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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Thank You

I wanted to say thank you to everyone for your good wishes and wonderful words of comfort.  Ariella still has a bit of a headache and is still a little out of sorts... but she is feeling worlds better than she was two days ago.

Today I had wanted to post an entry about a fellow blogger in Jerusalem who has made me take stock of some of my own religious and observance-related decisions.  However, because these include issues that tend to bring out strong reactions in even normally circumspect individuals... I had promised my lovely wife I would let her preview it for potential landmines.  Needless to say, our little medical adventure with Ari has diverted our attention for the past couple of days.

Zahava and I don't agree about many of the opinions I express here on treppenwitz, which is fine... that's why they're called opinions.  But I have learned from long experience that she has a much better developed 'uh-oh meter' about things that perhaps should be saved for a less public forum. 

Invariably whenever I have been taken to task for something I've written here... Zahava has already told me, "Uh-oh!  You should have thought twice before posting that one."

Tomorrow is Photo Friday as scheduled.  I hope that by Monday or Tuesday I will be able to post the above-mentioned journal entry.

Thank you again for all the comments and e-mails inquiring about Ariella and wishing her a speedy recovery.  She is almost completely unaware of what goes on here on treppenwitz, but this evening I plan to let her sit down at my computer and read some of your thoughtful words.


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Bogie- you really know how to keep ‘em hungry for more. I can’t wait to read how you tear in to the right wing establishment (I’m assuming). Refuah Shleimah- Freilichin Chanukah as well.

Posted by: Jake P. | Dec 9, 2004 6:06:45 PM

Aww, shucks.... It was the least I could do, and I always try to do the least I can. :)

Posted by: Doctor Bean | Dec 9, 2004 7:54:41 PM

Jake... I'm an equal opportunity offender. I think they'll be enough for everyone to be upset about when I finally post it! :-)

Doctor Bean... Thanks. Your 'least' is still very comforting.

Posted by: David | Dec 10, 2004 9:42:18 AM

Hi David,

I've been a bit out of touch this week and have only just caught up, but wanted to add my belated best wishes for Ariella. So glad she her tests were all clear.

Posted by: Kay McCulloch | Dec 14, 2004 4:28:27 AM

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