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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Start spreadin' the news...

That sound you hear... listen closely, there it is again!

That's the sound of 55,000+ Yankee fans shutting up and going home for the winter. It is also the sound of millions of TV remotes being thrown in disgust at millions of TVs.

Enjoy the silence while it lasts... Yankee fans are almost never at a loss for words.

First a little advice to those who took the subway ride of shame this morning: That annoying Frank Sinatra song you guys use to chase opposing fans out of Yankee stadium after a home team win (whose opening words make up the title of today's post)? Not so funny when the news being spread is of your overpaid collection of boors being sent to the showers without any Champagne, is it?

And a little advice to those of you who may still be sitting stunned in your Barcaloungers: Don't throw that remote too hard... you'll need it to watch a baseball team that has heart, soul and class play in the world series... on TV.

I have never begrudged the Yankees or their fans the spotlight or the glory. However, I have gotten more than a little tired of their poor sportsmanship and boorish bragging. I mean, with a virtually limitless payroll, a team had better field one of the most talented group of players every spring! Otherwise you're just throwing good money after bad!!!

It's a shame, really. The Yankees have taken one of the greatest rivalries in sports (OK, maybe second to the Australian/English Cricket struggle over The Ashes) and turned it into something without honor... a contest without respect.

Where did they learn to be such bad winners? I cringe when I see children of Yankee fans emulating their parent's bleacher behavior off the field. I would think with all those World Series trophies you would have had ample opportunity to practice being gracious!

I won't say it isn't sweet to prevail against an arch rival... I only wish the rival were somehow more worthy.


Anyway, on to the World Series... Go BoSox!

Posted by David Bogner on October 21, 2004 | Permalink


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Oh please, as if the Red Sox and especially their fans have been the epitome of class and sportsmanship during the past couple of years. I'm sure the "Yankees suck, Jeter swallows" shirts sold all over Kenmore square demonstrate what class acts BoSox fans are. Shall we dicuss Pedro "I'll throw at your head because I don't have to bat" Martinez as well?

Yes, the Redsox pulled off an amazing feat and deserved to win the series. But spare us the self-righteous pontificating on the Yankees and their fans.

Posted by: Geoff | Oct 21, 2004 3:40:54 PM

Geoff... I have no problem with "Who's your daddy?"... "Yankees/Red Sox Suck!"... or any other heckle from either side. They are a part of the rivalry... and a treasured part of the game. In fact one of my favorite web sites is The Heckle Depot!

I DO have a problem with people that internalize heckles and jeers and encorporate them into their lifestyle and value system.

I'll be the first to admit that it is fun to root for the underdog and to hate a team just because they are on top. But the swagger and poor sportsmanship of the most visable Yankee players and fans goes beyond jeers and rivalries. This is a group of people that were born on third base (thanks to Uncle George's checkbook) and spend all their time bragging about the triple they hit!

Posted by: David | Oct 21, 2004 4:00:57 PM

Hey, easy there, guy! Some of us Yankee fans are not boors. We just don't like Boston. And they don't like us. 'Nuff said.

Go St Louis! Go Houston!

Posted by: val | Oct 21, 2004 4:25:46 PM

I still think that the American League to put it lightly, sucks. The DH is a horrible aberration that should be eliminated.

The only thing that it is good for prolonging careers 3-5 years beyond the point of when they should have retired.


Jack the Dodger and Lakers Fan.

Posted by: Jack | Oct 21, 2004 4:35:16 PM

Here's another Yankee fan chiming in... I do not brag... Personally, I thought that the Yankees didn't deserve to be in the ALCS this year.. they did not have a good year.

I also think that the Sox did a great job and deserve to be in the series this year.

I think when you are used to winning the way the Yankees are.. egos get big. Typical of men (ever watch WWF??) LOL

I don't think that makes them robots and a team without heart. I think it makes them a bunch of men in uniform doing the same thing every other team is doing...

If some fool is willing to pay them a bazillion bucks to do it, more power to 'em. Wish it were me.

The Red Sox don't brag because being a choke artist more often than not is not something people tend to brag about...

:::oh man, just couldn't help myself!::

Posted by: Tina | Oct 21, 2004 4:37:41 PM

Val... Your sentiments are well know around these parts, but I wouldn't call you a boor. However it took all my self control not to call you at the end of the game (yes I was up at the end) to just, y'know, say wassup! :-)

Jack... I agree 100%, the DH rule is one of the most damaging things to ever hit Major League Baseball. Pitchers (like Pedro AND Clemens) would be much more respectful of the difference between a brush-back pitch (perfectly OK) and a bean ball (a criminal offense) if they had to take their turn at the plate.

Tina... I read your blog on the day my sis took such exception. I caught the irony, but I still thought you did it in a classy way. Clearly you are not the kind of Yankee fan I was ranting about. Thanks for stopping by.

Posted by: David | Oct 21, 2004 5:11:05 PM

David: Then I'd expect you to have a problem with Sox fans as well. I don't have a problem with the "Yankees suck" chant either...except when it's chanted at Devil Rays games, and Mets games at Shea Stadium and hell, even at Patriots games. For so many Sox fans, hatred of the Yankees has replaced their love of the Red Sox.

When I first moved to Boston, I used to root for the Sox (except when they played the Yankees). But after living here with their insufferable fans for 9 years, I cannot stand them.

Posted by: Geoff | Oct 21, 2004 5:33:53 PM

Geoff... I'm not much of a joiner, but if they are chanting, "Yankees Suck!" at Mets games, Deveil Ray Games, and a whole host of other stadiums around the country... you have to wonder if maybe they aren't onto something! :-)

Knowing now that you are a displaced Yankee fan living in Beantown answers a lot of questions I had (I went to the link you provided, but it didn't work).

The woes of displaced fans are legendary... but none have it worse than Yankees fans living in Boston. I happen to think you are dead wrong about hate of the Yankees replacing love of the Red Sox... but I won't argue with you anymore... you've earned my respect.

Posted by: David | Oct 21, 2004 5:42:17 PM

First, let me close the italics since I neglected to do so in my earlier comment.

Second, I guess we'll have to disagree on the hatred of Yankees/love of Red Sox issue. All I can provide is anecdotal evidence and my perceptions, although I will add that my Canadian fianceee, who couldn't care less about baseball, let alone this rivalry, also shares my opinion. Then again, maybe she's influeced by living with a Yankees fan.

Third, yeah the link to my blog is down because I'm switching servers and the DNS change hasn't propegated yet. Feel free to check back in a couple of days, if you like.

Posted by: Geoff | Oct 21, 2004 6:46:03 PM

On a side note, what is it about sports that causes so much passion. I have seen some crazy "disagreements" that all had their genesis in some kind of sporting event.

I should also mention that I have an offer for any Red Sox fan who cares to take me up on it.

I will gladly pummel mercilessly and then take your lunch money so that you are properly prepared for the coming loss.

The curse has not yet been lifted. :)

Posted by: Jack | Oct 21, 2004 6:53:44 PM

Not to burnish a cultural stereotype to an even higher degree, but the boozed up denizens of Fenway, and you know who I mean, are no different then the Boston haters and Turnpike dwellers of the great ball orchard in the Bronx. They are, in fact, no different than the great unwashed of the rest of the US, who are uninformed and jingoistic at best. (And by that I mean Bush voters)
Crassness is a national disease, and we are both it' victims and carriers.
I, for one, am a Yankee fan who is glad to see the Red Sox succeed, although it pains me. I also think the success of the Sox thus far will allow us to return to just playing the F--ing game.
As far as the overpaid Boors of the clubhouse go, well...do you mean Manny Ramirez and Pedro Martinez?
If anything, the one thing that has characterized the Torre era has been a classy response to both victory and defeat, and a realization that in Baseball, things don't always work out. Let us not transfer the well know foibles of the owner to the players.

Posted by: Jordan | Oct 21, 2004 7:33:12 PM

Geoff... thanks for closing those. I have a strict policy about not editing other people's comments, but I was about to make an exception. :-) I'll look forward to checking out your blog when it's back online.

Jack... so you want to take my lunch money, huh? I'm starting to understand why so many Yankee fans are overweight! The bber gut is the curse of the Bronx Bleacher Bums. :-)

Jordan... First of all, a question before I forget: Did you lose the keys to your blog??? It's been stalled over there on the side of the Internet for weeks now! :-)

Now, to address your comment, I should point out that if even a few of the Yankee players emulated Joe Torre, I probably never would have written today's post. Torre is a great manager... but more important, he's a mensch. Win or lose he is all class... I just don't understand why he doesn't rub off on his players or the fans!

Posted by: David | Oct 21, 2004 9:01:00 PM

Jack... so you want to take my lunch money

It would be good for your diet and very bad for mine. :)

At this point in the season I want the Cards to win. If my team doesn't win it all then SOP is to root for the team that beat us, because if you are going to lose, it might as well be to the best.

I have to admit that the ghosts of '77 and '78 are resting more quietly now that the Yanks have gone down. I hated Reggie Jackson.

Posted by: Jack | Oct 21, 2004 9:19:07 PM

was there a game on last night?
(ducking ...and running for cover)

Posted by: Lisa | Oct 21, 2004 9:58:54 PM


I have not entered anything on my blog in weeks. As I stated in said blog, I am nt sure that I have anything to say.
As for the Yankees, I respectfully disagree with you. It is true that Kevin Brown, Jason Giambi, and perhaps A-Rod do not measure up to the class of Torre, and in fact were not pick-ups I lauded. But the other Yankees have been quite generous and gracious in their appreciation and respect of the Red Sox' ability. On the nature of this team, Selena Roberts had a good piece in today's Sports section in the Hungarian newspaper, NY Timesc.

Posted by: Jordan | Oct 21, 2004 11:49:42 PM


I have not entered anything on my blog in weeks. As I stated in said blog, I am nt sure that I have anything to say.
As for the Yankees, I respectfully disagree with you. It is true that Kevin Brown, Jason Giambi, and perhaps A-Rod do not measure up to the class of Torre, and in fact were not pick-ups I lauded. But the other Yankees have been quite generous and gracious in their appreciation and respect of the Red Sox' ability. On the nature of this team, Selena Roberts had a good piece in today's Sports section in the Hungarian newspaper, NY Timesc.

Posted by: Jordan | Oct 21, 2004 11:50:04 PM

I am an Orioles fan (hush all of you). Today I am one happy O's fan, since no self respecting O's fan likes the Yankees. Go BoSox!

Posted by: Faye | Oct 21, 2004 11:53:27 PM

Thank you, Red Sox!

--A Met Fan

Posted by: Ben Chorin | Oct 22, 2004 12:13:29 AM

I’m a Brooklyn Dodger fan. I almost announced myself as an ex-Dodger fan now evolved into a Mets fan. But right now, in the glow of the Red Sox’s history-making four straight after being down three against the fabled Bronx Bombers, right now, the gut-level lover of the old Bums of Ebbetts Field is relishing this delicious shredding of the pinstripes--almost s much as any Boston fan.
I’ll admist that the frustration level of the Flatbush faithful cannot aproach that of the seemingly cursed Boston brood. But let me remind the forgetful and the history-challenged of Mickey Owens’ dropped third strike when the 1941 World Series against the Yankees was all but in hand, and the subsequent rally that should never have happened. And this was long before Buckner’s 1986 bobble. Not until we had endured a World War and integrated baseball, not for 14 more years and mortifications like the all-but-impossible Giants’ snatching of the pennant (1951) and another W.S. defeat by the insufferable Yanks, not until 1955 did the Bums finally stick it to the big guys from the Bronx. And that heady moment was hardly over when they took the team away entirely--to the West Coast, whatever. We original Dodger fams do know something about Yankee-hating and how sweet it finally is.
So, we, too, have a legitimate piece of this tasty pie on our plates. Let’s all enjoy!
Del Bogner
[email protected]

Posted by: Del Bogner | Oct 22, 2004 4:25:31 AM

Jordan... You with nothing to say? I'm shocked... shocked, I say!

Faye... The enemy of my enemy...

Ben... see my comment to Faye! :-)

Dad... You've been grinding that axe for awhile now... I'm surprised there is any metal left! :-)

Posted by: David | Oct 24, 2004 8:30:40 AM

Congratulations!!! Cursed no longer!

Posted by: Tanya | Oct 28, 2004 1:57:04 PM

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