that wedding cake top is hilarious. I wonder what my wife would have thought if it were put on ours...

Posted by: Geoff | Apr 15, 2005 4:51:01 PM

That mural is amazing! thanks for sharing! Shabbat Shalom and enjoy your company.

Posted by: Essie | Apr 15, 2005 5:09:43 PM

*pop! went her eyes* well, how'dya know???? ;)

Posted by: mademoiselle a. | Apr 15, 2005 5:11:21 PM

Z... Thanks. My photography is like a box of chocolates... you never know what you're gonna get! :-)

Mirty... Your idea would be even funnier! By the way... great blog! You write beautifully!!!

Sandra... So you didn't like the second one? :-(

Val... No, you nailed the size perfectly. She hasn't taken them off! In fact, the first day she wore them to school under her skirt (don't ask).

Jack... Something about those fingernail tracks really cracks me up!

Geoff... I'm guessing you'd probably still have a living arrangement where it doesn't matter whether the toilet seat is up or down. :-)

Essie... I can't tell you how many times I've driven past this and kicked myself for not having the camera with me. The details are amazing.

mademoiselle a. ... I thought you'd like the pants. :-)

Posted by: David | Apr 15, 2005 6:02:18 PM

Jack... Something about those fingernail tracks really cracks me up!

It is a little subtle detail, but it adds a lot to the overall unit.

Posted by: Jack | Apr 15, 2005 6:03:43 PM

David - you mean I'm supposed to leave the seat down? Who knew? ;)

Posted by: Geoff | Apr 15, 2005 6:32:17 PM

Fabulous, as usual.

Posted by: Gail | Apr 15, 2005 6:56:53 PM

kids and striped pajama pants...
spaning age and gender gaps

Posted by: lisa | Apr 15, 2005 7:14:53 PM

the first day she wore them to school under her skirt (don't ask).
David, in case you didn't know...it's hip this spring/summer. It has, I think, uite a bohemian flair about it, I can't help it. Pants and skirts. Actually it's any kind of pants with half-lenghth skirts, but who cares. A. is ultra-en-vogue!

Posted by: mademoiselle a. | Apr 15, 2005 8:58:33 PM

Doctor Bean, did you know that your father's long-lost twin brother is working in a barber shop in Israel?

Seriously, that barber is a spitting image of the patriarch of the Bean family. Where is he from?

Posted by: ball-and-chain | Apr 15, 2005 11:01:44 PM

Wonderful pictures. Just wonderful.

Posted by: ExpatEgghead | Apr 16, 2005 12:31:01 AM


I love the cake topper! We weren't going to have a wedding cake, but if I can find a way to track that topper down, perhaps we might!

Also, there's a similar mural (maybe same artist) on the corner of straus and yaffo. If you're on Yaffo, heading towards the bus station, it would be on your right side, facing you. Since only taxis and buses are allowed to drive that way you may ahve missed it, but it has the same realistic qualities!

And as for pants and skirts, I do it all the time. Its totally trendy here. In fact, the first time I went back to the Upper West Side after making aliyah I forgot where I was and wore one of my favorite pants/dress ensembles to shul. It should be noted that the ensemble had to have been like a thousand times more tzanua than what most of the other chicks were wearing. nonetheless, the rumor abounded that I had become one of those people who move to Israel and decide that since I've fulfilled the mitzvah of aliyah, the rest can be chucked. So don't expect the Americans to get Ari's fashion sense, but I do!

Posted by: Noa | Apr 16, 2005 8:23:11 PM

Jack... The devil is in the details. :-)

Geoff... You won't get a lecture from me! I figure they need it down and we need it up... if we were talking about a door I can't imagine anyone complaining about finding it open or closed!

Gail... As always, you're very sweet to say so.

Lisa... Too true.

mademoiselle a. ... I wrote up the results of my informal shabbat poll on your comments section. Sorry I ignored the gist of your post.

Ball and Chain... Unfortunately I didn't start playing Jewish Geography with the barber. If you send me a list of questions I'll be sure to ask him next time we're there.

Expat Egghead... Thanks. I'm glad to see there were no hard feelings after I insulted the Royal Navy. :-)

Noa... Fortunately, you are one of those rare brides who will have to race their groom to the ceremony rather than drag him there! I can't remember being more excited about a couple getting married.

Posted by: David | Apr 17, 2005 11:52:50 AM

David - it's perfect. It's the points I said I had to leave out for the sake of brevity. Thank you for dedicating precious Shabbat time on this subject; very enlightening!

Posted by: mademoiselle a. | Apr 17, 2005 12:54:00 PM

mademoiselle a. ... al lo davar.

Posted by: David | Apr 18, 2005 10:03:05 AM

On Nathan's blog he has a photo of the same barber shop. The same barber too. http://ngng.co.il/

Posted by: David B | Apr 26, 2005 3:12:10 AM

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