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Friday, January 14, 2005

Photo Friday (Vol. XI)

I had a difficult decision to make this week. Because of all my business travel I’m not much further along in getting that elusive 3rd picture for a lot of you. So, I had to decide whether to just bag Photo Friday this week, or exercise some discretion.

In the end, I decided that I didn’t want to be responsible for Doctor Bean going through painful withdrawal and anxiety attacks so I opted to go the discretion route.

This week’s selection of photos is courtesy of Jack, owner and operator of ‘The Shack’. His requests were:

1.  A picture of the books you own. Shelved or otherwise.

2.  Picture of the music you own.

3.  Sunset from your home

The first one was sort of a duplicate since I had already posted a picture of the largest concentration of books in the house in one of the early editions of Photo Friday. However many of you (including Jack) cried ‘foul’ because your wanted to see books up close.

Soooo… This morning I went up to our Ma’amad / shelter (every Israeli house and apartment has a steel & concrete reinforced room with a steel door in case of… well, you know.). We use our shelter room as a sort of library for all the books and videos that won't fit on the living room shelves.

I have one or two shelves of very eclectic books in this makeshift library so I selected one shelf and snapped (shnapped!) a picture of the books there:

In case you can’t make out the titles, here is a list (from left to right):
Chutzpah by Alan Dershowitz (signed during an interview I did with him for my undergrad newspaper), Jewish as a Second Language by Molly Katz, Robert’s Rules of Order, Ship of Fools by Katherine Porter, The Moonlit Road and Other Ghost and Horror Stories by Ambrose Bierce, The Iliad and the The Odyssey by Homer, Civil War Stories and The Devil’s Dictionary by Ambrose Bierce, First and Second editions of The ‘F’ Word by my Brother-In-Law Jesse Sheidlower (a very scholarly reference book containing everything you ever wanted to know about, well, the ‘F’ word), The Art & Adventure of Beekeeping by Aebi, Selected poems and prose of Edgar Allen Poe, Wuthering Heights by Bronte, Man and Superman by GB Shaw, Chagall (Zahava’s book), Short works of HD Thoreau, Last of the Mohicans by JF Cooper, Alaska by Micherner, Waiting for Gedot by Becket, The Plays of Anton Chekov, Dorian Grey by Oscar Wilde, Slaughterhouse Five by Vonnegut, Kentucky Moonshine (a how-to guide) by Maurer, Zohar (don’t ask… it was a gift), How to Clean Practically Anything, The complete Book of Breastfeeding (no, not mine), East of Eden and Cannery Row by Steinbeck (Sweet Thursday is on my night table), Foe by J.M Coetzee, The Passion by Winterson, What it Feels Like (an Esquire selection), The Red Letter Press Book of Bathroom Trivia (another gift),The Complete Poems of Keats and Shelley, Jesse’s Word of the Day (another book by my Brother-In Law), Bookbinding and Conservation By Hand by Young, Miss Manner’s Guide to Rearing Perfect Children and Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Behavior.

Next up is the music I own. This one stumped me. Did he mean this:

Or perhaps this:

There is at least one more wine crate of CDs somewhere in the house but I couldn’t lay my hands on it. The fact is I haven’t had much use for the CDs since I started using my iPod.

The third request is the one that I’ve been unable to fulfill. I am never home during the week at sunset, and on Friday and Saturday I can’t use the camera at that time of day. What to do… what to do?

So I decided to include a couple of pictures that were taken in Tzfat (Safed) last year of some beautiful stone carving on the side of a synagogue. I am a sucker for wood and stone carving (especially geometric patterns) and these made me think of the sun.

I hope these substitutions are acceptable:


Thanks everyone for continuing to send in Photo Friday requests. I’m going to have a lot of fun trying to fulfill them.

Shabbat Shalom!

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Well shni-shna-shnapped!
Shabat Shalom =}

Posted by: mademoiselle a. | Jan 14, 2005 1:23:25 PM

You're very sweet to accommodate your demanding (i.e. crazy) readers!

1) Re. your books: you are very brainy. (This is praise.) My wife has a lot of the same novels.
2) Re: Tsfat carvings. Interesting. Both pictures have an outer 12-pointed star. Those Tsfat dudes were big into mysticism from what I understand. Perhaps this symbolized the 12 tribes. Or perhaps it symbolized their opinion that the design looks cool. The top was made with 4 equilateral triangles, which is just two magen Davids [stars/shields of David] slightly rotated from each other. The bottom was made with 3 squares.

Have a great Shabbat and a good week.

Posted by: Doctor Bean | Jan 14, 2005 4:40:05 PM

Hi David,

My thanks for the pix, I appreciate them. Earlier this week I wrote briefly about the question whether a blog gives you real insight into a person. I am going to rehash that here because this is your place, but I will say that I think books and music can do the same.

That is, it is nice to get a look at what people have displayed in their homes as well as get some insight into what else could be displayed.

Some of the books are titles that I own and enjoy as well. Tell Zahava that she has good taste in art, I always did love Chagall.

This message is no longer brief so I'll sign off by thanking you again for the insight and view into your world as well as my wishes for a Good Shabbos.

Posted by: Jack | Jan 14, 2005 4:54:16 PM

Nice books! I'm glad they are sheltered in case of attack.

Posted by: Isaac B2 | Jan 14, 2005 5:43:02 PM

I just recently reread "The Devil's Dictionary." Hilarious. It is hard to imagine that life is still basically the same as when Bierce was writing. An uninteresting story.........When I was in college I checked out a book by Bierce in the main colege library. In those days, we still used cards, not the UPC-type symbols and computers of today. I checked the stamp on the card in the book. The last time the book had been checked out was 1935! Sometimes I wish I had majored in English so I would have had an excuse to read these gems from the past. Almost all of the ancient tomes I have scoured from library shelves have been far superior to the drivel that is published these days (and passes for fine literature). Just my two cents. Shabbat Shalom (or Shavua Tov).

Posted by: ball-and-chain | Jan 14, 2005 6:26:23 PM

Talk about being able to toot your own horn. ;)

Posted by: Jack | Jan 15, 2005 12:54:48 AM

That's a lot of cd's

Posted by: Hatshepsut | Jan 15, 2005 7:09:04 PM

Where's the vinyl?

Posted by: shmiel | Jan 16, 2005 2:31:55 AM

mademoiselle a. ... That's the spirit!

Doctor Bean... 1) Thanks (I think), and 2) I'll go with the 'cool design theory. :-)

Jack... Happy to be able to fulfill your requests.

Isaac B2... A great coffee table book idea would be to have photos of what people do with their shelter rooms. People get really creative.

Ball and Chain... Nice to meet a fellow Bierce fan. I'm sure there is a lot of good stuff being published these days, but I read the way I order in restaurants... I play it safe and go with the stuff I know I'll like.

Jack... nope... didn't see that one coming!

Hatshepsut... Like I said, there are more elswhere, but I love that I can access every one of them from my iPod!

Shmiel... I forgot to put them out! I got rid of most of my vinyl on our last trip to the states, but there are still a handful of albums that were never released on CD that I need to transfer to digital media. Thanks for reminding me.

Posted by: David | Jan 16, 2005 1:00:22 PM



Posted by: SHIMMY | Jan 19, 2005 12:29:31 AM

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