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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

I hope they have a Braille edition

That sizzling sound you hear is the collective retinas of anyone who followed the instructions in the following Maariv (online) article:

"Venus set to dive in front of Sun
As of 8:19 this morning and until 14:19, Venus will pass between the sun and earth. The rare astronomical occurrence happens every 122 years. To watch the spectacle, one must use dark sun glasses. (2004-06-08 08:27:55.0)"

Yeah, that sounds like fun... I'll just throw on my RayBans®, stroll outside and stare at the sun for a little while! Just how stupid does the science editor (assuming there is one) over at Maariv have to be to allow this one through?

"The spectacle", as they called it, is actually going to be the scene as the courtroom is called to order to hear the class action lawsuit... and the judge instructs the bailif to show the white-cane-tapping former Maariv readers to their seats.

[Update: My e-mail to the editors this morning has, so far, gone unanswered... and as of the latest time for viewing 'the spectacle', the article remained unchanged.]

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Sounds like a typical Israeli "guideline" to me. =:-o

After sending myself countless email reminders to go set up a pinhole box to watch this event this morning, I completely and totally forgot. Thankfully it won't be another 122 years until the next pass, but only 8 years in 2012, when the world is supposed to end anyway. I'm writing myself a reminder as I type this.

Now to go watch an archived webcast somewhere...

Posted by: jennifer | Jun 8, 2004 10:47:14 PM

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