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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Nothing like a soft touch

So I finally heard from Maariv (albeit via a friend who also wrote to the paper)... in fact, from the Editor-in-Chief, himself! Let's just say that I hope he considers delegating the tactful, customer-service type communication to others in the future, because he sort of stinks at it himself. Here was his response:

"We credit our readers with some common sense. This was not a detailed article with precise instructions on how to observe the phenomenon, but a brief news flash. We certainly did not recommend staring at the sun, and anyone who suffered damage as a result of doing so on the basis of this news flash has about as much common sense and legal case as people who sue McDonalds because they are overweight. We provide accurate news, and credit our readers with enough common sense to know what to do with it. We do not feel it is a newspaper's job to tell people to refrain from doing things that are obviously foolish. By the same token you would regard us responsible for someone cathcing [sic] a cold in winter because an article published on a rainy day did not specifically mention one should not go out without a raincoat.
Jonathan Ariel, Editor-in-Chief"

Smooth. In other words, this 'news flash' was not meant to inform...only to amuse. If this had been an actual news article, readers would have been provided more accurate information. Most troubling is the fact that he feels that Maariv's published instructions to view the sun wearing nothing but dark sun glasses is the same as not telling someone to wear a raincoat on a rainy day. I'm assuming this guy wasn't on his school's debating team.

Note to the Editor-in-Chief of this brand new English language news source:

1. Get a sense of humor about yourself and learn to laugh at your own mistakes. Even the best make tons of them.

2. Read the 'news flash' that there are a few other news sites competing for your market share. Don't reply to good natured criticism as though you are the only game in town.

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Two words: No tact.
Btw, you are on a posting frenzy over there! My goodness!

Posted by: Lisa | Jun 9, 2004 3:53:04 PM

Yes, I suppose that by my usually slothful 2-3 posts a week pace, I have been on a bit of a tear lately.

I guess life has been interesting lately.

Posted by: David | Jun 9, 2004 4:10:11 PM

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