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Saturday, October 23, 2004

Heaven in a pot

During the week, it's an even bet who will prepare any particular meal, or what that meal might turn out to be. But Shabbat in our house is fairly predictable from a culinary point of view. Zahava is generally in charge of the side dishes (kugels, salads, etc.), chulent (a special stew that is put up Friday afternoon and served with Saturday lunch) and dessert(s), while I usually am in charge of the main courses (chicken, roasts, ribs, etc.).

Of course, Zahava and I occasionally ‘mix things up’ and try new recipes (OK, Zahava more than I), but we generally stick to time-tested dishes that we know will come out well, and that everybody loves.

This past Friday night, though, Zahava broke with tradition (ours at least) and prepared the entire dinner… in one pot.

That’s right, in honor of the Boston Red Sox victory in the American League Championship Series she made the ultimate sacrifice and made me my favorite meal… a gesture made even more magnanimous because it is something she absolutely loathes:

New England boiled dinner

Basically, this is a big ol’ hunk of corned beef, cabbage, carrots, potatoes, onions and seasoning, all boiled up in a big pot of water until soft and yummy!

In 13 years of marriage, Zahava has made this meal for me less than 10 times… now that I think about it, maybe less than 5. It is a testament to her love for me that she has made it at all since she hates everything (the texture, color, and taste) about this lowbrow repast… but for me, there is no more comforting meal.

Forget the Yankees… forget the curse… forget every other reason one might have for being happy about the Red Sox victory… the real reason for celebration landed on the dinner table Friday night!!!

I know I’m probably pushing my luck, but maybe if the Red Sox win the World Series I’ll get lucky next Friday night, too!

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And I hope you drank the appropriate libation with such a feast?

Posted by: Jordan | Oct 24, 2004 2:15:54 AM


Go Sox!!!!!

Posted by: Sarah | Oct 24, 2004 7:07:48 AM

Jordan... I'll have to admit that it's a little hard to come by a bottle of Narragansett beer in Israel. That being said, I did enjoy a tall frosty glass of malt/hop-based beverage with my dinner. :-)

Sarah... I was wondering if you'd heard the news while on vacation! :-)

Posted by: David | Oct 24, 2004 8:24:55 AM

Wow. Narragansett beer. That's a blast from the past. Can you get it outside of Rhode Island at all?

(Ironically, it makes me want a Genessee Cream Ale...)

Posted by: Tanya | Oct 24, 2004 6:24:05 PM

Tanya... Narragansett is far from my favorite brew, but it is somehow the right beer to drink with New England Cuisine. You can get it in most North Eastern states, but I have mostly had it in MA, CT, RI, and ME.

Genessee is one I've seen but never tasted (so many beers, so little time)... maybe someday.

My favorite beer of all time is Boddingtons pub ale (with the gas widget in the can)... creamy, silky goodness!

Posted by: David | Oct 24, 2004 10:30:51 PM

Genessee is from western New York. I used to have a friend who lived on Naragansett Bay, which is a short drive from... western New York. It's not my favorite either, but it has definite sentimental value.

I think my favorite is Old Peculiar. I've never had the bottled kind, but it's awfully nice in a pub. And it's quite sweet and uncannily strong for a beer, which I didn't notice until after the first two...

Posted by: Tanya | Oct 25, 2004 1:22:31 AM

Aaaaaah, the mighty Gansett.
A bad beer from my misspent youth. Memories.

Posted by: Lisa | Oct 25, 2004 4:24:47 AM

Boddingtons- I do believe that I have enjoyed a brew or two. One of the reasons I love Trader Joes is because of their fine beer selection. I don't engage in it very often, but there is something very satisfying about a good beer.

Posted by: Jack | Oct 25, 2004 8:32:13 AM

Tanya... You think Narragansett Bay is a short drive from Western New York? Remind me to check the map if you ever invite me on a road trip!!! :-) I'll have to add Old Peculiar to my 'to do' list for my next trip abroad.

Lisa... "from my misspent youth"

Is there another kind?

Jack... I had no idea Trader Joes carried Boddington's. Now I miss shopping there even more.

Posted by: David | Oct 25, 2004 8:44:14 AM

Let me try it in Chinese 4-word proverb style....Lucky pot, full stomach. ;)

Posted by: mademoiselle a. | Oct 25, 2004 9:26:47 AM

Eh, that second "western" should have been an "eastern." (The part that has Albany in it.)

And I wasn't drinking any of the above when I wrote it.

Posted by: Tanya | Oct 25, 2004 3:47:43 PM

Mademoiselle a... more like lucky me... full stomach!

Tanya... Yeah, I kinda figured. :-)

Posted by: David | Oct 25, 2004 8:02:39 PM

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