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Friday, February 04, 2005

Photo Friday (Vol. XIII) [anonymous edition]

This week's Photo Friday requests come to you from beyond that great impenetrable veil.  No, not from the world beyond, but from readers who have sent in their requests anonymously or using bogus return email addresses.  I know they were bogus because I really do try to respond to people who write in.  I can understand (sort of) someone who doesn't want to post their real email address on a blog (although that's what yahoo mail addresses are for), but why use a fake address when sending someone a private email... especially if you are asking for something???  Sheesh!

So while I won't pretend to understand everyone, the fact remains that some of these uber-shy folks asked for some interesting pictures:

First up, some sharp-eyed recluse noticed the clock above our television on the photo Friday that featured our living room bookshelves, and wanted a closer look.  The clock is a US Navy issue, mechanically wound Chelsea ship's clock. This sort of clock can be  found in nearly every compartment (room) on nearly every US Navy ship.  I say nearly because clearly this one has gone missing.  :-)

Near the start of Photo Friday someone sent in the following anonymous request:  Show us how you keep Zahava warm.  Now, I'm sure this person was trying to be a bit naughty... and was probably  quite delighted with both his wit, and his ability to formulate his demand in the third person.  But after thinking about it for a few weeks I decided that it was a fair request and decided to offer a picture of Zahava's coffee cup.  I gave her this cup as a gift when we were still living in the US.  It is a very light ceramic cup made to look like those omnipresent paper coffee cup that every New York street vendor and coffee shop seem to use.

Last but not least today is a request from an unknown treppenwitz reader wanting to know what our egg coddlers look like.  I suppose that's a fair request since I've mentioned them a few times (although I could have sworn I posted a picture before... whatever).  If it turns out you've seen these coddlers (or this toddler) before... no harm done.

Keep those cards and letters coming (although don't forget to sign your name).

Shabbat Shalom!

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I can almost see the books on the shelf. Ok, I can see a lot of them,, but can't quite make them out. If you find that you need more ideas feel free to include some shots of the books and or music collection.

Posted by: Jack | Feb 4, 2005 9:39:11 AM

this has been a ( very ) long time that i haven't seen this, means "egg coddlers". i completely sorted them from my memory, but by seeing yours, i must say, that my mother has exactly the same . unfortunately, i also forgot for what use they were made: keeping the eggs warm ?
shabbat shalom

Posted by: Jany | Feb 4, 2005 11:31:31 AM

Haha oh you're always funny.
I'm disappointed though. I wanted more photos. I guess I have to think of something. It's just that whenever I get an idea somebody seems to beat me to it.

Posted by: Hatshepsut | Feb 4, 2005 12:29:02 PM

Jack... The books behind the clock are an odd assortment including our collection of Haggadas, some of the more esoteric English language religion books, and my complete selection of Breslever pamphlets.

Also, and e-mailer asked about the things on either side of the clock. The brass things with the holes in it is my Etrog holder (an etrog is the citron fruit used for ritual purposes on the holiday of Sukkot. I found this item in Amarillo Texas on my Route 66 trip. On the other side is a ceramic 'tzedaka' box which we dip into whenever somebody comes to the door collecting for themselves or some organizational charity.

Jany... You can follow the link I provided to get a better explanation, but essentially you coat the inside of the coddler with butter, crack in one or two eggs, add seasoning and /or cheese to taste and then after screwing on the top, imerse in boiling water. The result is a tasty poached egg treat.

Hatshepsut... I knew I was going to spoil people last week when I posted so many photos. I guess I need to manage everyone's expectations from now on. :-)

I'm sure if you think about it you will come up with some new requests.

Posted by: David | Feb 4, 2005 12:34:51 PM

Interesting pics, but I'm happy to see a picture of my nephew (though no mention of this cute little face in the photo description... Harumph!)!! I think some updated pics of the family are in order (hint hint hint!!!!)

Posted by: val | Feb 4, 2005 1:10:41 PM

Val... Um, hellooo... did you miss that witty wordplay (toddler/coddler). C'mon, I can't dazzle you people if you refuse to pay attention! :-)

Posted by: David | Feb 4, 2005 1:15:09 PM

Love that toddler! Shabbat Shalom!

Posted by: Essie | Feb 4, 2005 3:50:36 PM

The internet renders funny occurrences. How nicely I've just said that.
Admittedly, treppenwitz's Photo Friday offers people the genuine possibility to see what "you" [see how many words you can rhyme on that] live like, without really having to cross these awkward inhibition tresholds. No? Yes? Happy times for curious cats.

I like Zahava's mug, it really looks so authentic.
!שבת שלום

Posted by: mademoiselle a. [not really her, though][or maybe yes?] | Feb 4, 2005 6:07:42 PM

I sit corrected. Guess I'm not used to Yonah being considered a TODDLER... YIKES, when'd THAT happen????!!! He's the baby!

Posted by: val | Feb 4, 2005 6:37:40 PM

You have an inexhaustable ability to both entertain and confuse me. Thanks for the entertainment. Now to clear up the confusion (please):
1) In This post, you and Hatshepsut discuss your obiter dicta. Being a resourceful hard working fellow, I Googled and got lots of definitions having to do with tangential comments made by a judge in his decision of a case. Huh?
(2) How are egg coddlers used? Typically I would look it up myself, but I'm discouraged and fatigued by my experience with (1). This is a perfect opportunity for you to be punny: "They're used to coddle eggs. Thank you very much." but that's not what I'm after. If you say that they're used to feed your obiter dicta, I might scream.

Finally, I have another thought for a pic to answer the anonnymous email perv who wanted a picture of how you keep Zahava warm. I bet you keep her warm with your smile!

Shavua tov. (PS: closed all my tags!)

Posted by: Doctor Bean | Feb 4, 2005 6:48:20 PM

You would love coddled eggs. Ask your mom to make one for you next time you're down there. She brought her coddlers all the way from the old country. As stated above, you put in butter (in you mom's case, a stick will do), crack in an egg and boil. Mmmmmmmmmmm hot egg drowning in grease. Also, don't you have some work to do?

Posted by: Ball-and-chain | Feb 5, 2005 1:29:05 AM

Essie... THanks, we're a bit fond of him as well. :-)

mademoiselle a. ... yes, you were in fact thi inspiration for this genre of requests... sorry for not giving you credit from the outset. As to Zahava's mug, I like it so much I am going to pick one up for myself when I'm in the states (even though it holds slightly less than my ceramic swimming pool). FOr those who are interested in getting one, it can be had from here.

Val... don't blink, you'll be watching him race Gilad pretty soon.

Doctor Bean... First off, 'my obiter dicta' is a blogger, not an abstract concept. He is actually a neighbor of mine but I have actually never had the pleasure of meeting him. Hatshepsut and I both read him. There... mystery solved. As to the whole coddled egg thing, if you need any more information beyond what your wife and I have provided, please let me know. :-)

Ball-and-chain... Priceless. I am going to print your comment out and put it on my wall! You guys can't possible visit Israel soon enough to suit me. Just let me know when your flight arrives and I'll be there to pick you up.

Posted by: David | Feb 5, 2005 7:40:02 PM

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