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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

It's not you... It's me.

How many times has that little white lie been used (thanks Dave for unknowingly suggesting the title)?   Well, I have not been responsive to some of your comments, and I wanted to say for the record that it really isn't about you... there seems to be some sort of a technical problem on my end.

Usually when someone leaves a comment I get an email notification right away.  I don't always respond right away because; a) some of your comments require a little reflection on my part before responding; and b) I actually do have a job, and I like to use the time spent responding to comments as little breaks throughout my work day... not the other way around.  :-)

However, either gmail has been a little pokey about letting me know that there are comments, or TypePad has not been sending all of the notifications to gmail in a timely manner.  Either way, the net result is that I have been missing some of your timely comments.    Please don't think I'm blowing you off... it's me, not you.

Also, with all my venting about 'the blogger who shall not be named', I completely neglected to mention that this past Shabbat chez treppenwitz was host to yet another blogging celebrity; Rahel of Elms in the Yard.  I've mentioned Rahel before, but for those of you who are new, you will see and hear a whole new world over there on her thoughtful, well-written journal.

Rahel's musical presence in our home was a joy and inspiration for our children, and the grownups got to thoroughly enjoy her calming influence on the household (Zahava even got a massage!) throughout the weekend. 

As with many of the bloggers/journalers I've had the privilege to meet, I don't share the exact religious heading and political worldview as Rahel, but I'm a much richer and wiser person for having spent some 'quality time' schmoozing with her.  It's important to be reminded that there are as many correct answers about some things as there are people asking the questions.

Lastly, for those whose take on Sunday's apparently controversial topic differs from mine... let me say for the record that I respect your opinions and will not try to sway you from them.  The sum total of my knowledge concerning the person in question is based on a few, brief, unfortunate incidents... so I must leave the door open on the possibility that I am wrong.  I also want to make it perfectly clear that I am not interested in metaphorically running anyone out of town on a rail.  This is a big town and there is plenty of room for everyone.  If I was wrong, time will tell.  If I was right, then this particular cowboy will probably shoot himself in the foot without any help from little old me.

Anyway, enough housekeeping... more (non-controversial) goodness coming up.


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Ever the diplomat! :-)

Posted by: zahava | Feb 15, 2005 12:38:51 PM

Zahava... Oh, you liked the way I did that?

I tossed out the minuscule possibility that I might be wr... um, wro... er, less than absolutely 100% correct, and then went on to confidently predict that the object of my scorn will eventually bear out my hypothesis (neat the way I snuck his name in there just now, huh?).

It still amazes me that the Foreign Ministry hasn't tapped me for one of the more sensitive diplomatic postings abroad. :-)

Posted by: David | Feb 15, 2005 2:45:01 PM

Diplomacy in the blog world is essential. Good for you for moving past it.

Posted by: Esther | Feb 15, 2005 7:59:05 PM

Hey David. It's Adina from the Fairfield days :) Just wanted to ask you to let me know when you're in the NY area. Would love to see you and catch up. Have been looking at pics of ur kids. They look so Israeli. Israel seems to be agreeing with all of you. Glad to hear.

Posted by: Adina | Feb 15, 2005 9:45:34 PM

Oooh ... I'm blushing!

Thanks for a wonderful Shabbat.

Posted by: Rahel | Feb 16, 2005 12:12:37 AM

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